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Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

A must-play anthology

It took eight years, a group of Texans and a whole new perspective for Samus Aran, space bounty hunter extraordinaire, to return to consoles after Super Metroid. Seven years and three acclaimed games later, Metroid Prime Trilogy puts Samus' Phazon encounters in one slick anthology that newcomers shouldn't miss, but does it warrant another go through if you've already conquered its nefarious worlds?

This three-part tale of Samus' battle against Space Pirates, Metroids and the mysterious mutagen Phazon takes place between the original NES Metroid and the Game Boy's Metroid II: Return of Samus. In Metroid Prime, Samus explores the dying Chozo planet of Tallon IV, squaring off against Space Pirates who're meddling with forces way over their heads through genetic experiments with Metroids and Phazon. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has her weaving between the planet Aether and its Phazon-induced alternate dimension, Dark Aether, hoping to restore the planet's equilibrium and defeat Dark Samus. For the series finale, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus has been infected with Phazon, giving her new power that will eventually kill her. In the meantime, Phazon is spreading on several planets across the galaxy, which Samus must stop.

We won't waste your time with reviews of each individual game here. If that's what you want, there are plenty of places to read up on them, including Nintendo Life's very own review of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption where it received a deserved 9/10. We're here to talk about what's new and improved for this compilation.

For Trilogy, the core games have been left intact. No new puzzles to take advantage of motion controls, no grapple attack, nothing like that. So what's new? Additions to the older titles range from an upgraded visual presentation, making them now available in a much appreciated 480p widescreen, to the incorporation of Corruption's multi-colored achievement/unlockable system, which now demands all three games are played to unlock certain bonuses. Most of the extras made the cut, like soundtracks and the Fusion suit from Prime; the NES original doesn't seem to have been included, presumably because of the Virtual Console, but the screenshot function is included for each game. All of this is wrapped inside a tight presentation that feels like a celebration of the series, with Mii integration, classy transitional clips and slick menus. Even the game's physical packaging pulls no punches, giving gamers a hefty metal tin and an art pamphlet. Nintendo hasn't put this much effort into a box since, well, maybe ever.

Of course, the big allure of the compilation for long-time fans is the updated controls. Once considered the Wii gold standard first-person setup, customization may seem meager in comparison to The Conduit's smorgasbord of options. There's still the basic/standard/advanced aiming options to dictate the size of the pointer's dead zone, and you can swap shoot with jump and switch the visor and beam select buttons. What's here is enough to get the job done without the danger of over-tinkering to the point of making the game awkward to play, and it's still silky smooth. As a result, retrofitting the first pair with Corruption's fantastic scheme has rejuvenated their once somewhat clunky movement: Samus feels more agile and precise, and even things like navigating Morph Ball tunnels have become slicker thanks to the incorporation of Corruption's flick-hop into the first two titles.

Echoes' multiplayer mode is more fun now that players don't move like tanks, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. There are only two game types (free-for-all and Bounty, a coin-collecting mode), the visuals take something of a hit, you can't change your name or color and control customization only extends as far as aim sensitivity, giving no apparent option to switch jump/shoot or the visor/beam selector buttons; those that put hours into the main games with these options toggled will be met with harsh confusion. The six maps from Echoes are still here, although some need to be unlocked, and the arsenal is the same as in that game; that means no ice or hyper beam, among other things, and it's also a shame that Retro didn't go the extra mile to add online support. The blemishes of multiplayer don't harm the overall package, as the core of Metroid never really was competitive. It's a nice inclusion for those that enjoyed it on GameCube, but it's a bit archaic to win many new fans.

With the games presented on one disc, now mechanical equals, the series' subtle evolution becomes more apparent. While many have criticized Retro for making what felt like the same game three times over, the aim and design choices of each game stand out more than they did with years between them. Yes, the core gameplay is very similar, much in the way core Mario games are, but Prime's slower pace and abandoned world is telling of Retro's eagerness to appeal to classic Metroid fans; Echoes shows more confidence in combat and narrative with its light/dark dichotomy; and the Wii brought controls that allowed Corruption to bring Samus' fight against the destructive power of Phazon to a much more aggressive and organized level, even including allied NPC hunters and soldiers that speak, a rarity in Nintendo titles.

Considering the Prime games didn't leave huge cliffhanger endings and that players aren't required to have any understanding of prior events to follow along, the ability to freely choose your adventure from the get-go is a welcome decision. The sense of story continuity between the games is not forced upon you; you don't need to finish one to attack another. A stronger, cohesive narrative is there to be awarded to those who stick to the series chronology.

Despite their age, none of the titles look or feel too aged today. Sure, some of the texture work can be a little rough up close, especially in Prime, but the art direction stands tall and the cinematic presentation puts the experience high on the must-play list for Wii gamers. In fact, they're some of the best-looking games on Nintendo's console, which is either telling of Retro's talents or of the apathy most developers show towards Wii. A little bit of both, we reckon.


Retro has done a bang-up job in creating a polished compilation of their brand of Metroid games, which are considered some of the best adventures around. If you haven't experienced Tallon IV, Aether or become corrupt, you owe it to yourself to get on this, and veterans can still find enough thrills and upgrades to make Trilogy a worthwhile endeavor. The core games may not have changed at all, but the beefed up visuals and agile controls makes the experience feel new to old-comers, and the tight presentation is icing on an already delicious cake. If you've passed on the Prime series until now, your excuses for doing so have dwindled considerably.

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Firkraag said:

My copy has been ordered and paid for, now only the painful waiting for September 4. Great review!



Ravage said:

Wow, I have to say, great review. I beat Corruption but never did finish Echoes. I will probably get this someday and beat the first one, and if I'm feeling adventurous, the second one too.




Can't see why it wouldn't be 10 really. An improvement in controls of an already all time great in Metroid Prime 1 and an improvement of an already very good to excellent game iMetroid Prime 2....throw in the already exceptional Metroid Prime 3 as a bonus. Three games for the price of one? Definate 10/10 by this site's scoring system. Probably a 95 or 96% by other scoring systems.



Nathan said:

I had a brief play of both Metroid Prime, and Corruption. Both were fun to play. Of course the 3rd was the best. So, because I've barely played the games, and haven't touched Echoes, I've pre-ordered a copy which will be released by EB games on the 15th of October here in Australia.



opeter said:

I did never play any of the 3D/FPS Metroid games, so I will definitelly buy thisone.



Aviator said:

My reaction time for viewing this. 0.01 seconds. Not reading, cause I know its awsome. Jokes. Its the most obvious score. 10!

Also, thanks for the multiplayer review.



Mayhem said:

Pity the Corruption save can't be carried over. The review didn't completely clarify how you now swap visor/weapon in the first two games (instead of using d-pad and c-stick), do you just press a button to cycle through them?



N64_Gamer said:

This should have only had 5 stars HIGHEST. I have several complains about metroid.
For starters why is it that the screen is way too dark? And why where the 2 first metrod games for GameCube when they should have been for Wii? It is atrocious!!!!!



Aviator said:

@N64 Gamer
Why would they hold back on two excellent games for a console that they probably were only just thinking of. And, if the screens too dark, increase your TV brightness.



Jockolantern said:

I can only feel sorry for anyone who doesn't buy this phenomenal trilogy. The entire package is about as flawless a collection of masterpieces as we're bound to see in many, many years. The first two games visually expanded to 16x9/480p with surgical texture replacement throughout for higher resolution images, full bloom lighting on the original Prime, extra achievements to gain medals from in the first two titles, and let us not forget the far superior, sharp control scheme of the third title applied to the first two.

Unbelievably great deal at $50 since any gamer is liable to get a good hundred hours or so across the board playing these games. If you're just not into Metroid, now is the time I feel most sorry for you and I hope you have a change of heart. These are truly three of the greatest adventure/action titles ever made by human hands.

Now if only Retro Studios would let us know what they've got up their sleeves next...



Wiiloveit said:

It's a shame the multiplayer has taken such a hit, but I suppose it could be worse... like no multiplayer at all! Either way, looking forwards to this, although admittedly not as much as I was before the above points were stated about said mode.



N64_Gamer said:

@Aviator: Because now they realize it should have been made for the Wii and so they released it for the Wii! Just look at the New Play Control series!
It's a mistake Nintendo shouldn't have made!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Foolish question, maybe, but in MP3 (originally) you had to exchange certain vouchers with friends online in order to unlock bonuses...does that carry over to this release, or can you finally unlock everything locally?

Please say it's the latter.



Philip_J_Reed said:


...although I assume lots of NL'ers will be picking this up, so it shouldn't be as hard to find someone to swap with as it was the first time around. (By the time I got MP3, everyone else was already sick of it.)

Thanks for the reply, Panda Man. And awesome job with the review, even if the score is insultingly low.




come on a 10?! I thought it would be better than that. i deserves at least a 25 When i get a wii i am definately getting this



Rensch said:

This should rank high on the list of biggest no-brainer purchase essentials ever.



Supermarioman said:

Why does this remind me of the original star wars trilogy? For example, the first one was awsome and great a start to the series: Check.
Dark 2nd Chapter: Check
3rd Chapter that just needed to be build up to final battle, but added a lot of things they didn't need, but was still awsome: Check.
Well I'll be getting this one today at sometime, when I get out of the doctor, i is sick



Token_Girl said:

Wish I wasn't leaving the country without my wii tomorrow! This will have to wait till next year. Sadness!



Rapadash6 said:

I really hope the 500,000 or so people who played the first Prime but not the other two pick this up and get the chance to experience Samus's other Phazon filled adventures. Afterall just because they weren't more or less a 3D version of Super Metroid like Prime 1, doesn't mean they aren't worth playing, right? Great trilogy and well worth the collectors edition treatment as far as I'm concerned.



Ren said:

Awesome! Never even got to Echoes, as soon as I got a few extra bucks this is a must own. I remember the first Prime totally blowing my mind the way they captured the feeling of the original 2-d ones, when I was so afraid it would devolve into the rat-race of badly written FPS trash thats all over other systems. This is the best of classy video game story in terms of Sci-Fi. Now with Wii pointer controls it's easily one of the greatest games ever.
@n64gamer: thats the weirdest complaint I've ever seen. I guess that means car companies should just stop putting out new models until it's possible to make them hover. 10 or 20 years wait won't hurt anyone, right?



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'm going to disagree strongly with the score, not the review itself. The review has several legitimate issues that might have been fixed, so I think they should have been taken into account before calling the game basically perfect. To give the score a 10 after that seems like favoritism/fanboyism to me.
Between 8 and 9/10

@TokenGirl: Oh no, we need a token girl! where are you going?



naut said:

I'll still end up getting it, but I hoped for a bit more extras.



naut said:

And wait. The multiplayer has flaws so how can this be an 10? 0_o



Machu said:

Excellent read thank you. And a fair score I suppose.

This collection is the perfect homage to both Metroid and Retro Studios. Only 10 days to go now, then I can look up at the sky above Tallon IV once more and watch as the rain hits my visor. I've never anticipated a re-release quite so much.
Thank you Nintendo!

And Retro, release some info soon, please!



StarDust4Ever said:

A ten?! Momma-Mia, I'm-a going to Wal-a-Mart and picki up this-a game right now...

Still got Mario (galaxy 2) on the brain, though...
Needs something to tide me over until then



JonWahlgren said:

@Nintendo-Naut & wanderlustwarrior: No game is perfect, but the positives far, far, far outweigh the negatives in this package. The only thing not stellar about it is the multiplayer, but that can be forgiven since it's not intended to be the next Call of Duty or Halo or whatever. That being said, multiplayer is even improved in Trilogy just by the fact that the controls are much better.



Dr_Monkey said:

I've never tried any of these games before. I guess this is the best time to try them out then.



Token_Girl said:

Going to China for a year for grad school. I probly will still be on occasionally, to keep up with DSi. If you can get me a really sweet job, Chicken, I'll consider trading places.



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, all those games are great, why wouldn't the compilation?
Still, already have the original games, and the thing is going to be like $100 over here, so not for now thank you; I may get it someday for collection proposes though.
Good review, just one question: Is this disc double layer? hope not.



mrmicawber said:

Great score! Great games! Consistent with all Nintendo Life reviews! (Will this comment survive???)



JonWahlgren said:

@Twilight Crow:

I think so. Gamecube discs fit 1.5 gb, so both Prime and Echoes could fit on one layer, with Corruption taking up the other. I don't see how it could be any less.



Modern_Legend said:

Good review, i say a 9 or 10 would have been what i expected (the 9 being if the reviewer valued multiplayer or not). I still say the fact multiplayer has taken a hit is a downer for me, still not sure if its worth my money. I think i will pick it up but ill wait to see some multiplayer footage, because that will be the only truly new experience i may have with this game.



Kid_A said:

Need this game. NEED IT!
but I just blew my cash on Professor Layton 2 so it's going to have to wait.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@Token Girl:
Enjoy, I'm definitely jealous. I'll miss the Bombchu Girl avatar, too. Hopefully someone else can take it up in your stead.

Have fun!



Ren said:

I can see how reviewing it for just it's qualities as a re-release package would only warrant a 9 or something since there are some minor things that could have been improved more, but then I don't think the intention here was ever to make this into somekind of all new multiplayer experience of a game; At it's core it's about an epic single player story and never claimed otherwise.

To really do multiplayer justice, it would have to be its own new release entirely with online, even deeper controls, huge new environments, and more modes. This just isn't that and I don't think thats the point anyway.
I think 10 is fair (firstly because it's subjective to the reviewers enjoyment) and because it does add cool, new tasteful rewards and enough new polish to what are already some of the best designed games ever all in one package (widescreen/higher res/ controls).

Great review for a great package. I do have a launch Wii, though, so is this going to work on mine? I've heard dual layer games don't and I don't do SSBB (dodges tomatoes).



Odnetnin said:

Picking it up in an hour, I'm a newbie to the series. I literally can't wait!!



melvin2898 said:

Does it have wifi?
If you have a repel send me a message on youtube.I am sirmel11 there.



The_Cow said:

Well I'm SURPRISED at this awesome review! I was expecting it to be a 10; and I'm glad it deserved it!

Also I'm now officially happy; now that I got my Metroid Prime Trilogy game today! I'm a big Metroid fan; and yet I haven't played all of the Prime games! So I'm going to defintely be occupied playing all 3 super awesome games in 1 back to back!

I even got myself the Metroid Prime Trilogy Official Prima Game Guide; so I'm sure it'll help since I'm a newcomer & will be playing the game now! And of course I got the super sweet looking bonus double sided poster; & I already got it hanging on my ceiling with my Zelda TP & PH, & Mario Galaxy posters! I didn't get the bonus shirt; but that's okay!



rhythmheavenfan said:

Deserves a 10 for sure. Two great games with 1 and 2 with enhanced controls and graphics and adding the best game in the series in Corruption to the mix makes it even better. Going to get this very soon.



ueI said:

@Twilight Crow: Are wii games really $100 in your country? That doesn't sound possible to me. But what do I know?



BL_Donth said:

Outstanding review Panda
So if the difficulty in Echoes was toned down and that the fusion suit in Prime 1 can be unlocked without the gba link then I might just give it a try even though I already have all 3.



PhillepinO said:

I've heard someone who believes that a game is only worth it's worth if you think about the game as $1 per hour.

This game is definitely worth more than 50 hours!



World_1-1 said:

Great review.

My copy should be here from Amazon any day now. I really can't wait myself. I only played the third on the Wii and am eager to try out the other two.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I am so greatful Nintendo did this and the collector's case is a nice knod to the fans. I LOVE having Wii controls for Prime 1 and 2 and 480p widescreen is NICE!

The ONLY thing I thought was missing was to add online and Wii Speak to Prime 2's multiplayer. I mean Metroid Prime Hunters had it and that was how many years ago?

Who knows. With the Wii limited storage space a thing of the past maybe there will be a multiplayer download patch

Anyways I know I will be picking it up.



SilentJ said:

You definitely did the collection justice with this review, Panda! Great job! This is a must own title for every Wii owner imo.



vakama94 said:

@uel: yeah, the games come really expensive in Mexico, but hey, they think 3 games in one and say well, lets sell it at the price of two games



Starkiller said:

Is this really worth it? Yes, $50 for 3 awesome games is an awesome deal, but I've heard of people who already had all 3 games and got the trilogy. I won't be getting this, as I already have MP 1 and 3.



Jockolantern said:

@Starkiller: I have all three Metroid Prime games in their originally released forms and was thrilled to get Metroid Prime Trilogy. The ability to play the first two games with the superiority of the Wii motion controls made the buy a no-brainer for me on day one. It's a whole new experience being able to play through Prime and Echoes the way they were meant to be played. And if it means supporting Retro's future efforts with more of my money, then I'm even happier to do that. After the Metroid Prime titles, that little Texas studio deserves all of our support as gamers and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next.



Starkiller said:

@Jockolantern: Don't get me wrong, this looks terrific, but my wallet isn't bottomless (yet). I'd much rather get brand-new games I've never played before than remade versions of two games I have already, plus a game I could probably get for $20.



Kadaj said:

"@N64 Gamer*:

Okay. You're complaining that Nintendo brought the distinguished Metroid series to the Gamecube years ago, instead of waiting all those years to release them on the Wii? lolwut?

Anyways...this is gonna be awesome, can't wait!



BlueBandanaJake said:

Question to those who remember: so I just beat Metroid Prime 1 in the Trilogy (awesome ride, once again) and now I'm looking at a screen that says "Hyper Mode Unlocked." I know the original had a Hard Mode... but did it have a Hyper Mode? I dont really remember, it's been such a long time...

Incidentally, Hyper Mode is friggin tough! I almost died at the space station!



Superman said:

Metroid is crap. Who needs Samus when you've got Wonder Woman, Black Canary, or Elektra?



Bakajin said:

Why did they have to go with the PAL version, at least for MP1? The story was much better in the American version.



SRPirate said:

THis looks awesome, but i have the first and second metroid prime on gamecube, and the third prime on wii. i beat corruption, but not prime or echoes, i dont know what i should do...any suggestions?



mjc0961 said:

"Certainly a 10. What else could it deserve?"

Nothing higher than a 5.

"Why did they have to go with the PAL version, at least for MP1? The story was much better in the American version."

What story? The game had no story. It was a series of "go here, pick up this item, go here, pick up this item, go here, kill this dude and pick up this item, go here, kill this dude, game over."



SRPirate said:

@mjc- metroid prime series is awesome, so get the hell out of here, it it def had a story, and it's a pretty damn good one too.
Anyways, i got the trilogy, and im enjoying it so much, playing it all over again after so long is so much fun



LuisPavam64 said:

I buy Metroid Prime and I'm just waiting for my game I get very excited after seeing this review!



bub710 said:

k-mart now has corruption on sale for just $20. have never played any of them. whieghing my options now.



Feld0 said:

This would be worth $ 50 even without Corruption in it! Amazing deal, and loving every second of the games! Oh, and you CANNOT complain about the 60 fps framerate! Compare that to Halo and co.!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Man, I still need to pick this up once I'm not broke--despite the fact that I own and have already passed all three games on their respective platforms. Hopefully Echoes will prove a bit easier to beat on Hard mode with the Wii controls; I'm still stuck on the damn Emperor Ing in this play-through...



OverlordMao said:

sucks cuz I just paid 40 bucks for Metroid Prime 3 as my frist prime game just a month before this game come out and now I don't have the cash to buy this.
I haven't even gotten through 15 percent of this game already, and now the best collection of it is out?
I have THE WORST timing.



nice_shirt said:

I'm keeping my original three games even though I just picked up the trilogy. This is the very best video game franchise in existence. I'm sure the older games will become a collectors item someday.




1000000/10 HA HA I completed ALL Prime games yes 1,2and 3 IT WAS REALLY HARD!!!! by the way Im only 11 years old but i think the WHOLE PACK on the wii would be GREAT SOOOO getting this When I save up POKET MONEY.....THAT WILL TAKE AGES BUT YOU CAN GET IT FOR £16 ON GAME.CO.UK!!!!!!!



piguy101 said:

One of you probably already said this but this is the only game on the Nintendo Channel to recieve a platinum medal!



DoubleAIV said:

This is the best addition to my collection, I hate to admit it but i sometimes sleep with the sexy metal case.



super-nintendo said:

I am playing this right now! It's awesome, perfect controls. If you guys can find it, BUY IT NOW! Yes, the sexy case is.....SEXY...lol



NiC said:

The Trilogy really has earned its 10 Points. I was new to the Prime-Series, so that was the perfect opportunity to get started with it. And wow, what great games. I don't know what the graphics on the NGC were like, but everything looked really good in these 3. You can play this for decades and it is really worth the 50€. One great game is worth this most of the time. But 3 in one for this price? Brilliant.
The only thing annoying me were these Friend-Code-things for unlocking many special features. I don't have many friends with a Wii and not any with this game and so I have no way to get these. But that's only a scratch in the impression of this awesome compilation.



SuperPeach said:

I can't wait to play this. I got it but I have to wait for my wii to come back. Some problem with the disc being dual layered.



vdallos said:

I´ve been playing for around 4 hour and I´m having the best gaming times since the SNES era.
Deserved 10!!
I must confess that in some times i´m just scared when find a new room because this game surprise me every corner...also surprise myself playing with my mouth little open...as when for first time played zelda OoT...more than 10 year ago.



super-nintendo said:

THIS GAME IS A MUST BUY for any game lover. I am not too fond of FPS but guess what? I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



fox_man said:

I don't agree with the review it should not get a ten... IT SHOULD GET AN 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



FinalFantisiac said:

I'm worried about getting a Game Over when I play Corruption (if I get this game) 'cause my mom greatly dislikes video games that have blood involved... and the worst part is I know getting a Game Over will be quite frequent, <sigh> so yeah.



triforceofcourage said:

whats my best bet for getting this game now? apparently its not being published anymore... ive seen in online for like $80 but would like to pay less. anyone know a good way to find a copy? used would be nice.



supermonkey117 said:

played and completed 1 and 2 awesome games still have the game cube versions yey. But every time i go out to buy 3 or the trilogy sold out all the time 3 looks great saw some footage of something that appears to be meta ridley fingers crossed been a fan of the games since the snes so if you've never played it i can say the trilogy would be worth buying just for the first two primes and i would still give it 10/10 fantastic games nintendo at its best.



rtr0GMR1 said:

I just picked up a new copy of this at FYE for $45!! Still can't find a new copy of Super Paper Mario though...



SkywardLink98 said:

This is my probably my favorite game ever. I'd give it an 11/10 for people who don't already own them. If you do though, maybe a 10/10 or 9.5/10



Lan said:

I bought this when it came out. Then it got stolen from me. And the price just keeps rising...



Stevie42 said:

This really deserves a 10/10 in every aspect. It's awesome In my opinion it betters Super Mario Galaxy 2 considering it's 3 games in 1!
Great review



RyanE said:

Re-playing these games again. Prime (1) is just fantastic. Sadly, it is the only one of out of three that I beat. I got stuck halfway through Echoes, and I didn't get Corruption when it came out.

But the trilogy, both as a game(s) and packaging, is just gorgeous!



Luigi_is_better said:

I just got this finally! I've only played the first one, so this is fantastic. It controls great and getting to play all three is amazing! I'm going through the first one again and it's bringing back so many memories. Best collection ever!



Nightsider said:

Absoloutly blows call of duty out of the water. Best fps ever. because this fps unlike many others had thought put in to it



Varia01 said:

Very low score! 10/10 is only 0.1/10 when it comes to this game! It deserves much higher then this stupid number! With the awesomeness it has shown. It deserves a 100,000,000/10. This proved that the wii remote and nunchuck controllers beats xbox 360 and PS3's outdated controllers. And where is that wii u game for Metroid that Retro will hopefully make.



Varia01 said:

What is average amount of hours to beat this game? Add the amount of hours it would take you to beat each game and divide that by 3.



Varia01 said:

@FinalFantisiac I noticed that, I would say that you just quickly press the A button to skip the game over screen on Corruption. I'm shocked that Nintendo would allow such a thing as a family publisher.



HawkeyeWii said:

Can't wait to start running and streaming these games live on Twitch! It'll be a blast!!!

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