amiibo in Mario 64

We recently learned that Rare wanted to do amiibo-style toys during the N64 era, which frankly would have been amazing. YouTuber James (aka yoshielectron) has now craftily found a way of retroactively adding amiibo support to Super Mario 64, which might be the next best thing. You may remember him from when he created a 'real-world HUD' for the same game.

Using a program that he wrote along with an NFC reader he was able to detect the amiibo's 7 digit unique ID and send a Gameshark code to Super Mario 64 running on Project 64, prompting events upon detecting an amiibo.

In the video a silver Mario amiibo is tapped and Mario turns into Metal Mario; tapping a Mega Yarn Yoshi gives extra lives.

It's neat to see, and is certainly something we'd like to see in the next generation of Virtual Console games on NX. We can dream right? Check out the video and let us know what you think.