Slowly and surely, heading towards its third release in Japan, HAL Laboratory's BOXBOY! series continues to gain fans and momentum. Though a Western release is yet to be confirmed, early February will see the release of Goodbye! BOXBOY! in Japan, known locally as Sayonara! BOXBOY!, with a physical retail edition on the way that includes a Qbby amiibo.

An extended showcase for the release gives a good look at more features on the way, such as a Game Boy screen filter and rather neat amiibo support for Kirby characters, fitting in HAL's most famous franchises.

As you can see below, all of these characters are rather charming.

Boxboy amiibo.png

It'll be interesting to see whether an amiibo / retail edition of this one comes to the West, or whether Nintendo will stick to low-price download for the IP; whatever the case, it should be another charming entry in the series.

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