Splatoon has been a major hit for Nintendo since it launched in May 2015, not just in sales numbers but also in terms of the IP's impact on popular culture. In Japan, particularly, Callie and Marie (the sisters who 'host' the game) have emerged as popular characters for their music and quirky characters.

Nintendo's keen to celebrate that popularity and has confirmed a new amiibo range for the game - first up are figures for Squid Sisters Callie and Marie that will be used in-game to unlock and view new song performances.

Callie Marie amiibo.jpg

There are also going to be new colour variations for the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and Squid. All of these figures are coming on 8th July in both North America and Europe.

There are some slight variations - in North America there are firm recommended prices as normal, with Callie and Marie only shown in a double pack.

In Europe, meanwhile, Callie and Marie are also coming separately, while the region is also emphasizing that the new Inkling and Squid colour variations will have 'limited quantities'.

Will you be adding these to your amiibo collection? Let us know! Also, as a bonus below is a recently published video of the Squid Sisters performing at Chokaigi 2016 in Japan.

With thanks to Benson for the heads up.