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  • Feature The Benefits of a Portable Super Smash Bros.

    Why being able to take the fight with you is a good thing

    This year sees a number of landmark moments for the Super Smash Bros. series: it’s now 15 years old, two games are being released within mere months of each other and one of them will feature glorious high-definition graphics. However, even more significant than all of these notable...

  • News Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Figurines

    $12.99 each in North America

    Following today's somewhat extraordinary Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct, in which new hardware was revealed. Nintendo of American and Nintendo Europe have released separate information, with the focus on previously confirmed products; in the case of North America we finally have more concrete details on amiibo. The...

  • Talking Point Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Plans - Pros and Cons

    An exciting platform with lots of unanswered questions

    Earlier this year, as part of a major presentation following Nintendo's annual financial results, Satoru Iwata unveiled the Nintendo Figurine Platform, which was then announced with some style as amiibo during E3 2014. The initial E3 reveal focused on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, though a follow...


  • Gallery A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys

    Prepare your wallets

    Nintendo's lining up multiple blockbuster releases for the Holiday season, but the most important will likely be its range of NFC toys — amiibo. Marketing these figures, successfully implementing them in games and securing plenty of shelf space with the biggest retailers represent three major challenges for Nintendo, though...

  • News 72 Million Kids Are Dying To Get Their Grubby Hands On Smart Toys Like Amiibo

    New research bodes well for Nintendo's new "Toys to Life" range

    Nintendo may find that the commercial success of its upcoming Amiibo NFC toy range could exceed even the most outlandish of expectations, if new research conducted by Entertainment, media and technology market research firm Interpret is correct. The company recently commissioned a...


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