Kelp Dome

Though some data-miners had leaked the information a few months early, it was nonetheless a rather pleasant surprise when Nintendo unveiled that there would be two new Splatoon amiibo joining the previous three, this time based off of the two pop idols, Callie and Marie. Naturally, if you've made the decision to pick these up and you already have the first three, Nintendo understands that you'll need a place to display them with pride.

Thus Nintendo has decided to make a couple more of those neat amiibo dioramas, just for the Splatoon amiibo. The dioramas are based off of Kelp Dome and a stage for the Squid Sisters, with the second one even having a slot for your 3DS or smartphone so it can act as a screen for the "concert". The dioramas launch on 7th July for 1,080 yen (about ten dollars or seven pounds), and while they still remain Japan-exclusive, perhaps an import may be worth it.

Callie and Marie's Stage

What do you think? Did you get any of the first round of dioramas? Will you be getting the Squid Sisters amiibo? Drop us a comment in the section below.