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Mon 11th Jan 2010

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Rogues commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

@60 my point is that with a current vote count of 102 at, Conduit has a user rating of 8.3. Significantly higher that the reviewer at NL gave the game. I would say that possibly he didn't care for the game which is fine, but there were are lot of posts here saying that they would now not get the game based on this reviewers "opinion" of the game.



Rogues commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

I have to strongly voice that this score is low when compared to what most gamers that have been playing the game are saying. The biggest shame would be for readers of nintendo life to let a bad review, that is really just an opinion, decide for them whether they will get the game. At least rent it and decide for yourself. There are a lot of us that are really enjoying the game.



Rogues commented on Review: Red Steel 2 (Wii):

I'm late to the party ( as usual ) but I am playing RS2 and it's great. This is exactly the type of game one would expect when you have controls like the Wii provides. Too bad it took so long for a game like this to make it to the market. It's a bargain now and still comes with the Motion plus so if you haven't gotten it, do it already! I wish there was more support for the Motion Plus attachment but it sure makes this game a blast to play

The only issue I have with the gameplay ( and it's Nintendo's fault ) is the damn nunchuck cable either restricts my full swings or it gets tangled up.

Hopefully Nintendo will do away with ANY cables on future consoles and I may look into a wireless nunchuck for now.



Rogues commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

The biggest thing I am looking for from Nintendo in the future is a little more emphasis on the graphical power of their machine while still paying the same attention to all the other details the got right with the Wii.

I don't spend a lot of time reading gaming sites so maybe I am making incorrect assumptions but one would think if the power of the Wii had been on par with the xBox 360 we might have seen more parity with game releases of major franchises. I think the Wii and the controllers are perfect especially for FPS type games but that is one of the areas where the Wii has experienced it's greatest shortfall of games that compare to the HD consoles.

Now that the HD consoles are entering the motion control arena maybe Nintendo should enter the HD arena and give the support needed to encourage those game studios to develop for the Wii.



Rogues commented on Resident Evil:

I recently rented this game to experience the original and while the game was really creepy I found the controls some of the most frustrating ever. The constant camera angle changes causing you to adjust the direction you are running and placing you right in front of a zombie with absolutely no warning took much of the fun away.

I guess after playing RE4 it's hard to adjust to such a horrible control scheme just to experience the otherwise very scary game. Unfortunately, for me, the scariest part turned out to be the controls.



Rogues commented on Review: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun R...:

The game does kick . I also found the Wii Remote alone the best way to play the game. I found the hardest chapter so far to be The Battle of Midway and pretty much breezed through first 2/3rds of the American campaign in less than 1.5 hours.

Some multiplayer would be nice as would additional flight features such as barrel-rolling your plane. The AI is better on the enemy pilots than on your side so I hope they can balance that out better. I frequently end up finishing a mission with absolutely no support as they are all shot out of the sky. Or I find that 6 American planes are in the upper atmosphere all chasing one enemy fighter while I am down near ground level trying to fight off a dozen enemies alone! LOL!

Great game though and I'm sure the next episode will be better.



Rogues commented on Take Off with Pearl Harbor on July 5th:

This game has had WII points set aside for the last two months! I can't wait until Monday! The screenshots and video make this look like an amazing game and a must have for fans of WWII flight sims.



Rogues commented on Cursed Mountain Developer Closed:

I just bought the game last night and I think it's great. Graphically, I'm pretty happy with it and I personally would never say the graphics were horrible ( @ nightsky071 ) and it's unfair to make that statement as the game shows a nice attention to detail. I haven't noticed any glitches in the graphics and haven't noticed any problems seeing what is happening on screen. Maybe if you compare what a game would have looked like on a PS3 you may think the graphics suck, but for what the Wii is - they are quite good.

I don't agree with the statement that a hard core game on Wii is suicide, but I do think that Nintendo did make it a challenge for developers by under-powering the graphics abilities of the Wii and not fully realizing the potential of a better graphics engine combined with the unique control scheme of the machine and how that could have appealed to the hard-core crowd.



Rogues commented on Interviews: Gevo Entertainment - GhostSlayer:

On Rails does disappoint me a little but I suppose if it's done right it could still be as much fun as HOD:overkill was. I'm not a huge fan of rail based games but given the limits of WiiWare maybe it makes more sense.
The motion plus will be the true make or break for the game and I'm glad to hear more games are taking advantage of it. The whole reason I bought into the Wii console was how you are able to interact with a game as opposed to just mashing buttons for hours on end. I I am hoping more developers start to approach making Wii games with motion+.



Rogues commented on Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII:

This game is a blazing P.O.S. . It is hard to target ground enemies and your first major mission calls for you to defend a bridge against ground targets. Graphics are pretty good but the controls leave too much to be desired IMO to make the game playable. The voice acting can become wildly out of sync leaving you confused as to what you are supposed to be doing.



Rogues commented on Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360:

I'm happy to hear that the Wii is outselling everything else, game and hardware. But why is it that all the commercials aimed at gamers seems to be spent on games supporting only the 360 and PS3? I would really like Nintendo to do a little more in the way of advertising games, especially those which have a T or M. With that many Wii's sold there has to be an untapped segment of gamers who would jump on board and buy games for themselves and not just the kiddies!

I'm probably 3 times the age of the average "gamer" but I'm very interested in some of the core games. There is a lot of really interesting stuff coming down the pike for the wii - games I am marking down as must haves are The Calling, Grinder, No More Heroes2, Red Steel2. Plus I'd love to get many of the other games which didn't seem to sell well on the Wii, but got good reviews like Deadly Creatures, The Conduit and the Resident Evil series.

Nintendo has got to make more mature gamers aware that there is a lot to offer them for the hours when the kiddies are tucked away in bed



Rogues commented on Sega: Nintendo Should Support Mature Gamers:

I'd love to see more unique and mature rated games show up on the wii but I don't think it's any particular companies obligation to support the genre. It's up to each company to create a QUALITY game and advertise it in the right places. I think a game that is worth buying will show up prominently on the blogs and review sites which as gamers, I'm sure most of us will notice.

There are an awful lot of Wii's out there and I'm sure there are more than enough teen+ gamers that would buy games aimed at the core gamer.