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Sun 18th Apr 2010

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Rainman commented on Review: Dr. Mario (3DS Virtual Console / Game ...:

For me Dr. Mario is the greatest game ever created! It has single handedly spurred my purchase of each Nintendo console/handheld I have owned.

I got the Gameboy because of Dr. Mario, the GBC because it would still play the GB cart, the GBA because of the Doctor (this is still my favorite version and I still play it daily!), the NES, SNES and N64 for their versions of the Doctor (skipped the Gamecube because there was no version of Dr. M for it), the DS because it would still play the GBA cart and the DSi and Wii for Dr. Mario Online (still dumbfounded as to how the DSi version doesn't have multiplayer, even locally).

I don't have a 3DS yet because there is no version of Dr. Mario for it... and this GB Virtual Console version doesn't count.



Rainman commented on Review: Go Vacation (Wii):

I completely disagree with the reviewer's score. I have been having a lot of fun with Go Vacation. I have probably put in at least 12 hours so far and still haven't seen everything or found all the secrets and side quests. Exploring the resorts is relaxing and very enjoyable, and the controls for each mini-game work just fine. There are some mini-games you may only play once, but there are many others that will have you going back for more.

It's too bad this score will drag down overall reviews for this very entertaining title. It is an easy 7 out of 10 for me.



Rainman commented on MDK2:

Yeah it's strange. Metacritic has no reviews up for MDK 2 yet either. I loved the first game on the PC, but need to see some reviews before I plunk down 1000 points for this version.



Rainman commented on MDK2:

From Wikipedia... Meaning of MDK

While the actual meaning of the title's TLA (Three-letter acronym) is not revealed within the game, the gaming press and fans adopted Murder, Death, Kill, which was coined as a neologism in the film Demolition Man. Yet another possibility is documented inside the game manual, where Kurt's mission is named Mission: Deliver Kindness. In the readme for the MDK demo, it is stated that nobody's quite sure what "MDK" means, it means whatever they need it to mean on that given day. Since the readme was penned on Mother's Day, the meaning for that particular day is "Mother's Day Kisses".

In the European version of the game, the background images of the installation program present many possible meanings for the letters M, D and K; some silly, some believable, and one of them "Murder, Death, Kill". In the Japanese version of the game on the back cover it says in bold yellow letters: "My Dear Knight".

It is revealed in the "Making of MDK" booklet that came with the "Limited Edition" of the game that the term was actually the game's codename; when Shiny came around to coming up with a name for the game, they chose to stick with the codename.

In the installation screen for MDK2, various meanings are shown scrolling down as a backdrop to Kurt diving through or to an unknown destination with "Murder, Death, Kill" highlighted.

In an interview with David Perry in NowGamer, Perry revealed that the original meaning of "MDK" from the company's initial promo video was in fact "Murder Death Kill". However, because the toy company that was supposed to make toys based on the game did not like to have those words printed on the toys, the words were removed and replaced with only "MDK". At the time of the game's release, Perry's official line on the game's title was that it stood for the first initials of game's characters Max, Dr. Hawkins, and Kurt.



Rainman commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

This review was too harsh. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, maybe even a little more than Goldeneye, but then I prefer futuristic weapons and my protagonist sounding like Duke Nukem (both voiced by Jon St. John). I never played the first Conduit (the no-splitscreen-multiplayer was a deal breaker for me), and will always prefer my FPS games on the PC, but I still give Conduit 2 a solid 7.5 out of 10.



Rainman commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

Dr. Mario 64 would be the title I want to see most. As my favorite game of all time, it the one responsible for my purchase of every Nintendo system I had/have... which is also why I skipped the GameCube... no version of the Doctor for it. The GBA version is still my favorite version but having the N64 version on the Wii would be great!



Rainman commented on Descent:

Yeah, I played this a lot when it came out originally, until Duke Nukem 3D took over as king on my computer (which I still play to this day!). Unfortunately, the lack of multiplayer for this WiiWare version of Descent is a deal breaker for me. No multiplayer = no purchase.



Rainman commented on Review: JellyCar 2 (WiiWare):

The game trailer on the Disney Interatactive Studio site shows the DSiWare logo as well as WiiWare. So maybe it's coming to the handheld next.



Rainman commented on Review: Ghost Mania (WiiWare):

I agree with much of the reviewer's points, however I still got enough enjoyment from the game to have given it a little higher score than it got. And yes, it's biggest innovation is definitely it's biggest downfall as well... that being the random number generator that decides what colour pieces come next. Levels can be failed and games lost just because you can't get the colour you need to continue.

For me the puzzle mode was the most fun, even with its questionable increasing difficulties. I would get stumped on one for some time and breeze through the next several wondering why they were so easy. All in all it was still well worth the 500 points to me, though nothing will ever unseat Dr. Mario in all his adaptations as my king of all puzzlers! Hopefully they would put out a demo so others can try before they buy.



Rainman commented on AiRace:

WOW! Just finished this game. AiRace is TOTALLY worth the buy! It rocks! Many hours of gameplay, 6 amazing environments with multiple tracks in each, challenging AI planes, powerups and missles, earning upgrades for your plane (engine, wing and shields), 18 Championships to race using 3 classes of planes as you earn them, from biplanes, to WWII planes and finally jets! It gets insanely fast. One of the best racers I have ever played on the DSi!

I feel sorry for you gamers in Europe who don't have access to AiRace yet, but we don't have Photo Dojo here yet either so that sort of evens things out.

No Gizmo, the original AiRace Tunnel game is not included in the AiRace.