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Wed 1st Apr 2009

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PhillepinO commented on We Love this Michael Jackson Wii Glove, It's S...:

"That's right: you can finally live out your ultimate Michael Jackson fantasies in your living room for just $49.99, with the game and glove combo a limited edition release."

This part of the article just gave me a Michael Jackson nightmare instead of fantasies



PhillepinO commented on Conduit 2 Powers Up with MotionPlus Support:

What they were lacking was the poor online user interface. It was so hard to get together with your friends and play together since you cannot make a party and play together. You must hope and cross your fingers that your buddy who is in the game that you are trying to join is still in queue and has room left for you to join him. It's pretty much impossible to join a friend's game, unless it's a private game...



PhillepinO commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade Moment of Art Trailer:

i assure you all.

This is a quality video game. I've played it in japanese and although I only played a few scenes, it was amazing!

I am now waiting for the english version since I dont understand japanese that well



PhillepinO commented on Modern Warfare 2 Could Come To Wii:

I am getting tired of this whole "if the port sold well, we may consider porting another game 2-3 years later than other consoles just to squeeze the money out of wii owners"

that happened to RE: 4 and many other games out there.

Even The Conduit used the excuse so that they can make a sequel.

Grr.. I hate pity advertising.



PhillepinO commented on Conduit Release Date Slips in EU:

You guys have got to be kidding me.

This game's full of hardwork and dedication by its developers. They deserve my support and I don't really care if it's "generic." I only care for the gameplay (which it excels in) and the robust online multiplayer.

The graphics I really don't care about, even though it's one of the best looking games on the Wii.

Unique weapons that can only be made possible for the wii is in this game. Wipe some "generic"ness of this game! Because it is less generic than other gamepad FPS shooters cough



PhillepinO commented on Online MultiPlayer talk with The Conduits' Rob...:

I think it was a wise choice for HVS to pick graphics over split-screen at least for now.

1.) They wanted to prove that their software would be the best graphic quality for the wii console.
2.) Showing off the graphics can attract eye-candied-gamers who are crazy for graphics.
3.) This can help them get more consumers and will eventually lead them to..
4.) Some sort of upgrade for the Conduit(2) and like how they said that they discovered new techs and could possibly include a sequel for the Conduit with split screen multiplayer



PhillepinO commented on The Conduit:

First comment on what's going to be the best game of the Wii! Hopefully they take their time on this. Multiplayer is going to be the key!



PhillepinO commented on Review: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeo...:

I agree I think it deserves an 8 and also, this shouldn't be compared to pokemon dungeon whatever. I also played chocobo dungeon 2 for the psx and it was great. They took out the 2nd player option in here which makes it less fascinating for me.



PhillepinO commented on Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

This game is awesome.

The only flaw is probably the online. 3 minute brawl shouldn't have been the default setting for random battles online.



PhillepinO commented on Review: Dokapon Kingdom (Wii):

To summarize the game, this game is like Mario Party, Monopoly, Fighting, and all kinds of RPG combined! This game is really great and I do agree that beats Mario Party when it comes to a Party game.

This is a really long game specially when you play in story mode, however time really flies when you play this game since you can't get enough of it and there's always new objectives.

I really recommend this if you have 2+ players or as a family game. Having to play this as a single player will not get you anywhere and will not even be close to having as much fun as multiplayer.

As a single player I would rate this as a 6 while as a multiplayer I would rate this as a 9