Cloud and strife

Although amiibo sales are down, the range of NFC-enabled toys is still an important revenue stream for Nintendo. However, we're now hearing reports that fans might have to endure a wait for the remaining two Smash Bros. amiibo - Bayonetta and Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife - until next year.

The rumour comes from LetsPlayVideoGames, a site which appears to have pretty reliable sources when it comes to things related to Switch. According to the report, "a pair" of sources have revealed that Bayonetta and Cloud will be held back until the arrival of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch, a port of the existing Wii U title.

It is understood that this game will not form part of the console's launch lineup, but should arrive within the first six months of the Switch's lifespan. LetsPlayVideoGames has also been told that the port will contain all of the DLC released so far.

What do you make of this report? Do you think we'll see a Smash port on Switch, as well as other titles which have been mooted in the past few months?