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Wed 6th Jul 2011

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kingothekoopas commented on Nintendo Reacts to PETA's Tanooki Campaign:

about mario wearing real fur. OH MY GOD. OMG. COME ON PEOPLE!!! this is a cartoonish like character in a video game. he's not real. he's not a human. so come on. you're getting upset over something that isn't even real?! something that never was alive to be killed for a cartoon character to wear. think about it. don't you think this shows a little bit of stupidity here? i can't believe that peta is getting upset over something so stupid and rediculous, that was never alive. also, mario can't say anything. he's a video game character. don't the parrents have sence enough to teach the kids that video games aren't real, and that you should not mimic video games? i think this subject of mario has went way beyond too far.



kingothekoopas commented on PETA Launches Campaign Against Mario:

okay, i just seen the page on peta's site, and frankly, it disturbs me. the fact that they would go THIS far to tarnish a character i grew up with, and MILLIONS of people love, is absolutely wrong. and i do agree. why are games like skyrim not getting attention? what about monster hunter? sure, fictional creatures, but they do teach that harming animals is ok. FAR more than mario does.

a bloody tanooki suit. thanks peta. that's an image that wasn't neccesary. mario as a bad guy. this isn't donkey kong Jr. you know, although peta certainly is acting like it is. they've lost any respect i had for them. they're doing more damage to mario by doing this, than they are saving animals with it. i'm sorry, but this kind of thing just pushes people away. i certainly hope nintendo sees this, i REALLY want to see what they have to say.



kingothekoopas commented on PETA Launch Campaign Against Mario:

kinda surprised that they didn't raise this point back when SMB3 first came out, or when it came out again with all stars. or again when it came out as SMA4. or on the wii. or the SMAS collectors edition... just how many times does mario have to wear that suit to get these guys attention anyway? LOL!

also, why have they never gotten angry at him for stomping on turtles? for that matter, let's not forget the shell powerup from NSMB. what, did he kill a turtle and take it's shell or something? where was PETA when that happened?

if they're serious about this, then i think they've just made one of the biggest mistakes ever. nintendo should counter this somehow. right now, they're painted as the bad guys, and trying to put the blame on PETA would only make them look worse (though PETA SHOULD be put to public shame).



kingothekoopas commented on Nintendo Working On Two Controller Support for...:

the U stands for Utterly dissapointing.

controllers shouldn't have power cords (save for USB ones that connect to the actual console), unless the controllers are the console themself. like the DS.

don't get me wrong. i love my wii. fluidity is one of my favorite games for it. but even the wii has a fault in the fact that the controller REQUIRES batteries. and with the Wii U, what is the solution? add a cord. a good idea. but NOT when it's a $%^&ing AC ADAPTER! besides, thing looks like it'll be a pain to hold. no seriously. a thing that heavy, mixed with the fact that you'll be holding it for long periods of time, in an awkward position just to be able to get to the uncomfortably placed buttons, doesn't sound like fun to me.

i swear, if they don't come out with games that are worth it, good or bad controller, i won't own a system that doesn't have games i like. that's why i don't own a 360. (halo alone ain't worth it.)



kingothekoopas commented on Giana Sisters DS Sneaks Into North America:

i have heard of this game, and TBH, i didn't even know it released in europe, let alone at all. i might buy this, but our wal-mart usually never gets stuff like this in. well, hopefully one will either end up there, or at gamestop. any game that's like mario, and holds a fanbase this strong MUST be good.



kingothekoopas commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back:

it's worth noting however, that the Wii U, is a piece of crap. if i wanted a controller that big, i'd own an ipad. thing looks like a giant game gear. i mean seriously, controllers work best if they have a corded option like PS3 and 360, no argument there. it's one of the faults of the wii. but when that corded option is a charger, you've got to ask yourself, are these guys out of their minds? i may still buy it, but if it let's gimmicks get in the way of gameplay, or the controller is too much for me to hold, (the DSiXL almost met that criteria) then i'm not sure it's going to be something i want.



kingothekoopas commented on Review: Nyko Power Grip:

power outages happen allot where i live, so this would be something nice to have. besides, i'm not a huge fan of monster hunter (it's good, but not my taste), and the circle pad pro just seems so... huge.



kingothekoopas commented on 3DS Update Lets You Join Your Friends' Online ...:

nintendo needs to soon deliver the GBA games for us ambassadors. i'm getting rather tired of waiting.

frankly, i'd like to see them allow GBA games on the eshop. if it can be done well, it's another way for them to make money. i don't see why they shouldn't if it can be done right.



kingothekoopas commented on 3DS System Transfer Tool Arrives With November...:

good. i'm considering getting the red 3DS, and transfering to that isntead. see, i sent my 3DS in because the bottom screen's frame had put vertical scratches on my top screen on the left and right sides. when i got it back from nintendo, i finaly put screen covers on BOTH screens instead of just the bottom (never needed to before). problem is, now my power button doesn't work right! thanks @$^%tendo!



kingothekoopas commented on Review: Wario World (GameCube):

the fun of this game was the exploration and the battling with the enemies, but i do have to agree, there wasn't enough of it to offset the shortness of the game. i managed a 100% run in 2 days. that bad thing about that is, it was a 4 day rental. i probably could have done it in one day had i stayed at it. it was fun though. just not fun enough to keep.



kingothekoopas commented on Interviews: QubicGames - Gnomz (WiiWare):

homebrew? i'm talking about the original PC version! i don't do homebrew. the legality issues just put me off. also, this game won't let you edit levels and include custom music like super mario war does.

the ONLY thing this game does, is give you a legal way to play super mario war on the wii. that's it.