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Sun 23rd Aug 2009

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bub710 commented on Madden NFL 11:

So far it is a solid game. new play calling system a little weird but game looks good and online pay is very smooth.



bub710 commented on Tumblebugs 2:

I have this game on the pc hooked up to my big screen. I use my Wiimote via bluetooth to play it and absolutely love it. I hear what you guys are saying about that twist crap but this game was way before that junk and twist is the cheap clone. next to zuma, this is the best of the type. I wonder how they did on the wii port but if all they did was transfer the game and use the wiimote as a mouse it is a blast to play. i see no reason to buy it only because i already have it, and it rocks. hope it does the pc version justice.



bub710 commented on SoulCalibur Legends:

Just Got this one from Gamestop in a blind leap of faith. $15 and it was free when I bought two other games I actually wanted. No box cover or info and I didn't even read a review before buying. I just assumed it was a traditional fighting game and I don't yet have one of those for the wii so... anyway, it's not. it is a run around and waggle to kill game. that being said it got horrible reviews everywhere. I however enjoy a good mindless game of hack and slash and have found myself able to pick it up and play a level and quit and come back to it the next day. The controls are simple so you will never feel like "you've been away too long to be good at it" if you know what I mean. all in all simple, cheap, and if it were a wiiware title for the same price, it would have great reviews. as is, i enjoy it and it is simple enough for my 6 year old to play as well. Gotta love that. good for casual gamers.



bub710 commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare):

wow, great review, and some harsh comments... A few knocks on the critics first... try to remember what wiiware is. a collection of small games aimed at casual gamers who for what ever reason either are atracted by the relatively low price and ease of downloadable games or are too lazy to get up and switch game disks or leave the house to buy a quality title. now, as far as pokemon goes. anyone over the age of 12 who is a hard core pokemon fan... well just try to remember that you were likely young when you first met pokemon and that is the age it targets. we got the demo and my 5 year old son loved it. he had never even heard of pokemon until this game. yes it is simple, yes it is repetative, yes it is fun for kids. we downloaded the the full version and he loves it. in my opinion there are too few fun and simple games available for this age group. had it not been for the demo, we would have never even tried it. bottom line, good game for kids.



bub710 commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

I don't have the HBC either mainly because of updates and things like this. I would rather let nintendo make the improvements until they abandon the system. then i'll step in. besides I have not seen anything offered from HBC that really appeals to me. I play games on it. new games. all the emulator stuff seems silly to me on a game console. I do use them on my pc but mostly mame. HBC does not have a good working Mame yet so I'll refrain. If i'm that hard up for an old NES title I'll drop the $5 for it on the virtual console.



bub710 commented on Wii Version of Madden NFL 10 Selling Poorly:

DLC!!! Madden should be released every few years or so with roster updates available in between releases. People could still keep up with their favorite teams by downloading the rosters for a relatively low cost say $15 or so. I have 08 for the wii and i liked it a bunch but it was so buggy. they should have just fixed the bugs and left the rest alone. I never got the NCAA football every year so I went to gamestop and got NCAA football '03 for the gamecube. plays great with the GC controller and the graphics look about the same as the 08. best part... only costs $1.99. who cares about rosters on college teams. they don't even show names.



bub710 commented on Review: PictureBook Games: Pop-Up Pursuit (Wii...:

Bad review...Liked but not loved it. here's the problem. other than for nostalgia of classic board games. i believe most "board game people" are not video game people. i tend to hate new board games because i hate learning new rules and cards and coins and all that crap. this game is simple and enjoyable and i suspect this reviewer took all of 10 mins to play and review it. no one likes to lose at board games and this game you will lose sometimes. the 800 points is cheap enough if you play it more than once. there is plenty of strategy involved if you bother to play the game through a few times. especially in the team cooperative mode where you need to get you and a team mate to finish. you can use space counting very effectively so long as you are not in the lead which adds further strategy as being in the lead is not the best place to be when the magic book opens. but again you would have to give it an honest try to learn this. the only drawbacks in this game for us is the lack of mii support or more characters, and that there are only 2 boards to choose from. so it is good enough to want more. this game will suffer from reviewers who are deadline crushed and must make a quick decision on this game before giving it a proper try. who ever played a board game for $8 that they loved after 10 mins without winning. where's a question, why do people agree with reviews that have never played the game. not helpful...