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Mon 26th Sep 2011

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wqerty commented on Review: Duracell Wireless Wii Sensor Bar:

The sensor bar is basically just a bar with 5 infrared LEDs on both ends and the wii remote calculate the position and distance according to the movement of the infrared image. So you can use any infrared light source to substitute the sensor bar. Two candles for example.



wqerty commented on Super Famicom Reaches 21 Years Old Today:

been playing A Link to the Past this thanksgiving break, can't believe that game, along with snes, is already 20 years old, it's still brilliant and feel just like any solid game today.



wqerty commented on Feature: Ten Years of Golden Sun:

OMG I remember playing the first golden sun on my purple GBA 8 years ago, and I never get to the ending... but it was great fun and I'll try to finally beat that game



wqerty commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back:

I buy nintendo consoles only to play first party games and there's only one decent game on the 3DS for more than half a year, which is very disappointing, but hopefully mario 3d land and mario kart is coming soon.