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Fri 8th Jan 2010

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Imerion commented on Parent Trap: ​Is 3DS Download Play The Perfe...:

This really is one of the best features of the 3DS. We use this very often among my friends, and it works so smoothly, up and running after a few minutes. In comparison, getting together to play PC games takes at least 2 hours to get started (if your lucky) and very rarely works well.

I only wish more 3DS games will use this feature!



Imerion commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

Seriously, as a developer myself I see no reason this couldn't run on Wii U. People need to learn to optimize. Sure, it might require some effort depending on the code. But it's a code issue, not a hardware issue.



Imerion commented on Pokémon Rumble World Is Getting A Physical Re...:

I'm very happy they are doing this. I'd much rather buy a complete, real game at once than buy it bit for bit or worst of all, one life at a time. Good move! If it releases in Europe I will buy, if nothing else to support the release of real games instead of pay to win crap.



Imerion commented on Retailer Listing Suggests That Telltale's Accl...:

Please please please let this be true! I played the first episode a few years ago but lost contact with the friend whom I played it with. Was an amazing game as far as I played. Since then I haven't had access to a system its available on, so I would buy this day one!



Imerion commented on Review: Shiftlings (Wii U eShop):

This seems like a talented developer. Graphics are really nice and go beyond most eShop releases and the focus on co-op is always nice! i bought this, but have still not tried it. A few other games on my backlog. But its nice to hear puzzles are well designed and clever. Looking forward to playing this!



Imerion commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

Seriously, as a game developer myself I have to say I see nothing in this video that should be a problem to get to run on Wii U. I'd say they're just lazy or feel so pressed on time they feel they can't make more versions than one. Fair enough, but then they should say that and not blame it on technical issues...



Imerion commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teased For N...:

Perhaps the fact that Wii U sales have picked up a lot in wake of recent big titles, this is viable again. Especially since Treyarch have a great history of Nintendo ports. I really hope this is true! Will certainly buy it day one if it comes out for Wii U. Had lots of fun with the last two titles to arrive on the console.

By the way, is it possible to go in there and link the account? Maybe I should do that to encourage them to port.



Imerion commented on Mario Party 10 Shows Decent Stamina in Second ...:

Nice to hear it does well! While I would have liked a few more boards, it's my favorite entry in the series this far. Bowser mode and it's co-op gameplay was amazingly fun and will be played on many parties to come. Standard gameplay is great too; I especially liked that there are so many fun events around the boards, like all attractions in the fairground, etc.



Imerion commented on Nintendo Confirms New 3DS eShop Shooter IronFa...:

Also glad this is still on track. There are way to few action games for 3DS. It's a genre I like, and many of the ones that have been released have worked really well. I also really really hope this will have single-cart (or single download, I guess) multiplayer. Would be soo awesome to try that multiplayer. I might be able to get six persons with 3DS:es together, but without such a mode I won't get all of them to have the game...



Imerion commented on Watch: Catch Up With the North American, Europ...:

Soo hyped and happy now! Loads of good stuff this time, including a lot of surprises! My gaming future looks great indeed!

Just unhappy about one thing, that Pokémon puzzler. Why did they have to make it a stupid freemium, pay-to-win affair. Nintendo has stood up against that kind of crap for so long, and I really hope they will stay focused on providing good quality games for a decent cost, instead of crap games for zero cost (+ very high cost if you actually want to play it...)
Sorry, a bit angry there. But I can't help feeling the whole App Store-mentality is ruining more and more of the gaming world every day. A low one-time payment, or at least an option to buy the entire game for a higher sum like in Steel Diver feels much more honest.
Either way, it's just one title for the moment. As far as the big ones stay far out of this territory, I won't complain more.



Imerion commented on Undead Storm Nightmare Will Bring The Zombie A...:

Great news! I really liked the original and played it a lot in multi. Combination of four player co-op and cheap prize made a few of my friends get it, so we didnt even need download play, which is otherwise a must since we rarely have the same games.



Imerion commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on FAST Racing N...:

So hyped for this! Loved the original and have played it loads. Also those screens look stunning! Hope we'll see more soon.
Thanks for putting so much time into this and making it for Wii U!

By the way, how many players will this be? Any chance of 5 players with four on the tv and one on the gamepad? I had hoped Mario Kart 8 would have that, but since it didn't my hope turned to other Wii U racers.



Imerion commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

I really wish this would have been released! Would have bought it twice. Was so amazing on GC and this looks even better.

Also, I really liked Force Unleashed for the Wii, including the motion controls. It really nailed immersion without compromising advanced gameplay. Played it several times and would love a third one.



Imerion commented on Video: Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Footage Breaks ...:

I think this looks both good and fun. If they can pull this off in 4 player multi, or even better, 5 player, then this could be really good. Also, the video says tech demo, so perhaps additional tweaks to physics and such will be made to make things feel more realistic and water-ish.



Imerion commented on Review: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop):

Im very curious about the tutorials included. How extensive are they? Is it only to explain the rules are do they go into various strategies, openings, etc?