Tag: Bluetooth

  • Video Fixing The Bluetooth Headphone Blues on Switch

    Teeny-tiny adapter saves the day

    The lack of any Bluetooth headphone support on the Switch is something that's riled up a fair few people in the past, and rightly so; it's not unreasonable to expect it in a modern device. But as luck would have it, third parties do what Nintendon't, and one of those companies is GuliKit. They've only gone and made...

  • News FCC Listing Points to Potential Bluetooth amiibo NFC Reader

    amiibo support for smart devices, perhaps even NX?

    Filings and formal listings can occasionally be a means to see a product before it's revealed to the world, and we may just have such a case today. Eagle-eyed observers on NeoGAF have unearthed an approved FCC listing for a Bluetooth device that looks very much like the amiibo NFC Reader, but in...