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Mon 19th Jan 2009

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Shane_Gill commented on Iwata Resists Calls for Smartphone Games:

I disagree. It would take no effort at all to put out official NES games on iOS and they would literally lose nothing. Super Mario Bros. has been out for years and is easily available to everyone on multiple platforms. Super Mario Bros. being on iOS wouldn't negatively affect peoples decisions in purchasing Nintendo hardware, if anything it would encourage them to explore the world of Nintendo. They're missing out on millions of dollars and it's quite idiotic to blatantly ignore this gap in the market.



Shane_Gill commented on Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin 3:

I'm honestly looking forward to this game more than Galaxy 2, Other M and even Zelda. Pikmin 2 was amazing, and I've had to go cold turkey for six years. I need my Pikmin fix.



Shane_Gill commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

We all know Nintendo like to over emphasise things. Remember when the amazing hardcore gamer announcement at E3 was Animal Crossing Wii?

Yea...don't expect much. Maybe galaxy 2 playable and a Pokémon announcement.



Shane_Gill commented on Project Needlemouse Stories Come and Go:

Obviously it's coming out on Nintendo Wii, or Nintendo Life wouldn't have bothered to report on it in the first place. I'm guessing the leaks are based on that, the fact the game is a Sonic 1 prequel, and some misc information on recurring places/zones from the sonic universe.



Shane_Gill commented on Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360:

I bet the Wii software divide goes a little something like this;

Games with "Wii" in the title - 30%
First Party Nintendo Games - 20%
3rd Party Shovelware Games - 40%
Traditional 3rd Party Games - 10%