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Mon 7th Dec 2009

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RichieTheSignPainter commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

the problem with the price tag is that Nintendo charge £7 for 1000 as a minimum so if it's more than 1000 you have to pay £14. I know you get change but what if I was only planning to get this game?
The game from what I've played of the free one is worth the money it's Nintendo that need to change how they distribute points. Microsoft are even worse but at least they have demos for every single XBLA/XBLIndie game.



RichieTheSignPainter commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

Why does it still show Team Ninja as the developer? It's being developed by Project M... Nintendo are still doing the planning and design... Team NInja are working on graphics as far as I've read.
Either way I can't wait for release!
I'm just hoping to find out what Retro will be working on next!



RichieTheSignPainter commented on MadWorld Director Interested In Stab At Sequel:

Love this game but I would love to see a constant forward progression rather than set levels... Just open the game up a lot more and loose the game show stuff. I'm not too keen on it. Maybe put those as side stages like score attacks in old tonyhawk games.



RichieTheSignPainter commented on Sega: Nintendo Should Support Mature Gamers:

Nintendo Japan have just agreed to publish their first ever mature rated game so SEGA might get what they want.
I completely agree with @Mange though... Madworld was a great game but there were no ads!! Bayonetta has tonnes of ads but it for Xbox and PS... Just shows that it's SEGA not Nintendo that's failing to support the games.



RichieTheSignPainter commented on Capcom Growing Less Keen on Wii?:

If they make lightgun shooters that people don't want to buy then people wont buy them. They haven't really been popular for a long long time.
I think it just shows a great deal of lazyness from Capcom.
RE:4 Wii had great reviews and sales but they've done nothing like it since. Okami made them money for zero effort Ready at Dawn did the port and Clover developed the original.
Really can't imagine Zack and Wiki cost too much to develop.
Capcom are a joke! What've they done recently apart from SF4?



RichieTheSignPainter commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

It just comes down to the number of bad titles released for the systems.
I quite like that you have to hunt out the great games for the Nintendos.
I'm an ex Xbox 360 owner and I think the Wii just has soo much more to offer but I can see how some games don't review well.



RichieTheSignPainter commented on Twilight Princess "Starting Point" for New Wii...:

Twilight is my favourite Zelda game. I played it on Gamecube on release and i'm playing it on Wii now. You can tell it was developed for the GC then converted/ported but it's still great.
Looking forward to see what they do with it for the 1st Zelda developed for the Wii.
I'd like to see some more verticality. Some Assasins Creed style free running/climbing could fit quite well into a Zelda game. Open it up a bit.



RichieTheSignPainter commented on Viewtiful Joe Could Return:

Really hope he manages to sort a deal with Capcom. I'm sure a Platinum developed Capcom published game would do wery well. I'd buy it and any further sequals. Viewtiful Joe is one of my favourite games of all time.