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Mon 25th May 2009

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valleyoftheunos commented on Red Steel 2 To Be Bundled With Wii MotionPlus:

There is a long gameplay vid over on IGN and it looks like it could be excellent, very positive comments from the hands on too. betwen this and no more heroes 2 we may spoiled for stylistic sword fighters on Wii, no bad thing in my book.



valleyoftheunos commented on Gladiator A.D. Trailer Is Ready To Shower You ...:

The voice over wasn't bad but the fighting, ie the game looks awful, either they have shown this way too early or it is simply terrible. Seriously it just looks like a dull, ugly piece of crap.

No doubt IGN will turn backflips for it like the tools they are when it comes to developers they like (by which I mean get exclusives from.).



valleyoftheunos commented on The Grinder Is High Voltage's Second New IP:

Thats three new IPs from these guys, biiiiiiiiiiiig risks involved with that. My own feeling is that Conduit will do moderately well and that both AD and this will totally tank in terms of sales no matter how well executed they are.

Its sad to say but more and more people buy IPs not games and AD and the Grinder do not strike me as interesting IPs.



valleyoftheunos commented on High Voltage Unveils Gladiator A.D.:

I give this a big meh... Clearly thats an early shot and the visuals will be amped up and polished but the whole premise does not enthral me and the promise of gore and "mature content" does not entice me. What ever the big stories they claim to have its all just going to be cut scenes between repeated bouts of 3D one on one fights, pass.

Animales de la Muertes on the other hand, that looks like fun.