Boo amiibo.png

Mario Party: Star Rush isn't too far away, and based on our time with it so far it could be a nice bit of 3DS fun. In a bit of a turn up for the books is that it's arriving in Europe nearly a month sooner than in North America, landing in the region on 7th October.

The Official Nintendo UK store has emailed customers to pitch its pre-order offerings not just for the game, but also the new Super Mario-themed amiibo that'll arrive alongside it. These memorably include a glow in the dark Boo, though not all of the new figures are available for pre-order from the official store yet - Waluigi is missing.

In any case, while not competing in price the UK's official store is offering some add-ons and bundles, though you'll be able to find cheaper deals elsewhere if the extras don't appeal to you. The various options are below.

Are you tempted by any of the new amiibo or Star Rush?

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