Kirby Series amiibo

It probably won't come as an enormous surprise to you that Kirby Star Allies supports amiibo. It wouldn't really be a Nintendo game without them! But, as is usually the case with amiibo support, it's never really clear what happens when you tap them.

It's also unclear which amiibo you can use. Fear not though, because that's why we're here! We've dug into the depths of Kirby Star Allies to figure it all out for you. Read on for a complete list of compatible amiibo and exactly what they do.

What do amiibo do in Kirby Star Allies?

It's not particularly exciting if we're perfectly honest, but by tapping a compatible amiibo on your Switch you get a couple picture pieces (please note that these aren't the special picture pieces we've covered in a separate guide. You can only get those by grabbing them in each level). You also get a variety of helpful items at random, such as lives, health boosters, and stars.

Which amiibo are compatible with Kirby Star Allies?

If you have a Kirby-themed amiibo, chances are it's compatible! To remove any ambiguity though, here's a nice list with images for all of the compatible amiibo.

amiibo Name Series
Kirby amiibo
Kirby Kirby
Kirby Smash amiibo
Kirby Super Smash. Bros
King Dedede Kirby
King Dedede Super Smash. Bros
Meta Knight Kirby
Meta Knight Super Smash. Bros
Waddle Dee Kirby

What happens if I use a non-compatible amiibo?

You actually do get some rewards for that! It seems to us that every single amiibo is compatible with Kirby Star Allies, though you only get a single picture piece and a few additional items. Still worth it though!

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