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Fri 10th Jul 2009

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Brainhost commented on Cave Story Hits DSiWare November 29th:

Ah well, if it's imminent (which both shantae and cave story have been for about 3 months now) I won't worry about it.

But awesome to see Cave Story brought to the DS anyway. As much love as possible for this great game. Europe wants to participate in this lovegiving though. So badly.



Brainhost commented on Nintendo Considered Monthly Fee for 3DS Always...:

Well of course they were considered. For what they want to do, it's not surprising that monthly fees passed the drawing board while designing the system's connectivity.

But yeah, I'm glad they went with SpotPass, just cause I'm a cheap barsteward.



Brainhost commented on Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Action Ba...:

Hmm, very good. I've already pre-ordered this. I'm hoping, though, that you can turn off the superfluous starting animation where they introduce the monsters. I'll be seeing what's on screen anyway. Kind of redundant.



Brainhost commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:

This will be a day-one buy for me, meaning a 23rd of July day one. All the reviews weren't necessary to convince me of that. I like the writing here, by the way.

Strategy guide of this one is something I want to look into as well; I'm curious if it has any depth. This game deserves to be delved into deeply.



Brainhost commented on Iwata: Blame Poor Games Not Poor Economy for S...:

He's right. The economy crapping out has jack-all to do with videogame sales. The affected areas only start at large pay-sums that could require loans such as cars and houses.

People are just trying to find excuses is all.



Brainhost commented on Tales of Bearsworth Manor Additional Content:

61 bucks for the full thing.

I wonder how this is not a retail game, yet I can see the logic in wanting to let people choose what they want to include in their game, and simply not pay for the things they don't care about, but that's a pretty big leap away of what I'm guessing is going on here.



Brainhost commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

Light Trax! Awesome.

But what the hell, seriously; I want my Cave Story. They haven't even announced a date yet! I'm getting kinda tired of it :/. I want to put my money on the table for them, but this is just stupid.



Brainhost commented on Nintendo Download: 19th March 2010 (Europe):

Also, can't wait for the review of Flashlight. I already got the scoop that IGN is writing a 4 pager on that, and it's probably gonna be a 9/10. Man, I'm just sucking up the details for this thing.



Brainhost commented on Flashlight:

Oh. My. God.
I will totally buy a DSi for this . It was about time that we got our core DSiWare title. Sheesh!



Brainhost commented on BIT.TRIP RUNNER Gameplay Trailer:

Anamanaguchi's Blackout City at the end is a nice touch. I really dig the fact that they're the guest artist this time around. They're the first one I really care for.



Brainhost commented on First Impressions: Bit.Trip RUNNER:

Mustbuy. I've loved the Bit.Trip games every single time, and this one might shape up to be one of the coolest yet. I hope they go with 600 points again; it's such a nice price point.



Brainhost commented on Mega Man 10:

Have we been desensitized by and for bad boxart? Because as people are saying, this one doesn't seem all that bad. It's actually kind of... sweet.



Brainhost commented on Bit.Trip Void:

Oh shi-, appearently this comes out come Friday!

... 400 points short :/ I'll get this once I redeem points for Cave Story I guess.



Brainhost commented on Mega Man 10:

My point-card has been redeemed, Sonic & Knuckles has been bought, and now I'm just waiting for it to be Friday. Man-o-man, I'm looking forward to it.



Brainhost commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

@43. Nah, I'm not a big fan. I like the Metroid series is all. I'd like it if they go down the route of a voiced protagonist, but I was really just quite under impressed with the voice sample on the teaser website. That's all I'm saying.



Brainhost commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

That voicework is... not too good :/

I recall some (textual) dialog by Samus herself in Metroid: Fusion, but to get voicework, that's something else!



Brainhost commented on Review: Sonic & Knuckles (Virtual Console / Se...:

@Raylax Aaw, that makes me kinda sad, because those midi tracks were my heart and soul in my youth. I was really with my jaw on the floor (in a bad way) when I came to Carnaval Nights in the MegaDrive / VC version. The music was, in comparison and my humble opinion, soooo bad. And so was Launch Base; just a short, boring loop with some weird 'hey' voice-sample. Yeah Micheal... Ice Cap still had a certain charm though.