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Thu 18th Mar 2010

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Jampony commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

I agree entirely with this review, and the "you should look to another console for high quality fps gaming" mentality in the comments is disappointing. Epic shooters have been made on hardware far worse than the Wii. There's nothing in Nintendo's documents that states "No AAA fps games, please".

I realise that The Conduit series never intended to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bioshock or Call of Duty or maybe even Halo, but they could have at least had some great ideas and an execution that rised above anything that could've been made in the early 2000s.

For me, another disappointment, but I'll continue supporting this game/developer with my money because they're one of the only ones who still seem to give a crap anymore.



Jampony commented on Review: Tetris Party Live (DSiWare):

@shinesprite God I bought that and was a little disappointed at how barebones that was. No online, only Singleplayer or VS CPU, no extras whatsoever. Extremely minimal.

This looks much more fun and worth the points.



Jampony commented on Review: Looksley's Line Up (DSiWare):

It's pretty innovative overall, but the camera's limitations are apparent from the get go. And I gave my mum a go at this game and she found it a bit difficult! I mean, one of the first things you have to find (Cinderella's carriage,) is quite tricky to line-up!



Jampony commented on Review: Looksley's Line Up (DSiWare):

I'll be buying this based on their ambition alone. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to get head tracking to work with the camera/processing quality of the DSi in the first place. I guess I'll just have to spotlight my face with a lamp!



Jampony commented on Nintendo DSi Browser:

Flash is a processor and memory hog and requires a huge code library to run. You may have noticed it's not even on the iPhone? That's because even Steve Jobs believes it will bring down the performance of it's hardware.

Since it has trouble running on hardware that is 10 or 50 times more powerful than the DSi, what makes you all think it would be able to run it?



Jampony commented on Nnooo! It's Another myPostcards Video!:

I love Nnooo! They're doing what Nintendo should've done when the DSi launched in the first place by bringing out apps that help make the DS useful outside of gaming.