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Thu 28th Apr 2011

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Libertarian commented on Interviews: High Voltage Software - Conduit 2:

Great interview. I do agree with HVS that Conduit 2 is a complete package. It's certainly a large step up from The Conduit. I'd give Conduit 2 an 8/10. For once, a Wii game will stay in rotation for months... at least.



Libertarian commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

I have to disagree. Honestly, I don't see how anyone can like Red Steel 2 more than Conduit 2. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can like Red Still 2 at all to begin with. I guess it's all personal opinion, which I'll agree to respect. I was pretty let down by Red Steel 2. I bought it due to some positive feedback, but the waggle, the lacking story, the repetitive environments and scenarios, all left a lot to be desired. I found the game to be rather lousy.

Anyways, Conduit 2 exceeded my expectations. You know, I liked The Conduit, but I had a number of complaints with with. However, I still found a lot to like there. With Conduit 2, I feel like HVS has gotten it right this time. I found the level design and variety in the single player to be well done. I thought the story was fun and campy sci-fi. The controls — especially with WiiMotion+ — are spot on. The multiplayer — aside from some minor technical hiccups — is ridiculously good. And for the issues there are, HVS has already done a pretty dandy job patching them up. I think I've downloaded 3 patches so far. And the multiplayer has so many unlocks and a lot of customization. I just think Conduit 2 is an awesome package and much better than a 5/10. But again, that's your opinion and we'll just have to agree to disagree on the game's merits.