The amiibo range has been one of Nintendo's biggest successes of recent times, shifting tens of millions of units in a little over 18 months on the market.

After initial hype in late 2014 the narrative was often dominated, for a while at least, by stock issues - these problems were prevalent everywhere, but seemed to be at their worst in North America. As that situation eased the range has kept growing, with Yoshi's Woolly World being notable for bringing us the first yarn amiibo, and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer establishing a range of amiibo cards.

Now, Nintendo of America has tweeted that the recent Splatoon arrivals of Callie and Marie have taken the range to 100 in the US, which clearly focuses on figures rather than the many Animal Crossing cards.

It seems like a good time to take stock then, and also to break out the Friday routine of polls here on Nintendo Life. The amiibo range has evolved and grown a lot, and in terms of raw sales the range is maintaining momentum, while more of the figures are in-stock and readily available to buy. Coming in the next year or so there'll be new additions such as these for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and an expansion to the Super Mario range, too.

Yet we want to know what you think of amiibo now it's hit this landmark, and a key question is whether the range is living up to its gaming potential. There are lots of neat figures, with more to come - but are they making our games more enjoyable and interesting?

Below, then, are tweaked versions of polls that we originally ran in June 2015; it'll be interesting to see how opinions have changed. Click some buttons and also hit up the comments with your thoughts on all things amiibo.

How do you rate the use of amiibo, overall, in games so far?
What do you think of the overall amiibo stock situation?
What do you think of the upcoming ranges of amiibo for Legend of Zelda and Mario Party?
Overall, are you still hyped and excited about amiibo?