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RowdyRodimus commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

I still have three days left and I believe in you, Nintendo. Make one happen.

(Seriously, I'm not trolling, it's just that this year has been underwhelming for me because other than "officially" announcing the 3DS (which I knew about last year) it's been nothing but the same old song and dance.)



RowdyRodimus commented on Brian Provinciano Addresses Retro City Rampage...:

It makes sense that it will be fall of 2011 for Wii, think about how long it took Nintendo to OK Cave Story and Pearl Harbor. If there is a chance at all that there is a WiiWare game that might outsell their monthly Pokemon Screensaver DX or whatever half ed "game" Nintendo has coming out for WiiWare, they are going to delay it as long as possible to avoid competition.



RowdyRodimus commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

(Hehehe, I'm baaaaaack!)
What good will putting even more consoles in people's homes if you aren't delivering the software they want to buy? The only EA game I've bought since I've had a Wii (going back to the original launch) was Boom Blox. A very fun game, just not worth $50, especially when I can take that same $50 and buy Metal Slug Anthology, Namco Museum Remix and a couple of NES VC games to get my arcade rocks off.

Nintendo does need to help out 3rd parties, but advertising for them or helping them with the actual workload of distributing the product (retail or raw data) isn't the answer. They need to actually be more hands off to be honest. Let the devs take chances, let the developers go wild-if they want to do a game about homosexual incest that doesn't explicitly show it and is rated M- let them put it on the system if they think it would sell. Nintendo needs to really separate their development side with the hardware side so they can honestly say "Games that are put on the Wii are not necessarily indicative of the values and opinions of Nintendo". By having the hardware and software houses combined it gives the appearance that anything by any publisher is a Nintendo game by the (and I hate this term) casuals or others who don't know the difference.

Also, let the publishers set the prices. Nintendo can still get their money and if EA is happy making $1.00 per unit, then fine. Seeing say Madden 2012 on Wii for 19.99 at release might make more casual football fans choose the Wii version than the PS3 or 360 version for 59.99. But when you can get the version with 10X the features for $10 more, most people even the casual fan will go with the one for the extra $10.



RowdyRodimus commented on And Yet It Moves Competition Winners:

I don't think I even entered. It just doesn't seem like a game I'd even remotely be interested in even for free. Congrats to the winners, though and I hope you enjoy the game!

(It still can't beat the game I won during the Rage of the Gladiators contest the developers held lol)



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Wii):

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and get this on the 360. I'd much rather my money stay with an American company than line the coffers of NOJ and Iwata since they obviously don't care about bringing over games we have been begging for years to get (not to mention all the other perks they give the customers in Japan).



RowdyRodimus commented on Mario Collection Special Pack Coming to Japan:

If this doesn't come out in all regions I am seriously done with Nintendo. For years we've had to put up with them not giving a damn about the rest of the world outside of Japan even though their sales are higher in NA (alone) and the rest of the world (combined).

We are treated like second hand citizens by NOJ while we make them richer and richer. Maybe if more people got fed up with their crap and started doing something about it (ie, stopping the support for them for every crumb they give us) they might change their tune and realize what side of their bread is buttered.

tldr; Nintendo of Japan are ethnicentrists who care nothing about the rest of the world but still expect our complete love and support (and cash).



RowdyRodimus commented on New Sonic Wisp Power-Ups Help Sonic Hover and ...:

Why don't they just kill this character already? You can count the good games he's had on one hand and have a few fingers left over. Sega's death started when they began focusing all their energy trying to recreate the magic of 1991, which they've been trying to since 1999.

Sonics time as a main eventer is long over and needs to just show up at autograph signings selling 8X10's for $20 a pop. (In other words, have him appear in games like SSB and keep him on bad kids cartoons and comics, but quit the Sonic game series.)



RowdyRodimus commented on Features: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life:

Dear Nintendo Life,
I is riting 2 say i wont a gitar hero Game with the sngs of teh Travelling Will Berries. Dis be best game eva you sing songs or play gitar buy presing butons on teh gitar. WILL diablo 3 be on WII? I think it shouold, it will sold lot of copies but make shore it work dis time I try my starcraft 2 and it won work on the wiI, just make shore it work this time so I can by it and make gOd of War for the gameboy dS.



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Space Trek (WiiWare):

This has to be a joke review. I just can't believe that an iphone game with no additions to make it suitable for play on a home console can turn out this way. I mean, we have a plethora of examples showing how good they can be such as the aformentioned Warmen, the Dracula game and the Robin Hood Game. Not to mention it's on the Wii so it should get an automatic 7 just for that fact alone.

I can only assume that this reviewer is on the payroll of Sony and Microsoft to entice potential customers to buy their downloadable games instead of Nintendo's.

(I wonder if anyone will see the slight parody of fanboyism taken to the extreme?)



RowdyRodimus commented on Nintendo Download: 16th August 2010 (North Ame...:

The last game I got from one of these updates was Pearl Harbor, it then took me three hours to decide on what to spend the rest of my points on. Sure I could've saved them, but it's not like they still wouldn't be there making it money wasted.

I can't wait to see IGN review Space Trek. Since it's an i(whatever) game that means that the original would be an 8+ in their book but the Wii version will be a 4. (Am I the only person who notices the disparity between i-apps scores and every other systems games on IGN?)



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

This is the kind of game I like, fun as hell to play and readily available for anyone to get for next to nothing. I swear there are about 200 copies of this in my city alone for less than a fiver- it's one of the games I usually point someone to when they are looking for a cheap game for the Wii.



RowdyRodimus commented on MundoRare Shuts Down After Losing Faith in Rar...:

It seems to me that MundoRare (whoever the heck they are) are being babies. They pretty much said, "They won't let us do what we want so we don't like them anymore." On top of that, they subtly segue into the "Hardcore vs. Casual" debate by saying that since Kinect Sports is a "casual" game then they can't support them.

It's one freaking game! It's like someone who loves Square finding out they made Rad Racer on the NES and disowning the company.

But anyway, it doesn't bother me, the only Rare game I've ever liked was...well, I really haven't cared for any of them. I mean I had Goldeneye and Perfect Dark but those were only because I had a N64 and my brother wanted to play them. Ok, I got one, Conker's Bad Fur Day. I loved that game, too bad the emulation sucks for it on the 360 or I'd pick it up in a heartbeat. Until then, Rare doesn't matter to me a bit, just like Retro or whoever it was that made those God awful Metroid Prime games. (I promise I'm not trolling, I just seriously hated those games)



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:

@HMS Just went and checked the ad, and it is all week long. So really, that is the best place to pick it up if you plan to get it this week. The only downside is that it takes six hours for the Gift Card to be activated. Luckily I know a guy that works at ours and he put back the Transformers set that's on clearance in the office for me until tomorrow.



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:

I went against my Seth Green hatred and picked it up just now. It helped that TRU has a special this week that gives you a $15 gift card if you buy it from them, so even if I don't like it I can sell it for 20 bucks and get my money back.



RowdyRodimus commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

I admit, I had some pirated games for my Dreamcast. However, they were NES and SNES games that were out of print and this was many moons before the VC (or even the Wii) was announced. So I could rationalize that by getting them in any way, shape or form would not benefit the creators of the games.

I added that bit to give my opinion and stance on pirating, but this is the big thing I'm trying to say-
You can find hundreds if not thousands of torrent sites to download pirated games in just a few seconds using any search engine. Why is it so tough for the owners of these IPs to do a few minutes worth of work, then sic the lawyers after the owners of these sites? All they have to do is be proactive in an attack against the owners of the sites (since they can all be traced back to a few people) to put the fear of God into the people that are doing it and not make the average customer feel like they are the problems with all of the different anti-piracy measures they throw in that have been proven to not do a bit of good.

As for the number I threw in my original post, I just made it up. Just like the numbers are made up that show how much money the compoanies lose to piracy. A download =/= lost sale. I'm willing to bet most games that are downloaded illegally were never going to be purchased by the person at all. Also, what about the people that buy a game, find it full of bugs and gamebreaking DRM then download a hacked version so they can actually play the game they have already bought?

Again, we are getting the story through the filters of the companies that feel they are the victims and of course they are going to make it sound like they are angels upon high who do no wrong.

Do you like the fact that if your Wii goes out you have to ship a new one to Nintendo to allow you to put your VC and WiiWare purchases onto the new one? Welcome to the new world of video games where you no longer own the game you paid money for, just a useless license to play it on one system (and you better feel damn lucky they let you do that).

It all just adds uop to the fact that the companies love piracy. It gives them an advantage with the consumers, it gives them an out for why their game didn't sell and it gives them a way to make you rebuy licenses without any physical media havuing to be manufactured. In other words, for every dollar they claim to lose, they gain another way by taking their new ways against piracy.

Besides, if they really cared about Piracy, they would have done something about China a long time ago. Wait, they can't do that because China owns the rest of the world since their economy is doing great. You know why? Because most of their economy is based around piracy (not just just video games, but pretty much everything anything manufactured in the rest of the world) and no one does anything about it because, as I said, it's too good of a scapegoat to get rid of.



RowdyRodimus commented on Yuji Naka Not Interested in Making Sonic Games:

What a coincidence, I'm not interested in playing Sonic games!

And before anyone says anything, I've hated Sonic with a passion since it first came out and I was a Sega fanboy. Every game was the same and just should've been Sonic 1, Sonic 1b, Sonic 1c and Sonic 1.5. God I wish I could havbe a mind wipe of the 90's. Sonic represents everything horrible and disgusting about that decade. He's X-treme, dude!



RowdyRodimus commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

87.4% of the people who pirate games do go out and buy said game. (See, I can make up numbers just like the publishers)

My take on the whole thing is that the publishers have brainwashed the customers into believing anything they say about "pirating" so they don't look into it themselves. It's not the developers that lose money IF a person pirates a game and doesn't buy it after trying it, they've been paid for their work, it's the publishers. You know people that hate gamers like Bobby Kotick (look into his idea for pay to play COD) and Activision.

No the people that get hurt by it are the paying customers by having region locks, security keys, DRM, etc. If the companies really wanted to stop it they could. All they have to do is use laws already in place to track the pirates and prosecute them, but no that takes time and money so instead of that, they throw retarted anti-pirating measures into the hardware and software that gets broken in no time. That way if they have a crap game that doesn't sell, they can just say "Aaaaargh, Piates!" instead of "What do you mean they don't want Unicorn Birthday Surprise 5?"

There is a problem, there are ways to fix it, but they don't want to fix it since it's such an easy scapegoat for the shareholders and another way they can hold the customers hostage and make them play by their rules.



RowdyRodimus commented on Aussie Child Uses DS to Save Mother's Bacon:

So he's a "hero" for getting his moms phone? Ok, I get the fact that he used the DS as a light (which, lets be honest, is something even a one year old can figure out- "can't see now but can see when this is on, got it") but once again all he did was find a cell phone in a car. It wasn't like he used the DS in some kind of McGyver way.

I guess it's good to know that from now on when you hand someone their phone, you too are a hero!



RowdyRodimus commented on Feature: Hyperkin Retron3 Console Review:

@Tasuki I own the Retro Duo and it works fine, mine even plays Castlevania 3 and Starfox (which I've heard don't always work in them) and have never had a problem with them messing up carts (or heard of it for that matter) I guess it could if you tried to switch carts with it on, but the top loading systems always ran that risk. Plus I've never had any sound issues, either.

If you want one of the clones, I'd say go with the Retro Duo since a Genesis can be had for about $10 anyway. Also, the VC doesn't make these redundant for the simple reason that you can own cartridges and play them on one off these, whereas with the VC (other than paying more than MOST, not all, of the games will cost getting them at a used store or ebay) you only "own" the data as long as you own your Wii.



RowdyRodimus commented on Feature: Hyperkin Retron3 Console Review:

@my_point_is It looks like the middle switch (the round one) is the toggle switch, so I'm pretty sure it can have all three in at once and recognize the one the switch is set at.

I love these clone systems, it gives people the opprotunity to enjoy games that might not be on the VC or if they'd rather just own the carts to begin with.



RowdyRodimus commented on NA Wii Shop Channel Updated:

Dollars to donuts says Nintendo doesn't release download numbers so they can screw with the developers payments. Not by not paying them but maybe saying not counting some one period so they can have more revenue for a quarter but make it up the next by adding those in. I don't know, it just feels like the kind of thing Nintendo would do to 3rd party publishers and developers.



RowdyRodimus commented on Classic Controller Pro Now On Sale in North Am...:

This contoller is a Godsend for me, or others who have a problem of some type in their hands. With me it was that my right hand was affected by my stroke that keeps it numb and my fingers curled up a bit (like holding a ball up in a way) and the original was too small and the R button was hard to feel at all making it useless. The grips make it more comfortable to hold and the new L and R buttons are a lot easier to get to.

I love that they put the cord on the top (or at least to wire in not downside! Sorry, had to do it ) but if there is one drawback it's that they still barely give you any cord, so the Wiimote has to balance on my leg (I sit in a recliner to play and it won't even reach the table next to me), but that's a small price to pay for the greatness that is the Classic Controller Pro.



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Virtual Console /...:

@VirtualConsoleGuy but was it just a dream or did Wart pull Mario into the dream world? I mean, c'mon this is the same series that lets castles be taken into outer space by mean of a flying boat. Anything is possible, in fact, I have a theory that the entire Nintendo universe is centered in the 1960's during a hippie love in by a guy tripping on acid. But that's a completely different story there.



RowdyRodimus commented on And Yet It Moves:

I'll think about picking this up (well, downloading it to be technical) depending on how the controls are and if that song is repeated during the game. If it is, I'm not getting it, that was annoying. I know it's indie type music, but that doesn't mean it has to be bad music.



RowdyRodimus commented on April 15th - Australian DSi XL Retails for AU$...:

One of the reasons it's so expensive in Aus is the VAT or Value Added Tax, basically it charges taxes on every step of the production (from raw materials til final boxing) which is set at around 17% and then they add an extra 10% tax because it isn't made in Australia.

What it does is make the final price almost twice as much and looks like the companies are doing it when in fact it's the government. America is fixing to start using this to pay for the Health Care loaw that was recently passed.

People say that politics doesn't affect them, well, here's why everyone needs to be involved.



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Game & Watch Vermin (DSiWare):

Since I don't have a DSi (yet, next month I think) I'm just glad my local Game Xchange has all the Game and Watch GBA games for 4.95 each. I don't think #4 has left my DS since I got it.



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calib...:

Nope, no way, ain't happening. There is no way this is a 10/10 game. From what is said in the review, then it should be a 9/10 which states: "A game that scores a nine should be considered a must buy for fans of the genre."
Based on a 10, from the wording everyone should have the game because it is a genre defining title. If Metroid isn't a 10, since it defined the Metroid style of gameplay that is still used today, then there isn't anyway this game should be a 10 since other games have done the same things and in some cases better.

Sorry, I don't complain about review scores here, but this one just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. It's a good review, but I really don't think the score is justified by it.

I mean no disrespect to the fans of the game or Marcel who provided a great review but a 10 is almost sacred.To give it to this when other genre defining games haven't gotten it just makes it feel undeserved and given with more of a fans view than a critical one.



RowdyRodimus commented on It's Tough at the Top for Nintendo:

@Machu Don't worry, I got what you were saying. Here's what he means in employee speak (something I mastered as a manager of two resteraunts)
"If you don't like the job, quit, clock out and go home. There's a stack of applications in the office of people that would love to have your job or any job for that matter."

@That As a stockholder in quite a few companies I have no problem with them investing in staff IF it is needed and helps to create more profits. Take WWE for instance, I was happy when they let some of the talent go because they weren't making money for the company and hurting my dividends, they then used that money and increased the DVD staff to the point that it was higher than the talent they released cost. That also didn't bother me because the DVD division is the most profitable division they have (save for March and April during WrestleMania hype). So by spending more money on staff, the quantity of DVD's released went up (as did the quality) so the profits went up.
That doesn't even take into account the amount of jobs that were created by the companies that produce the raw materials, shipping companiee and distribution channels, nor the taxes that were taken in by the government because of those extra jobs.

(Sorry, got carried away there )



RowdyRodimus commented on Nintendo's 3DS Announcement Wasn't Supposed to...:

The big question is if the XL underpreforms in other terretories because of the release of the info for the 3DS, how will Nintendo of Japan react? Since they are so big on "honor" there will they force the heads of the underpreforming terretories to resign even though it's NOJ's fault? I mean, NOJ could release a statement that Nintendo kills six babies for every system sold and people in NA quit buying them, they wouldn't see it as their fault.



RowdyRodimus commented on Advance Wars Reaches New Levels of Boardom:

I love the print and play section over there (which this is part of). For those unfamiliar with it, basically all you need usually is a printer, paper, some way to cut stuff and dice (sometimes some counters and those glass beads they sell for 1.00 at craft stores work great).

The best part about them? They are free. There are some really good game designers over there that put out some really good games. I remember the makers of this one talking about it last year and I'm glad they finally got it out.



RowdyRodimus commented on DS Successor To Offer 3D Gaming:

No, it's probably real. Think about it, they released the DSi last year, releasing the DSiXL in a few days and then one year later making it obsolete with the 3DS.

But if there are people like me that were going to get an XL now deciding against the $200+ purchase since the "Hot! New!" system is coming in a year, then Nintendo might be shooting themselves in the foot. I know people will always get the hot new tech, but in this worldwide economic downturn there's a limit to asking people for $200 every year.
(end rant)



RowdyRodimus commented on Review: Sonic Classic Collection (DS):

@SoulsSilverIV Why do they care if people take advantage of cheats? They bought the game, if they want to make it easier on themselves why not let them? (I'm not saying you're wrong, I just don't get these companies sometime. They seem to forget once you buy the item it's yours and other than making copies you can pretty much do what you want with them.)



RowdyRodimus commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

@Mods Jeez, I wish I hadn't got that snowball going about the extra 2 bucks. I apologize for that (but at least I found a way to justify the extra money for me anyway lol)

@Sean Aaron I was right there paying 40+ bucks for Pac-Man and Galaxian, etc.. on the VCS with you lol



RowdyRodimus commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

It's amazing what 2 dollars can do to percieved value on something, especially something that isn't tangable. I was set to get this, even kind of hyped up to get it if it was 1,000 points, but for some reason the extra 200 makes me not care if it I get it or not. I know it's stupid, but for some reason I refuse to pay more than 10 bucks for a download.

I wonder how many sales Nintendos pricing is going to cost them on this? I know it now has what was to be DLC in it and that is included in the price, but what if we didn't want the DLC and just wanted the base game?

Oh well, at least I can play it for free on the computer. Nifty new graphics aren't worth $12 bucks IMO.

Edit for stupidity: Ok, seeing that it has CC support, I will pay the extra 2 bucks and download it. That to me is worth it unlike something that would've been an additional downloadable option that we are forced to pay for whether we wanted it or not. (I know the CC support isn't the reason for the extra cost but I have to have some reason to justify it for myself lol)



RowdyRodimus commented on Reggie: Innovation Is Still Nintendo's Priority:

Nintendoftw, so how is the Wii a failure? 70+million consoles sold with a net of 6+ dollars per unit, not to mention the millions of extra controllers, Wii Speak, steering wheels and points cards sold oh and the many multi million seller games they have for it. Man if that is a failure in your mind I can't fathom what a success would be.
Would it be a success if it was played more by the Brocore fans who live and die by Madden or the latest Call of Duty game? Or would it take IGN or Seanbaby saying it is?
Your argument of they didn't listen to us holds no water and do you know why? Who is to define who "us" is? I used that same argument about Kid Icarus, the difference is, I stated that Nintendo didn't listen to us before, and I identified "us" as people who have wanted a new version for 20+ years. Blanket statements do not win debates.
Everyone who has read your diatribe is now a bit dumber for having read it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.