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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

It'll take more than a new lick of paint to save this franchise

When High Voltage Software first decided to enter the Wii first-person shooter space, competition wasn’t exactly something they really had to worry about. Sure, there had been a few half-hearted ports of popular franchises, but The Conduit was the first proper FPS developed specifically for the console. It didn’t really seem to matter that the game itself turned out as pretty generic genre fare — because hey, finally, an online Wii shooter! — and by default set the bar for online features and controls.

That bar has since been greatly surpassed by a small but feisty number of shooters, including two post-Modern Warfare iterations of Call of Duty that shame prior ports, the MotionPlus-equipped Red Steel 2 and the all-around good time that is GoldenEye 007. Does leaner, meaner sequel Conduit 2 have what it takes to compete in this new environment?

Frankly, no it doesn’t.

It's not for lack of trying, though. The Conduit felt an awful lot like a proof-of-concept for Wii shooters, and Conduit 2 takes that foundation and builds an honest-to-goodness game on top of it while addressing some of the first title's larger shortcomings. The campaign is more environmentally diverse, there's a weapon and equipment loadout system that spans all modes, and multiplayer integrity (fingers crossed) may actually be preserved for more than a week thanks to downloadable patches.

The problem is that Conduit 2 would be utterly forgettable were it not for its cumbersome delivery, poking its fingers in too many half-baked pies to make any of them tasty. If The Conduit came off as a proof-of-concept, Conduit 2 comes off as a rough draft.

The story is hokey B-movie fodder, acting as little more than an excuse to plop fearless protagonist Michael Ford into power armour, send him around the world and shoot things in the face while making groaner wisecracks. Picking up right where the first game left off, Ford finds himself and disembodied partner Prometheus in pursuit of evil-doer John Adams, head of secret government organization The Trust. In his trek to kill Adams dead, Ford winds up at a facility located at the bottom of the ocean called Atlantis, home to ancient guardian Andromeda and some nifty power armour. You then go globetrotting to China, Siberia and a few other locales to enlist three Progenitors to help you take down Adams once and for all.

At least, that's what we think happened; it's difficult to tell as the storytelling is diluted and all over the place — indicative of the game as a whole, really — setting up certain events and then completely pulling the rug out from under you when they rear their head. There's so much implied fiction flying at you that it's tough to make sense of it all. Not to mention an ending twist so absurdly stupid that we couldn't help but laugh at it aggressively; its cliffhanger is so atrocious that whatever gravitas the story tried to cobble together is completely obliterated, turning the whole $50 package into what we can only see as an elaborate trolling of its playerbase. One could argue that it's befitting of the game's new-found sense of humour, as both are just as chock full of groaners, but that would involve being OK with shoddy writing.

High Voltage seems to have learned nothing from past mistakes when it comes to delivering interesting battle scenarios: there is no ebb and flow to shootouts, instead falling back on the basic idea of randomly throwing a ton of dumb enemies at you in slightly different environments. They may all look different, but each location is as uninspired as the last in design and pow-pow action that ploughing through feels like a chore. There is no sense of power like in Red Steel 2, nor any sneakery that made GoldenEye so much fun — just bland room to room shooting stuff.

Nor does any of it control all that well: the wealth of customisation only serves to mask that High Voltage couldn't figure out how to make a comfortable and smooth default scheme. While these options are welcome, the degree of fiddling needed to tame the frail and erratic controls and bring them to the level of its competition is excessive. MotionPlus and the Classic Controller are supported, with the former only seeming to allow cursor movement when pointing off-screen and the latter admitting defeat for a series that used to pride itself so much on how awesome pointer controls are for shooters. At least the metal-boot syndrome of the first game has been fixed.

To break up the gunslinging, the signature All-Seeing Eye is put to equally vapid use as a means to scan conspiracy objects to shoehorn real-world tin hat stuff into the game's wobbly end-is-nigh fiction, and to "hack" equipment to open doors and set off crescendos — it's essentially a glorified skeleton key that puts an extra, unnecessary button press between you and your goal. The Conduit at least tried to make a puzzle out of the ASE, but none of that here — it's as if High Voltage had an interesting idea and absolutely no clue what to do with it, yet still sallying forth.

One area to see improvement is undoubtedly the art department. Gone are the drab corridors of The Conduit, replaced with some much nicer-looking natural environments coated with what we lovingly consider Mega Drive-icity. Everything looks a bit shinier and more rounded, but even here the game isn't without flaws: the framerate bogs when too much happens and human faces suffer from occasional strange black lines, as if the polygonal seams were showing. On the audio side, the original voice cast has been completely replaced, with characters sounding nothing like before: Ford is a wisecracker who comes off as a not-quite mix of Nathan Drake and Duke Nukem, and Prometheus is more C-3PO than Sorbo. Dialogue is trite and, despite its best efforts, the humour for the most part falls flat.

However, if you're in it for the multiplayer then none of the above will really matter. What does matter is that it's been improved somewhat, but not enough to bring it to the same tier as other online Wii shooters. There's the requisite selection of new play types and maps, and a mode-wide loadout system allows you to earn credits by scanning conspiracy objects in the campaign, unlocking achievements both online and off as well as just battling online. You can purchase an assortment of weapons, equipment and cosmetics, which should keep avid players busy for a good while. A new offline co-operative mode called Invasion acts as a horde mode for up to four players (which can also be played solo) and, coupled with splitscreen multiplayer, should allow you to enjoy the game's multiplayer even if cheaters and hackers overwhelm online. But there really isn't anything overly compelling about the multiplayer other than that it exists as an alternative to other shooters, and is pretty much your only real retail option if you don't care for military flavour.


The Conduit got a free pass for being relatively ambitious for Wii shooters, but those days are over: Conduit 2 is a mess of undercooked ideas and impotent execution. It's not that it's a drastically worse game than its predecessor, but the design has been so far surpassed multiple times in the past two years that there is very little reason to return to this underwhelming well. It's clear that High Voltage tried to mimic all of the same bullet points of "good" shooters and address some of their last game's errors, but facsimiles of better games just don't cut it any more.

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User Comments (113)



3DS said:

oh well with all the glitches atleast it got 5/10 i dont care the game is short but multiplayer is brill



3DS said:

@2 well thing is some of us have used a wii for a while and i dont know about other people but i can hardly use a PS3/360 controller i can only use a wii remote for FPS's



warioswoods said:

Here's my feeling about this kind of game / project:

I'm sure they have the best intentions, but it sounds like High Voltage must be driven more by programmers (engine developers, coders, 3D modelers, whatever you can name) than by actual designers.

It doesn't matter if you know every graphics architecture on earth like the back of your hand and can program physics engines in your sleep: without at least a few inventive designers (read: in the general sense, not just visual designers), you won't be making anything worthwhile.

I think of High Voltage when I see those "Learn game design!" ads, where all they promise is to teach you programming and software architecture etc. That's not game design. If you want to head up any kind of video game project, you'd get better preparation from just studying board games and toys than you would from a computer science department.



Cia said:

This was expected. Guys in HVS are almost as loud as their mouth what comes to hype as Lionhead's Molyneux- and deliver even less (which is quite an accomplishment).



Shiryu said:

Good thing Call of Duty Black Ops delivers so much on it's Wii encarnation. I'm good.



warioswoods said:

@2 (or @2_taken_literally, because I'm pretty sure you're joking)

I despise Call of Duty... then again, I don't care for FPS multiplayer at all, and its single-player campaign feels like walking from one scripted set-piece to another in the dullest, corniest war film ever made.

The only FPS I've truly enjoyed in recent years (unless you count Portal 1/2, but that's something different) was the new Goldeneye, because the single-player mode was actually fun.



irken004 said:

I am getting a bit burned out on FPSs lately (Goldeneye, Black Ops, Modern Warfare Reflex, and my laptop FPSs). And I'm not certain if I'd call Red Steel 2 much of a FPS when I primarily used the sword I suppose I can cancel my preorder for this game then. Tis a shame, really, I thought the first Conduit was pretty decent.



Kid_A said:

Great review, Jon. Incredibly well-written
Goldeneye 007 is one of the freshest shooters I've played in recent years, so I was wondering how Conduit 2 would hold up in comparison.

Turns out, not well.



MasterGraveheart said:

Kind of a cold review, but, fair points. Would have said 6/10, but, meh. I'm still enjoying the campaign.

@2. zezhyrule: Some of us can't afford a PS360 JUST for an FPS fix.

@15. SanderEvers: We shouldn't have to designate certain systems and platforms for certain genres. It's not the way the consoles or PCs should be. Besides, virtually ALL of us are on PCs here.



rotorooter said:

In my opinion I think the review is slightly harsh, The game as a whole is vastly improved over the original. If I had to score it I would probably give it a 7/10. My main issues with the game so far are the online issues, i.e. game modes not working as they should and not being able to choose a specific game mode. I like the grab bag idea, but would also like to choose. Another thing is that the game is region-locked, which means that us Europeans can't add friends from USA or the rest of the world for that matter. Not best pleased with that.



daznsaz said:

i never finished first one i like fps but just traded it halfway through goldeneyes a top game i dont rate cod games and about using joypads ive been playing on a gamecube recently moving your sight cursor with a stick is bloody awful cant believe i played like that when i try now it makes me look real bad



3DS said:

@20 so there is someone like me who cant use joypad's on FPS's.



daznsaz said:

yea need a lock on to shoot with stick cant beat remote not sure if next consoles controller will have point function hope so



King_Boo said:

I don't think the game was finished like HVS wanted, I assume they used up their budget, the main issue for me is the game was push back again and again and there seems to be no improvement from it. Maybe they should just take the frame work and start over.



Dorkvader said:

Starfox219 is right this game should get a 7/10 it's AWAY better then the first one. the story is good, it has a split screen mode and a fire fight mode called invasion. And just about everything you get in mutiplayer will carry over to Single player and invasion mode. so at least wait for the price to come and get this great game so they can make Conduit 3



Tails said:

I took my chance the first time and knew i was smart not to try even looking at this piece of crap... I'd rather play Incoming than play this... (Yes i said it or I could say Sexy Poker. )



Chris720 said:

Ouch... that is pretty disappointing. Over in the Conduit 2 thread, they make it seem pretty good... and with this review, I'm really on the fence with this one... yikes.

@2 Sorry Zez, but Wii controls for FPS pwn the PS360 controls. Dual analog is old school dude, bring in the IR sensors, its easier.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Wow, IGN actually has a much better review than NL for once.

First of all, there's no excuse for this game scoring lower than the original game, as it's improved in nearly every way (including the level designs).

Second, the controls are amazing if you just do a little tinkering. The dead zone is completely customizable, so you should have no issue with not being able to turn when onscreen.

Third, the multiplayer is just as good as Goldeneye or Call of Duty, and you even imply as much, so there's no reason to mark it down for that.

Fourth, who really cares that much about a generic plot or bad dialogue and voice acting in an FPS?

This game deserves at least a 7/10, probably an 8/10.



X-145 said:

This is EXTREMELY odd. IGN gives 90% of Wii games a lower score than NintendoLife, but for this game its BASS AKWARDS for the review!
IGN gave this a 7.5...0.o They make this game sound great. I'm still getting it, eventually. This is wierd.



Kid_A said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex
There is a good reason for the game not scoring as well as the original. The Conduit was a mediocre shooter in most respects, but it got a decent amount of praise and buzz simply because it was the only worthwhile FPS game on the Wii at the time. In the years since, the competition has stepped up considerably, with excellent ports of the CoD games, the revolutionary Red Steel 2, and as Jon described it, the all-around good time Goldeneye. Conduit 2 actually had something to live up to this time, and it just couldn't handle it.

Also, just because most FPS games feature bad acting and and generic plots doesn't mean it's acceptable, or that it should be ignored. The reviewer wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't point out the game's flaws.



jkshaz said:

Seems like a pretty low score for what little I see there in the way of criticism. Seems like the major criticism is didn't improve enough or at all. Actually just makes me more tempted to try it out.



thanos316 said:

Good review, you gaved good points to why u gaved it the score you did. i haven't started playing this game as yet, because ive now started playing metroid other M, don't laugh not everyone has played that game yet. But i also must say i can't really get the hang of playing fps on the 360, the wii remote just seems so right for that sort of game.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@38 That doesn't matter. It's a better game on the same hardware, so it deserves a better score, and the first game deserved to be scored as simply a mediocre FPS despite the lack of competition on the Wii. It's that simple. Besides, in my opinion, it did live up to expectations by being at least as good as Goldeneye. It doesn't need to innovate any further than that, and compared to something like Halo 3, it does have a massive innovation with its awesome motion controls.

No, those flaws shouldn't be ignored, but they should affect the score much less than the gameplay and multiplayer, and the review doesn't two large paragraphs complaining about just that stuff..



komicturtle said:


I'm over dual-analog control in FPSes so I'll pass on that suggestion.

Good game. Though, I do think it's SHORTER than the 1st one. At least multiplayer is better. But I still prefer Goldeneye for the 'better' controls. Least with this one, they can patch problems up and even throw in DLC (source? Well, you should have been there when they were doing 24-hour Conduit 2 and I asked them many questions that were answered).

Yeah, DLC maps are 'possible' but they want more people to buy it so they are more compelled. Same goes for Conduit 3 that will hopefully and finally patch up the problems of the first and this one indefinitely.



PSICOffee said:

funny, I thought there would for once be an FPS game worth playing on the Wii that would be as good if not better than Metroid Prime Trilogy. I'm a little surprised honestly that this game didn't pull a Red Steel 2 maneuver and vastly improve upon the original.




@42 The review was well written and thought out and for the points he has given the score seems reasonable Sure there is a lot of customization but in all the reviews i've read it has been said that it takes awhile to find a setup that works for you. If it was a great shooter it's setup would start out good. It seems liek they are trying to overcompensate for what they were lacking. Maybe a 6/10 would've been deserved but it seems like is pales in comparison to other FPSs on the Wii now only beating the Conduit which was mediocre at best.



TKOWL said:

This game does not deserve a 5.

Judge the game on its own standards. Don't compare it to games that outclass it, that's not fair. It'd be like giving an indie platformer a 4/10 because "Super Mario Bros. already did it before>"



JonWahlgren said:

@46: If an indie platformer did nothing new with the platforming formula and actually executed parts of it considerably worse than its peers then yes I'd say it's a valid criticism. Even without looking at other Wii shooters, Conduit 2 is often annoying, underwhelming and half-baked.



ThomasBW84 said:

Cracking review Jon. I was on the fence and contemplating getting this, but your review has highlighted the fears I had for it. HVS need to learn that flashy graphics don't compensate for poor design. I also agree with your justification in terms of the score; Goldeneye, Red Steel 2 and the newer COD games have all raised the FPS Wii bar, and Conduit 2 should have followed suit.

I've gone back to Goldeneye, and considering it's a few months since I played the campaign I'm enjoying it once again.



Popyman said:

Warioswoods covered my feelings on High Voltage perfectly. They need some actual creative people on their team, their "Let's take this popular kind of game and do the exact same thing but on the Wii!" mindset is stupid and annoying as hell.



Tate24 said:

I got this today

Playing first level and found game breaking glitch that froze game and made sum of the doors not open:(

As you can imagine i wasn't to pleased!

However after i final was able to get online and download update all was forgiven and everything worked how it was suppose to:)

My favourite thing is how you custmise everything in loadouts far better then black ops in term of creating character not only can change colour but adding arms, chest plates different faces that can be bought from online store with credits u get in single player and online matchs.

Plus there are achievements offline and online which turns increase replay value a lot!

I dont care much about voice acting or story.

Ign review was fair and i agree with it:-)

sadly NL review is far to harsh.

Id give this 7 or 8 and say its just vast improvement over conduit 1 plus sum of levels beautiful look at art direction is great.

lets not kid are self i dont know many people who buy FPS for story mode! That more of extra option they buy first person shooters for online and online on conduit 2 shines!!



V8_Ninja said:

@BulbasaurusRex You do realize that you're arguing about opinion, right?

As for being on-topic, well-written review there Jon. You gave your points, you stuck to them, and you weighed the game according to those points.



zezhyrule said:

Oh yes, I forgot about PS move. Someone I know has that game, so I gots to try it out with teh move. Pretty awesome once I got used to it



TheBaconator said:

I own a PS3 and 360 with all the main shooters on them and I still mildly enjoy this game, and I'm not the biggest shooter fan in the world either. I do think I ran into a locked forever door glitch in campaign though, which was getting me angry for awhile.



Rogues said:

I have to strongly voice that this score is low when compared to what most gamers that have been playing the game are saying. The biggest shame would be for readers of nintendo life to let a bad review, that is really just an opinion, decide for them whether they will get the game. At least rent it and decide for yourself. There are a lot of us that are really enjoying the game.



AlexSays said:

There are a lot of us that are really enjoying the game.

There's a lot of people out there that enjoy any game. That's not saying much.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank you Jon for not being lenient with this one. Seems like people judge these games off of perceived effort, rather than the actual product.

When the actual product sucks, the effort doesn't really matter.



Slapshot said:

NintendoLife's Scoring Policy
5 - Average
A five is where you really need to start wondering if this game is for you. We are saying this game is average in our own subjective opinion. You have to judge for yourself if you are so attracted to this game's concept that you are going to take a chance on it anyway. We'll always give our reasons to show why the game failed to impress.

@61... It's the controller for the Wii 2!



TikiTong said:

I knew this wasnt going to end up perfectly,but i kept denying it,i shouldnt have



ReddLionz said:

Aw gosh darnit.
I really liked the first one, too.
I do, however, enjoy pie comparisons.



Swiket said:

It was released on the same day as Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat... that's just sad.



Rogues said:

@60 my point is that with a current vote count of 102 at Gamespot.com, Conduit has a user rating of 8.3. Significantly higher that the reviewer at NL gave the game. I would say that possibly he didn't care for the game which is fine, but there were are lot of posts here saying that they would now not get the game based on this reviewers "opinion" of the game.



Zach said:

@Rogues NL isn't the only site to give the game an unfavorable score. Every review is an opinion, but the review is good if the reviewer justifies their opinion well - and based on their reasoning of why they did or didn't like the game you should be able to tell whether the game would appeal to you, not just the score.



Nintendoftw said:

Umm guys aren't the majority of FPS games generic? Does a game REALLY have to be doing something completely new just to be good? NO. Halo proved it. Call Of Duty Proved it. Saints Row proved it. And SO much more.



WaveBoy said:

Wariowoods hit the nail on the head, as always.

I also despise Call of Duty....
Seriously, nothing says more casual than Call of Duty. I swear, whenever a celebrity is asked what game they're playing, it's f*cking Call of Duty....Hell, what did Chandler from 'Friends' and Zack Efron say they were playing during one of their interviews? CALL OF DUTY.
Shoots self in the head with super awesome Nerf gun*

Can't somebody stop being such a tool and trying to look and actually say they're playing maybe Super Mario galaxy 2(for ex) for once? Meh, they're not gamers, they're lamers. Follow the crowd, big guns and a war themed settings are serious buisness! rawr rawr!

God I hate Call of Duty, the same could be said For Guitar Hero and RockBand.....Everytime a videogame console is featured in a movie in this day and age, they're ALWAYS playing Guitar Hero, or some shooter....

Seriously Jimmy Fallen seems like the only celebrity with actual taste in gaming. Props for having Reggie, the 3DS and Donkey Kong Country Returns on his show. I also recently watched an episode where Sony Move was featured, where Jimmy was playing against Tiger and Tina Fey, and I couldn't believe how bad the LAG was hahaha.
None of it was 1:1. There was like a 5 second delay. LOL That's some crazy bad HDTV Lag for ya!



DangerousDreams said:

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to spend 50 bucks on quality titles for the Wii, when i see great ps3 games priced at 20 dollars. Heres to hoping Nintendo could lure the big bucks out of my hands with project cafe.
A Pikmin 3 would definitely entice me.



Kirk said:

Having spent a couple of hours with Conduit 2 I can tell you that GoldenEye Wii craps all over it in every single department, except maybe the transition from hip to ADS aiming when turning (and that's about it), from a very high height.

I probably wouldn't score it as low as a five but I don't think I'd go above a 7 to be honest and even that is probably being generous.

On a side note; the utterly crappy N64 level metal effect that they use all over the place is just annoying, seriously metal Mario on N64 looks better than High Voltage's attempt at a reflective surface effect, and the graphics really are not technically or visually impressive at all. GoldenEye once again utterly craps on this games graphics.



Mandoble said:

It seems this game got a poor score because adds little or nothing over the previous one. This is a fair way to score a company but not a game, a game should be scored without comparisons with any previous version. If we do, then 3DS Pilotwings should be scoring a 3 or 4 at its best.



danschemen said:

hackers and people who use glitches ruined the first for us, so at least they should be gone. but i'm going to need to rent this one first.



Imerion said:

Can't agree with this review. To me, this game is at least 8/10. It might be because of it's style though. I really like the run-n-gun design. To me, the fact that AI charges instead of hides really makes it so much more interesting than the standard tactical "spot/hit the pixel" type FPS. I want big guns and even bigger enemies which doesn't try to flee from me all the time, and that is what I get here!

Also, Invasion mode is great fun and character/loadout customization makes it even more fun to play with friends, be it co-op or vs.

True, it might not be another GoldenEye Wii, but considering how fantastic that game was I wasn't really expecting that. A very solid and complete shooter it is nevertheless, though the style might not be to everyone's taste.



Despair1087 said:

i also disagree with the score. id give it a 7. i'm having a good time with it and i like it better that goldeneye.



leon_x said:

this is the worst review I've read on this page. NL's not the same as before



HipsterDashie said:

How odd. 5/10 yet this game seems to have gotten more positive reviews elsewhere. ONM in particular gave it over 80%.

I think I might just pick this up and form my own opinion of it, I enjoyed the original Conduit and hopefully this should be fun too.

Can anyone advise on how well the Wii headset works with this title, i.e. can I literally talk to anyone without needing to add them as friends?



Rainman said:

This review was too harsh. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, maybe even a little more than Goldeneye, but then I prefer futuristic weapons and my protagonist sounding like Duke Nukem (both voiced by Jon St. John). I never played the first Conduit (the no-splitscreen-multiplayer was a deal breaker for me), and will always prefer my FPS games on the PC, but I still give Conduit 2 a solid 7.5 out of 10.



RonF said:

Excellent review, right to the point. I liked the reviewer concerns regarding the breath of customization as it mirrors my own thoughts. It would be much better if they also offered a limited number of pre-sets.

Also, I was curious about the ending and I watched it at You Tube. It is much worse than the review led me to think.



Ayer99 said:

If you judge this game only on it's story, sure, its a 5. But look farther into multiplayer, it is an 8.



Azikira said:

Are you kidding? This is one of the best shooters ive ever played on the Wii! The controls are good, the graphics are great, and its just a blast to play! Its also got the funniest easter eggs and best ending ever.

I would easily give this an 8 personally, even with its few flaws.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I enjoyed it, but then I liked the first game too.

Whilst Call of Duty Black Ops may have a better multiplayer mode (I haven't played Conduit 2 online yet so no basis for comparison), for Wii owners the main positive about Conduit 2 is that it's Wii-only, so there isn't any waiting/hoping for patches and support.

I'll be online in the coming weeks so hopefully I'll see some NL'ers on here that I played with when the first game was released!



Henmii said:

High voltage sucks big time! They have a very big mouth but never bring anything truly great to the table! I want "real" scifi shooters on the Nintendo consoles like Bioshock and Half life 2, not those cheap substitutes from High voltage!!



Jampony said:

I agree entirely with this review, and the "you should look to another console for high quality fps gaming" mentality in the comments is disappointing. Epic shooters have been made on hardware far worse than the Wii. There's nothing in Nintendo's documents that states "No AAA fps games, please".

I realise that The Conduit series never intended to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bioshock or Call of Duty or maybe even Halo, but they could have at least had some great ideas and an execution that rised above anything that could've been made in the early 2000s.

For me, another disappointment, but I'll continue supporting this game/developer with my money because they're one of the only ones who still seem to give a crap anymore.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I was never that excited for CONDUIT 2. Please let THE GRINDER be awesome!!!! And maybe even ported to the Wii2 or 3DS!!!



Henmii said:

"I agree entirely with this review, and the "you should look to another console for high quality fps gaming" mentality in the comments is disappointing"

I agree. It's a shame that the Wii missed out on so many cool games. I really hope that the Stream will have better third-party support! Yeah, that also includes great sci-fi shooters!




STOP STOP STOP!! Hold on a minute people, this review is just this person's opinon and you shouldn't let someone elses opinon drive your decision to buy this game or not. No offence but just forget what he saids if you wanted to get this game don't let this review change your mind. Get it, play it and make own opinon on it or at the very LEAST get a second opinon on it. Everyone I talked to on youtube say that this game deserves an 8 for sure. I wish had found this sooner so more people could see my comment but I hope stopped a few people from missing out on this great game.



theblackdragon said:

@NINTENBOY: that's why we link back to Metacritic on every review page — we know NL isn't the be-all, end-all of game reviewing on the internet, and we actively encourage people to do their homework and check out multiple reviews before making a decision to or not to make a purchase. :3



Libertarian said:

I have to disagree. Honestly, I don't see how anyone can like Red Steel 2 more than Conduit 2. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can like Red Still 2 at all to begin with. I guess it's all personal opinion, which I'll agree to respect. I was pretty let down by Red Steel 2. I bought it due to some positive feedback, but the waggle, the lacking story, the repetitive environments and scenarios, all left a lot to be desired. I found the game to be rather lousy.

Anyways, Conduit 2 exceeded my expectations. You know, I liked The Conduit, but I had a number of complaints with with. However, I still found a lot to like there. With Conduit 2, I feel like HVS has gotten it right this time. I found the level design and variety in the single player to be well done. I thought the story was fun and campy sci-fi. The controls — especially with WiiMotion+ — are spot on. The multiplayer — aside from some minor technical hiccups — is ridiculously good. And for the issues there are, HVS has already done a pretty dandy job patching them up. I think I've downloaded 3 patches so far. And the multiplayer has so many unlocks and a lot of customization. I just think Conduit 2 is an awesome package and much better than a 5/10. But again, that's your opinion and we'll just have to agree to disagree on the game's merits.



deftheman said:

Underrated, this games deserves minimum a 7 or up, simply the best controls on a wii, its clear they took some serious time to get the controls superb.
But when people care more about a "good storyline!" rather then awesome controls and good graphics,. i think it does deserve a 5.
BTW for a good storyline i never get a game,. i just get a book anbd when im in the mood for gaming i just take a good game with a bad storyline.

Gamers that like fps on a wii should get this game.

Best fps on the wii together with 007 and cod series.

8.7 out of 10




JimLad said:

Sorry but 5/10 is way too harsh.
It has it's downsides (voice acting and framerate imo) but so do the other shooters you mention...

Goldeneye: Theme park campaign mode, it may suit some people but personally I can't stand being whisked from one area to the next by quick time action scenes where you have to hit random buttons. Also Goldeneye's multiplayer is good, but not a patch on the options you get in C2.

Call of Duty: Even more theme parky, no offline multiplayer. Good game but the quick death realism isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Red Steel 2: Loved it, but it's wayy too short and lacks any other modes to play.

You want to talk about FPS progression, go pick up TimeSplitters 3 for GameCube from a bargin bin somewhere and see how much it puts ALL of these 'next gen' shooters to shame. I don't think scores should be based on what games have come out since, doesn't that mean original Goldeneye would be about a 4/10 by now?
Unless you're planning to change your score for Conduit 1, essentially you are telling people to get that over the more advanced version.



KrazyKain said:

Wow NL, I've never disagreed with any of your reviews as strongly as this one... when IGN and Gamespot are giving better scores then NL you know something is wrong..

I think you are trying to take it too seriously. Conduit 2 doesnt take itself as seriously as the first game and because of that has become a far better game.

I'm just glad I bought the game before reading this review because I'd have been very pissed if I missed out on the game.



Henmii said:

"For me, another disappointment, but I'll continue supporting this game/developer with my money because they're one of the only ones who still seem to give a crap anymore"

If they really gave a crap about the Wii, they would have delivered better games!



leon_x said:

@theblackdragon : Maybe I'm too hard on you guys, but Nintendo Life was the page that I trusted most. Something has changed. And that disappoints me.



theblackdragon said:

@leon x: as I've already mentioned before, that's the reason we link back to metacritic on every review page — we've always encouraged our users to not blindly trust just what we have to say about a game, but instead to do their homework and read as many reviews as possible to tell if a given title is right for them.

as an example, think of you and a friend of yours. though you may agree with them on everything most of the time, there will be times where the two of you will disagree on things... this is the same kind of thing. :3



3DS said:

8 — Great (8s are impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding them back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.) - Destructoid



MrDanger88 said:

I'm beyond sick of online focused shooters these days, but this game looks dreadful. I played 30 minutes of the originals campaign before realizing it was crap and only 15 minutes online before realizing it's was a disaster. Good to know that HVS is all talk. They can't seem to make a good game to save their lives.



danschemen said:

dude i don't think you played the game very long this is much better than a new coat of paint. the story was WAY better than the first with some humore. splitscreen is a great idea. online is not jacked up like the first, it's very balanced and the obj games are a lot better. all around this game is at least an 8.



hYdeks said:

I think I will still get this game despite the review cause I don't fully agree with it. I liked the first one and so far from what I seen of others playing it looks hella fun to me!!

Btw, I had a 360 and sold it for a wii and I do like FPS, but, I prefer the wii remote for shooters than the crappy feeling second stick, pointing and moving the remote feels more realistic than a nubby stick.



Tare said:

@2 I assume you're trolling hard, or at least that's how you will play it off.
If you want to play an FPS, use a mouse and keyboard.

Anyway that said, the problem is it's good by Wii standards. Unless an FPS has a good story or interesting mechanics, it'll be forgotten quickly because huge titles like COD are releasing a new game every year.
For the wii this game is good, but if you compare it to anything else...

Five was maybe more of a punch than a slap, but I can see why they had poke it in the first place.



C-195 said:

What a pointless review, all they do is bash the Singleplayer while only spending one paragraph on the increasingly awesome multiplayer, the latest patch pretty much balanced the online perfectly and HVS is working on the split-screen and remaining glithes as I type this. Not to mention, Conduit 2 is now the best Exclusive muliplayer FPS on the wii thanks to GE Reloaded. The only thing GE does do better than C2 is the story, which really wasn't that good anyway; seriously, if I wanted to sneak around, I'd play MGS, not GE, firefights are more fun anyway. The story (C2) isn't that confusing really and if you take the time to scan for stuff and read the data logs the story gets alot deeper.
For those how don't know, HVS only had a limited budget to make the game with so they had a choice, do they make the SP great or the MP great? They chose the MP because that is what keeps the player coming back for more.
Conduit 2 isn't a bad game, it's actually (as far as I'm concerned) the best MP FPS on the wii, not Goldeneye!



Negi444 said:

I actually really liked the game... The story not so much. The first conduit was more serious and even if the whole conspiracy thing is a little played out i liked how they did it. The second one treated it more like a joke and they really didn't seem to care about it at all. The change in voice actors bugged me too and the way Ford was portrayed was to different than he was in the first game. They also didn't really delve into Andromedas story that much which made her pointless to me completely.



noxusprime06 said:

are you kidding me?!? this game was amazing! it deserves an 8 at least. invasion mode is the most fun ive had shooting aliens in a while

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