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Thu 7th May 2009

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Jeroen1 commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

"Not too shabby"? You can get this game for free, through legal means no less. This is not Sin & Punishment we're talking about.

The integrated DLC is a nice touch though.



Jeroen1 commented on Donkey Kong World Record Smashed:

@Aaron Sullivan: I'm Asian myself. Most of the time only someone non-asian would point out the apparent 'racism' in remarks like that.

Lighten up a little, I don't need a lecture.



Jeroen1 commented on Hanabi Festival 5 to Happen Soon?:

I already played Rondo of Blood on my PSP (Dracula X Chronicles). Not as engaging as Castlevania IV, but the branching paths and multiple characters make for an interesting game.



Jeroen1 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February 2010 (Europe):

I'll second that, RedBluespot. It's annoying enough that they don't streamline the US/EU release schedules, because that way you'll always get people nitpicking about titles that haven't shown up in their respective region yet.

But it's downright insufferable that there has to be months between similar releases. See Smash Bros in the US and Castlevania Rebirth in Europe, the latter still being absent on the service here.



Jeroen1 commented on Dimps Revealed As Sonic 4 Developer:

"Sega's highly-esteemed internal development studio Sonic Team"

That made me crack up. They're rubbish. Dimps at least seem to have a grasp on what made a specific property endearing in the first place.



Jeroen1 commented on Miyamoto Hints Towards Next Console:

Dammit Westerhive, why do you have to remind me of the long-lost DKC series again? I'd even buy a port of the mediocre DK64 on the DS, to show my support.



Jeroen1 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February 2010 (Europe):

Surely I can't be the only one who keeps thinking "where the hell is Castlevania Rebirth"? It's been 6 weeks now since it was released in the US. We're not talking about an obscure DSi Ware game that hasn't yet been released elsewhere.



Jeroen1 commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - February 2010:

Mega Man IV has an interesting intro sequence and some decent Robot Masters (Drill Man, Pharaoh Man), even though the majority was starting to get a little lame. But the music is pretty horrible in this game, save for some moments in Dr Cossack's castle. I don't know why it puts me off but there's something grating about these songs. Definitely one of the weaker games in the series.



Jeroen1 commented on Mega Man 10 Robot Masters Unveiled:

I thought Mega Man 9 was the best in the series so far, even eclipsing 2 & 3, so I'm looking forward to this one to see if they can hold the momentum.



Jeroen1 commented on ShadowPlay:

That pie looks suspiciously like Pac-Man. But let's just call it a pie, to avoid some copyright infringements ; )



Jeroen1 commented on Metroid is the Citizen Kane of Games:

A female heroine who has to fight against insurmountable odds, parasitic creatures, escape sequences near the end, desolate surroundings, eery alien environments; that sounds pretty much like Metroid to me. It doesn't precisely fit the Alien mold of course, but the similarities are very striking. I'm glad Weaver's character isn't called "Ridley" though.



Jeroen1 commented on Viewtiful Joe Could Return:

I liked Double Trouble. It incorporates some unique gameplay elements and the graphics still look very impressive for a DS title. You could argue they put more emphasis on puzzles this time (and very straightforward ones to boot), but it was a solid game overall.



Jeroen1 commented on Nintendo Download: 1-2 December 2009 (Japan):

I have Kof 94 and aside from new backgrounds and 3 additional fighters, nothing seems to have changed in '95. Perhaps some slight tweaks in the gameplay mechanic, but that's not enough for me to spend another 900 points.



Jeroen1 commented on Nintendo Blocking Third Party Releases On Virt...:

Street Racer hasn't aged well, but the same could be said of Super Mario Kart. But, whether you like it or not, the latter is still a classic which had a huge influence on other kart racers, even though I think Street Racer outclassed SMK in some departments.



Jeroen1 commented on Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble:

A bit on the easy side, especially compared to it's console brethren, but the puzzles make use of the touchscreen in an unique way. Looks and sounds great too, for a DS game. But be warned; the action has been reduced dramatically, as the emphasis lies more on puzzles this time.



Jeroen1 commented on Fight in the Street on Virtual Console Later T...:

Mach-X: Just buy Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles on PSP. You can find it relatively cheap these days and not only does it contain two versions of Rondo (including the Turbo CD original), it also has a port of Symphony of the Night.

But then again, if you don't own a PSP then you're pretty much screwed when it comes to this game.



Jeroen1 commented on System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right an...:

This is a potential disaster for non-modified Wii owners. Sure, they'll replace your Wii for free, but that doesn't mean you will be able to transfer your save data for games like Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart. I can't be arsed to play those games for the third time, after the death of my first generation Wii unit a year ago.

Not to mention Wii Sports and Wii Play data, as it isn't tied to your mii character (like it was in Resort). Nintendo messed up real good this time.



Jeroen1 commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

#2: It's pretty common policy on other game related websites (or forums in general) that people who go "first!" and all immediately receive a ban. I hope Nintendo Life will take care of this (mildly) annoying issue soon.



Jeroen1 commented on New Add-On Content Released For FFIV: The Afte...:

Wow, I've never heard that story before. Did you know they buried tons of ET copies in the Mexican desert? Or that Nintendo and Sony were supposed to collaborate on a disc-based system?

Yeah, I'm a cynical bastard.



Jeroen1 commented on New Add-On Content Released For FFIV: The Afte...:

Picked it up and Christ, I really should've leveled up my characters in their respective tales first. Problem is, I couldn't be bothered to tackle the optional Challenge Dungeons at the end of the chapters, so I'm currently getting my ass kicked all over the world. It's like Street Fighter Alpha 3 basically.

I'll get my money's worth though, due to the amount of level grinding ahead of me.



Jeroen1 commented on Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, Get the Original Me...:

So let's see, you first have to buy the Trilogy package. Then beat 5000 people to the punch to register your code. Nintendo will reward you with a free game, provided you registered one of the original games of the trilogy such as Metroid Prime. A game in which the original Metroid was a freebie. How generous of Nintendo!



Jeroen1 commented on Nintendo Download: Icarian, Let's Catch and Br...:

Relevant Latty: I just gave in and bought the original cartridges through ebay. I could either spend 15 euros for each game or wait an unknown amount of time to purchase them for 800 points. Seems like a no-brainer to me. At least Icarian looks good.