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Thu 25th Feb 2010

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Maxsh commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii):

I pretty much expected a 10/10 from this. Retro Studios + Donkey Kong = Instant 10/10.

I didn't read the whole review, but did you comment on some of the amazing sillhouette eye candy? It's pretty damn beautiful. Good work, Retro.



Maxsh commented on Review: My Starry Night (WiiWare):

I was hoping it would be good, Hudson haven't been as much of a shining star as they used to be. I hear the game is pretty atmospheric, but I'm not sure I'd end up playing it if I actually got it. It'd probably just be a waste of space.




Maxsh commented on My Starry Night:

If this game is rubbish, and the review tagline isn't "Waste of Space" I'm suing you for lying about every staff member having a degree in punnery.



Maxsh commented on Scott Pilgrim Movie Features Zelda Music, Gets...:

Well, it's official. Scott Pilgrim is now the greatest thing ever.
Scott Pilgrim Movie = Zelda Music + Micheal Cera + Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Game = Anamanaguchi + Paul Robertson + Scott Pilgrim

Greatest thing in existance.



Maxsh commented on Kaiju Busters:

I wanted this game, but I'm still not to sure whether to import. 8D



Maxsh commented on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Could Be On Its Way:

@outrun2sp: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was made using the Street Fighter 4 engine, so the Wii could handle that. Blazblue has a game coming out for the PSP - while it's not Nintendo, it's not exactly "HD" either. And for the rest of the games, they can keep their generic borefests (I'm looking at you, Heavy Rain and FFVIII).



Maxsh commented on Cave Story:

100th post get! : D Also, amazing, amazing game.



Maxsh commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

@Egg miester: It doesn't matter what the graphics of the game are. This has the gameplay level of a retail game, and it's selling for much cheaper than that. Stop complaining.



Maxsh commented on Interviews: Steve Lycett - Sonic & Sega All-St...:

The fact that they took out (or didn't put in in the first place) the blue shell-esque mechanic because it was "dreaded" is something I dislike. The fact that everybody hated it made it interesting and made it so matches could go either way no matter what happens.



Maxsh commented on Podcast: Episode 14 - Mario Month is Here!:

@Mahew: To be honest, it's a Nintendo fansite and we all know they tend to be a little bias towards Mario games. I mean no offense to you guys, this is a fine establishment you're running here, but I'm just saying it makes sense for Mario to be the hot topic.



Maxsh commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Game Boy:

@Aviator: If I worked with Nintendo and was one of the first to play Tetris, I sure as hell wouldn't get a job teaching religion to year 8s. No offense to them, of course.
I do love the Gameboy. I still consider the graphics better than some today, however weird that may sound.