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Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Time to get those Wii Points ready!

Our good friend Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis has just informed us that Cave Story will cost 1200 Wii Points when it makes its North American debut on Monday. That means you'd better get those points ready to go and you'll even have enough for a nice Super Nintendo game left over. Not too shabby considering you're getting quite a bit of what was originally going to be downloadable content already built right into the game.

We'll keep you posted on any new Cave Story developments as they become available and we'll have a full review of the game shortly after its release next week.

In the meantime, why not read our first impressions?

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Porky said:

Better than 1500pts atleast. I need 900 more points for cave story.



Radixxs said:

Not bad, especially for a long, enhanced game that includes built in DLC. Can't wait to play it!



Corbs said:

I'm so excited to get my hands on this game it's not even remotely funny. Monday can't get here fast enough for me.



vakama94 said:

what a coincidence, thats the exactly amount of points i have in my wii account



Kid_A said:

You've got to be kidding me. Nicalis said from the very beginning that they were going to try to keep it under 1000 Wii it's over 1000? Lame, lame, lame.

...the part that's pissing me off is that I'm going to buy it anyway. And I'm going to love it.



Sean_Aaron said:

Still a positive bargain as far as I'm concerned. I hope people will rise to the occasion! No sign of a European release date though, eh?



Corbs said:

Not yet Sean. And please remember Kid_A, they went ahead and packed the extra content into the base game so you're still getting it cheaper than you would have if you bought them separately as was originally intended.



accc said:

Good, I have 400 points left over so I'll only need to purchase 1000 points. I really wish Nintendo would let you buy however many points you want though.



Jeroen1 said:

"Not too shabby"? You can get this game for free, through legal means no less. This is not Sin & Punishment we're talking about.

The integrated DLC is a nice touch though.



Corbs said:

This is also quite a bit of a step up from the free original in terms of visuals, audio, gameplay, and content.



Twilight_Crow said:

There go my hopes of getting this and Rondo of blood this monday .

But it has all the extra content so is not that bad, and we're finally getting it .



siavm said:

1200? I will not be getting this game until after monster hunter tri. I can use that card and the 1000 points I have on my system to get this game.



BlueFlameBat said:

For 1200 points, I'll wait for at least one full review. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Zombie Panic in Wonderland this Monday. If there's no Zombie Panic in the U.S. this Monday, I may blame Sean Aaron.



Aviator said:

Sorry, that just been annoyin me.



Malouff said:

I will not be getting this for 1200pts unless either Nintendo starts letting us buy single points (or at least 500 point dominations).

That or Nicalis gets some sort of online shop good for a downloadable code like Amazon did with World of Goo.

Nintendo is hurting some of these developers not by setting prices (point values) but by offering these stupid point dominations for purchase so we have to buy more points then are needed.
Not only that but also by not having a common pool of points for the Wii and DSi systems in a household.



Brainhost said:

Hmm.. I'm thinking this might affect sales...

Ah well, I'm getting it anyway. Oh wait, no I'm not. I'm in Europe! Gosh darn it!



BlueBandanaJake said:

Aw man, I was hoping to buy Max and the Magic Marker and Cave Story with the same points card, but it looks like Max will have to wait just a bit longer (I'll probably buy Rage of the Gladiator and Max with the same card instead )

But this is a fine price, I cant wait to finally play this!



RowdyRodimus said:

It's amazing what 2 dollars can do to percieved value on something, especially something that isn't tangable. I was set to get this, even kind of hyped up to get it if it was 1,000 points, but for some reason the extra 200 makes me not care if it I get it or not. I know it's stupid, but for some reason I refuse to pay more than 10 bucks for a download.

I wonder how many sales Nintendos pricing is going to cost them on this? I know it now has what was to be DLC in it and that is included in the price, but what if we didn't want the DLC and just wanted the base game?

Oh well, at least I can play it for free on the computer. Nifty new graphics aren't worth $12 bucks IMO.

Edit for stupidity: Ok, seeing that it has CC support, I will pay the extra 2 bucks and download it. That to me is worth it unlike something that would've been an additional downloadable option that we are forced to pay for whether we wanted it or not. (I know the CC support isn't the reason for the extra cost but I have to have some reason to justify it for myself lol)



Sean_Aaron said:

Man, this generation and lack of desire to spend money, I don't know what to say. You know you're getting full retail release games here for like $10 when I was paying 40-50 for stuff like Yar's Revenge or E.T. (with inflation, that's close to $100 today)! Cave Story is going to give you more bang for your buck than a boxed game at twice the price!

Spoilt brats, you buy this game!



Jazzem said:

Wow, I have 200 points in my Wii shop account, just need to add 1000 more now



Token_Girl said:

I'm going to wait for the review, just to see how much it offers over the PC version. Do want to play this game though.



MrPinguy said:

You people are not better than pirates.
Just because the pc version is legally free, doesn't make you better for taking the game and spiting in the hands of the one who made it instead of giving support, just because the "law" isn't in their side that was a choice he made years ago, and the law is just for protect the people works anyway.

I will fully support Pixel for creating the game, and Nicalis for making it better for the console. And i know the price it isn't their fault, it's Nintendo, and i bet if they didn't begged for it, we all would have to pay 1500.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I'm getting it. I'm definitely supporting Pixel and Nicalis for their efforts to bring this game to us. Come on, they re-did (as in re-drew) all the graphics AND included content that was going to be DLC.

I get so upset when people are not willing to support people who do good work. We live in a world where things cost money, plain and simple. Game developers make games so they can support themselves and their families. Its simple economics.

Too many people pirating games, music and movies for free and somehow think they are "entitled" to someone else's creative work and effort.

Sorry, I just see this on the internet way too often.

If you don't like the game just don't buy it. To each, their own.



ejamer said:

Total Wii Points remaining: 1100. Noooooooo!

(Ok, it's not that bad. Just need to buy some more.)



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I don't get why you're all complaining so much. It's one thing if you never wanted to buy it in the first place, but if you were planning on buying it, the general consensus seemed to be that we would pay 1000 points. Now you're complaining about paying an extra $2 more than expected?! I don't understand that, especially when a game like "Action Girlz Racing" was released for more than 4 times as much. $12 is not THAT much.



ReZon said:

I don't think it would be as big of a deal to people if Nintendo didn't require you to buy points by the 1000. For some people, it's not about $10 to $12, it's about $10 to $20, regardless of the fact that the other 800 points can be spent on another game.

For me personally, I'll likely pick this up at some point, but not immediately. I was excited about it a year or so ago, but now not as much.



Kid_A said:


I did not know that--so all the stuff that was intended for DLC was put in the original game? I'm sold. I mean, I complained, but the fact is Cave Story is one of the greatest games ever made and I was going to buy it regardless. Plus, I think Nintendo handles the pricing. If it was up to Nicalis I'm sure it wouldn't be over 1000 Wii points.



Varoennauraa said:

This is one of my favorite games. Its so good, that I'm happy that my PC broke and I didn't have time to play it through! Now I can play even better version with a better controller. I happily pay what ever they ask, and I'm usually very stingy on games I'm going to buy. This is a big game, and I have been satisfied on much smaller games, that are only half of the fun but many times more expensive. This would have been better deal than most games I know, even if it cost 60€!!! Its a bargain, and I will send it as a present for many friends. Thanks Pixel! Thanks Nifflas! And thanks the whole Nicalis!!!!!!! Keep them games coming!



TKOWL said:

Darn, I just spent 1300 points yesterday. I need to wait for the review before I consider buying it, though.



Wolfcoyote said:

Darn, my vacation is over and I can't download the title until I suffer through my "in" box this Monday! Doesn't matter anyway because I had assumed that the asking price would be 1500 points for all of the content. I'm really looking forward to purchasing this game as I gave away my Windows laptop and I don't have a suitable game controller for the Mac version.

The only problem is that I'll have to stop playing Pokemon SoulSilver to play it, and I haven't even touched Infinite Space yet. There's too many games and so little time...



RichieTheSignPainter said:

the problem with the price tag is that Nintendo charge £7 for 1000 as a minimum so if it's more than 1000 you have to pay £14. I know you get change but what if I was only planning to get this game?
The game from what I've played of the free one is worth the money it's Nintendo that need to change how they distribute points. Microsoft are even worse but at least they have demos for every single XBLA/XBLIndie game.



Malouff said:

For some people, it's not about $10 to $12, it's about $10 to $20, regardless of the fact that the other 800 points can be spent on another game.

That is how I am seeing it.
Until I see a 800pt game I also want than I am out.
In the tangible world I don't ever overpay and have credit for future purchases.

That or if Nintendo ever decides to allow us to buy smaller dominations of points then there will be less complaining.

As a temporary fix they could offer us to buy a downloadable code like Amazon has for World of Goo.



Bass_X0 said:

I know you get change but what if I was only planning to get this game?

Then you have points left over for next time. Its not uncommon for us to sit on a few hundred points in the shop for weeks at a time waiting for something to spend them on.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Bass X0: It's perfectly understandable that some people would be loathe to do things that way, though. I'm not a big fan of it, to be honest.

Well, what do you know...I already have 200 points left over from when I wasted money on Zombies Ate My Neighbors, so I'll just buy another 1000 and be set!

I still say only Sony got online funds purchasing right thus far: As long as you pay at least $5, you can add as much as you need down to the exact penny. Even if you didn't have a major problem with how Nintendo does things BEFORE experiencing that, it kinda hurts to go back.



Aenaida said:

After I buy this, that'll leave me with 600 points left over for an import NES or a TG-16 game (as well as Secret Command and a few VCA releases, but those don't interest me). Not bad.



aaronsullivan said:

So, I was a bit surprised at the price and I understand why some might balk. I've got to say though that this game is more than the sum of its parts.

It's not a super long game. The graphics and gameplay are still pretty retro despite the nicer resolution. The music is going for the chip tunes vibe which is not for everyone. However, for me this game is among the best in its genre and it has a disarming charm to it that instantly pulled me in when I played it on the PC. Ultimately, it's deeply satisfying and I never did figure out all the secret stuff, so I'm going to be excited to buy it.

My only concern is that I really wanted this to be a way to spread this game to the wider audience it deserves and that price point seems a mismatch. The game looks like a SNES game to the uninitiated or maybe one of those Konami rebirth games. There's also no nostalgia factor attached for most people.

So, I guess just tell everyone who might care that it's worth it.

It's worth it.



Raylax said:

I can live with that price. Now hurry up and give us an EU release date, Nicalis D:



Thomas_Joseph said:

Man oh man. This is yet another WiiWare game I want, and I have Monster Hunter Tri on order. I'm going to be broke over the next couple of months! Good thing for Ramen!



pixelman said:

Luckily I'm sitting on 200 points, so with my next card I can get this, an 800 point game, and still have 200 leftover for the MM10 Bass DLC. Yay!



motang said:

As long as the game is good, I don't mind spending 1200 points on it.



theblackdragon said:

@Amorous Badger: first it's that the game was taking so long to come out. now it's that it's 1200 points. lol, i was expecting 1500, so i'm happy to see it at 300 points less, hahaha.



irken004 said:

Looks like a good review will have to get people to spend those 200 extra points.



Egg_miester said:

@ lz2010 1200 points maybe cheap but for a game with 16 bit graphics is overpriced at 1200 points no matter on how much they add to it, its not a bad as megaman at 1000 points



Maxsh said:

@Egg miester: It doesn't matter what the graphics of the game are. This has the gameplay level of a retail game, and it's selling for much cheaper than that. Stop complaining.



Shane_Gill said:

It doesn't matter what price they make it, as it will always cost too much when you can get the original for free.



Adam said:

I don't understand why everyone is mocking people upset by the price. The game is legally available for free. That's $0 (USD or otherwise, just to be clear). $12 dollars may not be a lot, but free is $12 cheaper. That math tip is free, too.

If you want to buy the game, buy it. Pixel made the game available for free, and if people have an issue with that, they should take it up with the game's author himself, not the people who play it. Stop complaining about complaints. And don't complain about this complaint about complaints about complaints, either. It's just going to confuse everyone.

That said, if they ever actually tell us what all the DLC was going to be, I might get it, but I've played the game twice on PC. I don't need to pay money for it to look slightly better.



Pegasus said:

1200 points is a-okay by me. Hell, I still have some 2000 points sitting on my Wii that I have bought before last Christmas in anticipation of the game. Yeah, shows how little I've bought from the store since then.



Burny said:

Almost expected it to cost 1500 Points, so 1200 isn't as bad.
Still, it's no use to me, unless they finally release it in Europe, too.



theblackdragon said:

@Adam: By your argument that the original is free and thus people should freely be allowed to complain all they want about it being 1200 points now, the same would hold true if it were 1000, if it were 800, if it were 500, hell, if it were 200 -- after all, the original was free, wasn't it? How dare they charge what they [read: Nintendo] want to when they've already released a version of it for nothing at all, right?

Seriously, people have known about the original game being free, it's not like they made it a huge hush-hush secret that you could play it all you wanted without paying a dime. If you don't want to buy it, then don't. It's that simple. No one is being stopped from playing it for free, and yet people want to still complain... That's why all the drama is hilarious to those of us mocking it. :3



Marioman64 said:

i'd pay 2000 wii points for this seriously i can't wait .

comes out in 169169 seconds... i'm keeping track



Adam said:

To some, a small price point would be worth it for the updated visuals and the minor additions like boss rush and time trial. Of course, maybe there are some major additions that they haven't revealed yet, but for some reason they're announcing the price before this, which seems to make little sense.

I for one would pay under $10 for the boss rush alone, but $12 is a lot to ask for the few additions that they've announced. I don't see how that's hilarious at all. In essence, the WiiWare game is DLC. It gives you the original game (which is free) plus extras. You are paying only for extras. If the MM10 DLC had previously been announced to be $1 each and then was changed to $3 each, that would put people off. This isn't different in any way.



Mayhem said:

Sheesh... some people. It's less than getting a round in by far. Why the whinging I have no idea, 1200 is pretty much a bargain for a game such as this.



theblackdragon said:

@Adam: ... then stick with the original and don't buy it? whether it's $12 or $2, whatever you wind up paying is still going to be more than free, lol.



gameking23 said:

At first when I saw this game was 200 more points than I expected. I thought should I still buy this game. Then I thought at least it's not 1500 so yes I will still be buying this game on Monday.



Adam said:

Obviously. I just explained that. But $5-8 would have been reasonable for the amount of announced extras you're getting in addition to what is already available for free. Whether you agree with that or not is one thing, but it doesn't make others' disappointment any less valid. When all you're getting are minor additions to an already free game, every extra dollar tacked on counts. If you have $12 to spend on a minor upgrade to a free game, that's wonderful, but some don't and have to budget those extra dollars when deciding on a game to buy.



postmanX3 said:

Somehow, 12 dollars for a game that's free on the PC is not too tempting. Updated graphics and boss rush be damned, it's like slapping a new coat of paint on an old car and charging 10 times as much for it.



Corbs said:

It's not about $12, it's about supporting a developer that's talented and worked his butt off on a very creative game years ago only to make it available to everyone absolutely free of charge. Time to compensate the man for yet even more hard work in bringing it in an updated form to WiiWare.

Everyone's always b*tching about these developers that just toss crap together and release it on the service and now we have a company that's trying to get some of the best indie games in the industry brought over to the Wii. I say let's show some support.



postmanX3 said:

Well I understand supporting the developer. I guess I see where you're coming from. Call me Scrooge if you will, however, because I have only so much money and better places to spend it than a game I can play for free otherwise.



Lurch said:

An absolute fair price. this guy spent 5 years of his life into the game, so it's totally acceptable to support him with these 12 bucks. anyhow, the 800 remaining points are nice for MM 10's dlc



naut said:

That actually means you have to pay $20 because you have to buy in $10 quantities.



b_willers said:

World of Goo cost more than this and turned out to be the best game on WiiWare, if this is anything like as good then I have no problem at all with the price.



RowdyRodimus said:

@Mods Jeez, I wish I hadn't got that snowball going about the extra 2 bucks. I apologize for that (but at least I found a way to justify the extra money for me anyway lol)

@Sean Aaron I was right there paying 40+ bucks for Pac-Man and Galaxian, etc.. on the VCS with you lol



Corbs said:

When Sean said that it reminded me of the day I walked into the store to buy Yar's Revenge. Best $40 I ever spent. I even managed to talk the guy into giving me the cardboard Yar's Revenge promo display that I still have hanging here in my game room to this very day.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Everyone's always b*tching about these developers that just toss crap together and release it on the service and now we have a company that's trying to get some of the best indie games in the industry brought over to the Wii. I say let's show some support."

Corbie 4 Prez, 2012



Aenaida said:

Okay, I've bought Military Madness, which leaves me exactly 1200 points left on my Wii. All I need to do now is sit back and wait for Monday to arrive.



BL_Donth said:

I had 1200 points but I bought MM10 instead, so now I have 200 left but I'll be getting this and FFIV when I get my points card.



Varoennauraa said:

Hi Scottie! Nice to meet you!

I would die, if Cave Story didn't come to EU. Even aslight delay would be a torture. I expected this for christmas present and now I'm starting to feel ill already...must get Cave Story soon.



Kid_A said:

Broke down and got a Wii Points card. Thankfully now that I have 2300 points on my account I'll be able to get Cave Story and WarioWare showcase when that comes out.

Monday is going to be a good day



MrPinguy said:

You have to buy 2000 points.
Pfff, only excuses, you can easily by an SNES/MEGADRIVE game in vc with the spares, and 20€ isn't noting comparing with the quality of the game.
I hope that you nay-sayers, work hard in your professional life to fail BIG TIME in the end for lack of support, to see how "beautifully" is what you are doing right now.



SuperCamMan20 said:

Ditto it! I was going to buy this and Mega Man 10 with my next WPC but it looks like Cave Story is going to have to wait.



theblackdragon said:

@MrPinguy: that's enough, please. your passion for supporting the devs is commendable, but it's not necessary to wish bad things on other people just because they don't want to pay for a video game they can download from the internet for free.



MrPinguy said:

There is no need to take it seriously.
Of course I'm not wishing something bad to someone.
But maybe it helps get someone... An change of perspective.



Scottie said:

Thanks for the welcome, i think Europe will get Cave Story either this month or next but i don't know why it's not coming soon on the NoE website anymore. It was the other day, all i can say is enjoy Cave Story on Monday America. Lucky people!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Scottie: Welcome! I don't think Corbie has any inside info to give. At least, the wording of his post suggests he doesn't ("hopefully" instead of something like "don't worry"). I do hope you guys don't have too long a wait, though.

I don't know for sure, but: Did the PC version support USB controllers? If not, actual controller support alone is worth my money on WiiWare. I hate playing games with a keyboard. Though I'd actually pay anyway 'cause I still don't have my own computer and can't tie up my dad's playing a game all day.

Also: How much did it cost to make this WiiWare version? We don't know! Probably a good bit, especially since it was in development for so long. Somebody has to cover the costs, right? In this kind of business, that's usually the customers.



WAM2 said:

Heh. Got 400 Wii points I don't know what to do with since I mostly get 1000 point games (I obviously get some lower than that or I wouldn't have this problem). Since I'm probably getting this, this could get it down to 200, and the extra case on the original Ace Attorney could bring it down to 100. My points problem is (mostly) solved!



suburban_sensei said:

Looks like i'm buying 2,000 points tomorrow. I can buy Pilotwings and then I have Monday off from school and work so I will play Cave Story all day



edhe said:

At least it isn't defecting to a certain rival service with more features and at a lower price.

But seriously, I've got my eye on plenty of games* over the next few months, and this may or may not be one that i'll buy on release. Perhaps NOE will delay it for 6 months while it's translated into the main European languages (and us Brits will get the US English versions)

(* Infinite Space, Monster Hunter Tri, NMH 2 and to a lesser extent, Sin and Punishment 2, Red Steel 2 and WarioWare DIY.)



Malouff said:

@81 Corbie
I think very few of us are b*tching about the developers.
Most of us are b*tching about the way we have to buy Nintendo points.

Like I have also said this would be a purchase for me if I had 200pts sitting around.

But I don't so Nintendo needs to offer smaller dominations of points, combine Wii and DSi points so I have enough, or start offering some more of these games through a online shop like Amazon did with World of Goo.

I am all for supporting most WiiWare developers but against purchasing more Nintendo Points than I need.

At least if there was a pool of points I could spend the extras on cheap DSiWare titles.



1200? but I only have 1000....>_> goes to buy a new card



Corbs said:

I'm not talking about this topic, I'm talking about the b*tching on a continual basis about developers releasing crap on the various Nintendo download services.



valleyoftheunos said:

If there is any developer who deserves support its Pixel, I think there is enough content here to justify the 1200 points, besides I was sure it would be 1500.



Corbs said:

If you enjoyed the original, why not thank the developer by showing some support his way in the hopes that he'll be able to continue making games? And if you can't afford it now, perhaps purchase it at another time.



Odnetnin said:

Cave Story (1200) + Super Metroid (800) = a points card of win (2000)
(Playing them with a shiny new CC Pro too! )



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, I'm definitely getting Cave Story and I'm sure that it will be well worth the price of admission. The only problem for me is that I only have 2000 points left so I won't be able to buy Rage of the Gladiator. Sorry, I just can't afford to buy another points card right now.



CanisWolfred said:

I was just saying to myself the other day that I'd be pretty pissed if Cave Story cost more than 1000 points, and here it is!

Well, crap, now I'll have to wait until the next time I get points before I can get the Mega Man 10 DLC. Luckily it doesn't cost more that 1200 points, that just happens to be my limit, so I can still get CS, MM10, and FF4.



Corbs said:

I can't believe anyone expected it to be less than 1500 points once Nintendo stepped in and started promoting it. I was just sure it would cost 1500.



Supermarioman said:

Oh and Tetris Party wasn't another rip-off. Same price, difference is instead of having it freely available, you've probably owned it for years already or maybe even got it free somewhere on the internet. Seriously 200 extra points from the price you expected isn't bad. They've put more then enough in to the game to make it worth the price (Or At least in my opinion) and yes I understand that maybe you had been holding out on the game with 1000 Wii Points and your mad, but you should have expected it to be more, especially considering that Nintendo got on board with the game. I'm honestly surprised that it isn't 1500 Wii Points. But I'm with others 300 Points less is always great

But seriously this is quite possibly worse then the L4D2 boycott, I'm dead serious.



Luigi-la-bouncy said:

If people want Cave Story go ahead and buy it. And if you have points left over don't worry about it, it's not like it's going to be your last ever Wii Shop purchase. Actually sometimes it's fun to have points leftover, it gives you a boost for your next purchase. Plus I don't remember all this kind of uproar for Tetros Party, which also cost 1200 points



Radixxs said:

@Corbie: I thought it would cost 1500 points too. I'm just glad it's finally coming out, and at a reasonable price! I have 2800 points, so I'll buy Tomena Sanner and maybe something else with my left over points.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@All those angry about the method of buying points: You may soon(ish) have an alternate option: I learned today that GameStop is working with the companies on ways to stay relevent as downloadable gaming increases in popularity. What does this mean to you? Buying your downloadable titles at exact cost in store! Not sure how it'd work on Wii. For PS3, it'd probably just use the system's ability to detect internet access from stand-by mode and start downloading automatically when the purchase is made. 360 could at least queue it up like you already can on Wii might require download codes printed on the receipt or something. Still better than over-buying points, right? Keep in mind that none of this is set in stone, though. It's mearly a glimpe at the possible near future.

@irken: Ah...well...Classic Controller is better? Just other point still stands. And I really do think the additions to the game are worth the cost anyway. But I understand that not everyone would.



Sushie said:

I may pick this up next weekend. I've played through part of the game on PC a couple of years ago and liked it pretty well. I'll keep an eye on the reviews and see how it goes. How many hours of gameplay does this game have? It's not a quantity thing necessarily, but I've just about burned through Rondo, and I'm already jonesing for something new.



miketh2005 said:

I will be laughing my head off if this game gets anything under an 8!! hahahahaha, hope we get another perfect 10, tho, actually. i'd be happy if it was a 10 or a 7 and under, anything in between sucks



Kid_A said:

I just hope to god people aren't too put off by the price--Cave Story is truly one of the greatest games ever made and people NEED to play it. That's my main concern. I don't mind paying 1200 points because I know the game is more than worth it. But people just casually shopping on the Wii Shop Channel might see the price and walk away.



Scottie said:

I will buy this at 1200 points a bargain in my opinion, hurry up Nintendo so i can download this here please. I have the points waiting for it already!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@valleyoftheunos: It may come to that, but I didn't draw my suggestions from a vaccuum. Rather, they came from a conversation with my store manager, AKA the guy who gave me this info to begin with. So I'd say they'll at least TRY to do it in a more interesting way, whether it actually works out that way or not.



Scottie said:

Thanks for the welcome by the way, i love this site and have been a silent watcher for ages. It has been great viewing, best site for all things Nintendo without a doubt!



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I can sympathise with the requirement to buy point cards or online in big chunks. I would love to just have a debit/credit card linked to my shop account and buy stuff iTunes style, but Nintendo seems to be run by conservative people who aren't fully down with the online thing yet, so that's what it is.

Look at this this way: for the price of a sale disc at retail you can buy two quality games, this one and a VC/WiiWare title of your choice - surely that makes it easier?



MrPinguy said:

But in the way, this is a good sign, if people didn't care about the game, they wouldn't be disappointed with the conservative price system at this time, it isn't the first time some price like this happened on the wii shop.



@sean - I don't think is that they are close minded or conservative. Is just that the Exapnded audience (which is the one that Nintendo is pursuing) consists of old people that is still very paranoic about shopping online so they have to make it more "friendly" to them.



Vinsanity said:

OMG I hate Nintendo. I spent my last wii points last week getting tomena sanner. I figured I could use 'em all up because there's no way they'd make this more than 1000 points. If Rage of the Gladiator is 1000 points, and stuff like Ghost Slayer is 600, then there's NO WAY Cave Story will be more than 1000, I said.

Why the hell would they do that? Just push it to 1000 Wii Points. Now they KNOW people will purchase 20 bucks worth of points - lining their pockets more - if they're going to buy a game barely worth more than 10. Greedy.

Stupid Cave Story. Should've made stuff like boss rush mode DLC. I don't care about that. If they took out those "special features" it would easily be 1000 points.

This is bull. I am SO torn because I know this is a good game and I wanna play/DL it. But this is bull. Not Nicalis'/Pixel's fault, I'm sure. This type of crap has NOA's/Reggie's smell all over it. I may not even get this now; I hardly every spent 20 bucks on Wii Points at a time.

@buffalobob: Sean's right though. Don't defend Nintendo. If they wanted to make things easy, they would SAVE your account info to your wii so that you didn't have to put your information again every time you went to make a purchase. The Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace and Playstation Network - ESPECIALLY the PSN, since you don't convert real money to made up Nintendo/Microsoft funds - are far more "user friendly" than Nintendo's supposed "blue ocean focused" digital storefront.

Not to mention that their "expanded audience" doesn't know about the Wii Shop Channel or great games like Cave Story. The only people who support these titles are actual gamers, the very same people Nintendo is hurting with this bull. I mean, that's common sense at this point. Those types of people only buy Wii Sports or Wii Fit for their wiis and never buy anything ever again. Ironic, since simpler games like Pac-Man and the rest of the stuff on Virtual Console would connect most with these people. But if Nintendo were serious about reaching that market they'd advertise these services. They run commercials for VC games in Japan - so why not here? Oh that's right; 'cuz NOA is far too greedy to spend $$$ on an ad campaign. They'd rather keep these things secret.



Skrubber said:

Since I already finnished the PC version it's unlikely I'm going to pay 1200 Wii Points for this. If it was a 1000 I might just have considered it if I had a few points to spare.

Don't believe this price point was a very good decision!



Viper6391 said:

Agreed, I only have 1000 points left and since it's 1200 points, I now have to make a trip to Gamestop and pay over $20 for a 2000 points Nintendo card just to get those 200 points to buy this game. That is BS! Oh, and to those people who are saying that I'll have points leftover for something else, well guess what, I'M NOT DOWNLOADING ANYTHING ELSE FOR A LONG TIME!!!! So now I'm just going to have 1800 points sitting there while I could have used that $18 dollars for something else. Also, I have to waste gas money just to go to Gamestop which is about a half hour drive from my house. So it's actually costing me more than $20 to get those 200 points. Thank you Nintendo for forcing me to waste money in a time where I can't afford to give away money that I don't need to. I wish the American Club Nintendo would allow you to swap your coins for Nintendo points, but no instead we get stupid playing cards and greeting cards. Who ever is responsible for the pricing **** you! I have nothing against Nicalis/Pixel, but I hate it when Nintendo pulls **** like that. I also agree that the special features should just be DLC so that I'm not forced to buy the game with them.



iSonic said:

@Viper or you could simply use a credit card (if you have one) and buy a 1000 points from the shop channel. At least then you would only have 800 points left on your Wii minus the drive time to GameStop.



Varoennauraa said:

Somebody made a mountain out of a molehill...
Its not that hard.
Its not that expensive.
Its that good.



Paperclip said:

I'm gonna get all pissy now. I can't believe I have to pay an extra TWO WHOLE DOLLARS for the one of the best indie games out there. This is just ridiculous. I doubt Pixel even worked very hard on this game, I mean he's Japanese. EVERYONE over there can make video games.



Viper6391 said:

I unfortunately don't have one, although I plan on getting one in the near future. However, I would still have points left over and I'm the type of person who just buys points for the games I want so I have no points remaining. I don't like having points left over because if I don't buy something for quite awhile and I need money for something else, there's money that I no longer have. If Nintendo Club of America would just allow us to swap 100 coins for 100 Nintendo Points then it would be fine because I have at least 200 coins, but no instead we have crap for rewards. The only reason I have coins is that I'm holding them for the Platinum prize at the end. Also, I hate when Nintendo makes some VC or Wiiware games worth more than 1000 because what ends up happening is I buy one of those games along with something else and I end up with less than 500 points remaining. One time I did that and I had only 300 points remaining. So I'm thinking, what the hell am I going to do with 300 points? I don't have any games that have DLC such as Megaman so they just sit there and I can't use them.



Stuffgamer1 said:

There, you see? THAT'S what I've been talking can say all you want that you still get to use those extra points for something else, but what if you're really low on money and can't afford it drop the money on those points? Especially a problem if you've already downloaded everything else you wanted. I feel really bad for you and people like you, Viper. I REALLY hope Nintendo adopts a PSN-like solution with the next console so we can put this BS behind us.

For the record: Many's the time I would've strongly considered downloading a cheap game on Wii or DSi if only I didn't have to over-pay. I don't CARE if I have left-over points...I can't afford $10 instead of $5! Yes, some of us are just that broke.



EdEN said:

Already have the points ready for monday. And those complaining, you can't think of another game on Wiiware or VC you'd want to buy on monday to justify buying $20 in points? Seriously?



@Vinsanity - That just showed that you don't have a CLUE of what the expanded audience is. The simple fact that you are praising MS and Sony in a Nintendo site proves it.

I am not defending Nintendo. I am just pointing the obvious. I know many people over 50 that don't buy on the net because they are worried about credit card fraud. Nintendo knows that so they chose a more neutral stance. Maybe annoying for kids and dudebros but not for the rest of people.

And the expanded audience are also gamers by the way. They are not idiots they just have different habits. You don't know if thet may be interested in this game are not. And who cares?

And really, what's the big deal how you guy buy your darn points? Really grow up!



Tails said:

200 points shy of the masterpiece.... why Nintendo.... Oh well i will get it.



Malouff said:

Corbie let us know if your friend Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis ever gets some type of a code that can be purchased for this game like Amazon has for World of Goo.

I hope Nintendo reads these comments and can see where people are not complaining about the price of the game. They are complaining about having to buy 1000 points at a time.

These leftover points can really add up when a person has to have them both on their Wii and DSi.

Maybe a developer can write a program to convert/move points between systems.



Varoennauraa said:

They made this version carefully and pretty long time. I feel sorry for them as I read this thread and I'm ashamed of being Nintendo fan(unless these nitpickers are HD-Ready-nazis in quest to ruin the mood to get this game).



Rerun said:

1200 is pretty steep. I'll wait for the reviews before I buy. Or maybe, just maybe, we'll get a demo.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"There, you see? THAT'S what I've been talking can say all you want that you still get to use those extra points for something else, but what if you're really low on money and can't afford it drop the money on those points?"

Then you don't get it. Same rules apply to everything else in the capitalist marketplace.

Or you can save up and buy it later. Same rules apply to everything else in the capitalist marketplace.

Or you can buy something different that's more within your price range. Same rules apply to everything else in the capitalist marketplace.

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