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Sat 14th Apr 2012

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RyanE commented on Colin McRae: DiRT 2:

We rented this one. Graphics are decent. There is a nice motion blur effect, and good depth when you are moving out (going very fast). Controls are pretty awful though. Compared with Mario Kart Wii, it's like driving a brick with no tires.

It is a fun rental though and a lot of fun to play with friends, if you don't mind the bad controls.



RyanE commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

What I look for in a game isn't really based on numbers or graphics engines. It is the experience of these worlds that I love. My favorite thing about Zelda is going into the world, the back-story of the characters, and how it all fits together.

As for the reason, this didn't sell to the expectations of the company; simple they were expecting too much from it. It was a game released at the end of a console's time, with controls that most people (public) associated with cheap games and "family games" (because you can't have fun playing a video game with your family, right?), and most people's concept of gaming in general.

To me gaming now is more about the numbers, the big sale day figures, how many copies of Call of Duty have been shipped, and how "awsume" something looks in term of graphics. That is NOT gaming for me. Gaming is an experience that you have with the world of the game, regardless of the age of the system or the graphics, or sales figures. Other wise, why would have these franchises (Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Metroid, Castlevania and many, many more) keep having new games, and new worlds for us to explore?

I'm apologize if it sounds like I'm directing anger to you folks. I'm not. Its to the groups who thumbs their noses at something I enjoy doing without really giving it much consideration.



RyanE commented on Fan Collective Planning Metroid Music Release:


Me too. I've been going through the Prime games, they were/are my gateway to the franchise, and I've just been loving the music for the series.

I do have a question about the download though. How large are the files? And once downloaded can the tracks be transferred to another computer/flash drive/hard drive?



RyanE commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

Re-playing these games again. Prime (1) is just fantastic. Sadly, it is the only one of out of three that I beat. I got stuck halfway through Echoes, and I didn't get Corruption when it came out.

But the trilogy, both as a game(s) and packaging, is just gorgeous!