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Tue 1st Nov 2011

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Robeson64 commented on Rumour: Official Legend of Zelda Series Timeli...:

¨Link Fails" does not mean you got a game over XD. When child Link picks up the Master Sword, he leaves that timeline for the adult timeline, thus Ganon can take over Hyrule as Link left for the future. In the new Adult timeline, Ganon is defeated but Link ceases to exist as hes sent back in time before he can enter the temple of time (before meeting Zelda or needing to save the Deku tree) and is able to warn everyone about Ganondorf, creating a third timeline. Thats my understanding at least.



Robeson64 commented on Two New Characters Take To the Mario Kart 7 Grid:

Really happy about Wiggler. Wiggler = win. Perhaps Mario invited him to say sorry for wetting his house in Super Mario 64. Honey Queen seems an odd choice but perhaps there is a course inspired by her so she deserves to be in the game. Better than another baby or alternative costume character at least. Not happy about Metal Mario, if anything he should just be an alternative costume for Mario, either way, this game is looking really good