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Fri 25th Apr 2008

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MrDziekuje commented on After 16 Years, Nintendo Returns to CES:

If they're attending CES then the 3DS is most certainly going to be the focus of what they show. Good news! I'm hoping we get to see some games as well though, not just Reggie spewing a bunch of sales charts and bar graphs.



MrDziekuje commented on Nintendo Download: 21 December 2009 (North Ame...:

Personally, I'm not thrilled with this week. SSB was fantastic in 1999 but it hasn't aged well at all. It was a fan-service game that became a surprise hit and it shows. Especially when you compare it to Melee and Brawl, which are actually detailed and well-made titles. SSB was fun but not quality. Though, I suppose it's still fitting as a milestone release, as it headed up one of Nintendo's most memorable franchises. At least people will shut up about it now.

By the way, where the heck is Earthbound?



MrDziekuje commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2009:

Best. Game. Ever.
I own the original gold-cart of Majora's Mask, but I may buy the VC version anyway. If they can manage to eliminate jaggies on HDTVs I'm in (I played it recently on my N64 and much to my dismay it was actually painful to look at.)



MrDziekuje commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

You know, this cheeses me off. If it's something as little as a few songs, Nintendo needs to wake up and realize that it's a small price to pay for bringing enjoyment to hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of gamers. Not to mention the immense amount of money they'd make. And even if it didn't have the original songs, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sonic CD had rights issues with its music and an entirely new soundtrack had to be created. And it was just as good as the original (which, in my opinion, was awesome.)

I've always wanted to try the Mother series. With VC getting more and more games, the reasons to buy an SNES are becoming less and less, and that, for me, means not spending that extra money to buy Earthbound. Plus, I can't read Japanese so importing is out of the question. This is like a knife in the heart.



MrDziekuje commented on USA VC Update: MUSHA:

Eh, I'm not huge on scrolling shooters. I mean, I'll play one, but I'm not throwing down eight bucks unless it's amazing.

And where the heck are the N64 games!?!



MrDziekuje commented on USA VC Update: StarTropics II:

Nintendo needs to release a hardrive so I can actually buy these games.

You hear me, Nintendo? I'm not giving you money because your limited memory is a pain in my butt! Fix it!



MrDziekuje commented on Hands on with SnakeByte's XS Starter Pack:

I just hope Nintendo comes out with a better Classic Controller. I feel it needs "legs" so it's easier to grip. It feels weird without them. Even the Genesis and SNES had a little something to hold onto. The Classic Controller has nothing. I bought a CC (in one of those three packs with the wiimote and nunchuk) but I hate it so much that I use my tattered old Gamecube controllers for all my VC needs.



MrDziekuje commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

Just my luck. I sit on 1900 points for two months, complaining about the lack of SMRPG. Then I spend all my points (Zelda, Zelda II, and Super Metroid) and six days later SMRPG hits Europe. Hopefully it won't be Japan all over again where North America waits yet another few months for this game.



MrDziekuje commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

This is ridiculous. This is what we get to look foward to every week? Where is Super Mario RPG? Majora's Mask? Shining Force II? Earthbound? We've gotten almost nothing but arcade fighters and side-scrolling shooters for the past couple months. I have over 2000 Wii points that I've been sitting on since my birthday which was a month and a half ago. VC is becoming a uniform black-hole of crap. Regardless of whether or not these two titles are good, we need something REALLY good to make up for the past couple of months.



MrDziekuje commented on US VC Release - 7th July - King of the Monsters:

If Nintendo thinks they are keeping the fanbase happy with one or two acceptable WiiWare titles and one hit or miss VC title a week they are dead wrong. I hope, for their sake, that they get their act together and give us some good games.



MrDziekuje commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I really don't care for this game. I'm aware of why Lost Levels was not used as SMB2 outside of Japan, but I'm confused as to why Nintendo used a modded version of Doki Doki Panic instead. Why not just make another game? In my opinion this game compare to true Mario games.