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  • Weirdness Fan Creates Custom amiibo of Sonic Characters

    They're comin' at the speed of sound...

    It really doesn't seem like the custom amiibo hype train will put on the brakes anytime soon, with new figures and high demand still prominent. Fans have also gone from giving the existing Nintendo NFC figures a total paint job, to creating their own using toys of both actual Smash Bros. characters and others...

  • Weirdness An amiibo Fan is Living the Dream With This Goku Figure

    Dragon Ball is the talk of the town

    Dragon Ball is a hot topic right now, with the recent release of Dragon Ball XenoVerse being much-discussed over on our sister-site Push Square, with high interest and sales being accompanied by some inevitable issues with online servers. When you take a hugely popular franchise and mash-up a range of its...

  • News More Marth amiibo Stock Heading to North America in Late April

    Count the days

    Nintendo's well aware of the stock issues with some amiibo figures, even if it's not actually able to resolve some of the problems affected the toys' availability in stores. We expect amiibo in card-form later this year, and some key figures will get additional runs of stock to meet demand, though we suspect it'll be difficult for the...

  • Weirdness eBay Trolls amiibo Fans With Gold Mario Tweet

    Unbelievably stupid and from the official account

    It's old news, at the moment, that whenever Nintendo announces a limited edition product the following will happen - online pre-orders will sell out in minutes, and scalpers will sell the goods (often pre-orders, not the actual product) on eBay. It's an unescapable reality at present, though we did...





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