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Wed 1st Jul 2009

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mrmicawber commented on Gaijin Games Announces BIT.TRIP VOID:

Is it IR and do you make the blob bigger and samller by moving the 'mote further and away from the screen?

Pro tip - go to photo channel, point at screen and push down on d-pad, then move closer and further to screen to see what I mean.



mrmicawber commented on Review: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (...:

What can you say about a game who's high point is to pretend to be a movie? No wonder I am such and EAD and Wiiware junkie - it's in my blood. Thankfully there are several INDEPENDENT GAME prooperties to make up for all the licensed dreck - am I right?



mrmicawber commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

None of those statistic are reliable - I am sure fanboys of all systems inflated their numbers for bad press...

Please, a game informer survey? Whats next a strawpoll on the NL forums???

Not news, nothing to see here, move on



mrmicawber commented on Talking Point: Bit Boy!! Took 50 Times More Wo...:

It is too bad so many people here want to take sides and paint everything with a pig poop brush. Just let it go, people, support games you want to play, and let us not make this a blood sport. These are just games, yes, but also peoples hard work and daily bread. Let's not incite flame wars over this!