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Kotaku Says YES to the Wii U - Rejoicing Begins

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Invaluable positive press for the system

We don't often reference editorial opinion from major websites as news, but as we're forever seeking silver-linings and positivity for the rather marvellous Wii U, we're going to make an exception. Kotaku, one of the most influential — we're talking top three — gaming sites in the world, has upgraded its Wii U review from a "Not Yet" to a resounding "Yes".

There's a full-on updated review that praises the system, primarily due to its growing library of top-notch games and improved operating system and application. It concludes as follows:

There was a time when the Wii U simply cost too much for the amount of great games it had on the system. There was also a time when Nintendo TVii might have been a big deal. (This was around the same time!). That was the past. That was a past when you could merrily skip the Wii U and be ok.

Today, however, if you skip the Wii U, you're missing out.

Please recognize that we don't make console recommendations based on the future. We're not telling you to grab a Wii U now because there's a Smash Bros. a few months from release and a gorgeous open-world Zelda farrrr out on the horizon.


We are recommending the Wii U in the present.

As we say, it's the exception rather than the norm that we publish editorial opinion from other sites, but considering the sheer clout of Kotaku it's pleasing to see that it's giving the system an undeniable thumbs up; this is even taking into account the various gaps in the library the system will face with major franchises such as Batman, Assassin's Creed and many more. It should also be of surprise to no-one that, before E3 in particular, the Wii U received some consistent negative press on various influential outlets. After the LA show opinion has shifted a little.

Kotaku often posts quirky items on burgers shaped like Pokemon and the like, and we often source the site for quirkier 'weirdness' articles. It's an undeniably big fish, however, and it's declaring to its readers that they should have plenty of fun with the Wii U, that's it's absolutely worth a purchase.

Of course, many of us already knew that, but spreading the word is vital — this'll help.


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Caryslan said:

It really helps that Nintendo did well at E3 while Sony and Microsoft kinda forgot to bring their A game. When a major highlight of Sony's press conference is a TV show and a port of last gen games like GTA V and Last of Us to the PS4, it raises the question as to if these next-gen systems are even worth it right now.

Honestly, I have yet to see a reason to stop playing my PS3 and 3DS. And when I do get a next-gen console, the Wii U is my top choice.



Captain_Toad said:

@outburst hey that 1st one was my other avatar! lol
Slowing but surely gaining ground the U has. Probably not gonna be the Wii in terms of sales all over again or well be in the lead like in last generation. Only time'll tell. Though, if that mario kart 8 bundle, Digital event, getting some developers to work on other genres, Iwata's words (hopefully not just fluff) and being more social is anything to come by. The general public WILL be taking notice. PLS PLS DO THAT N.

And just for reference



Falchion said:

I read the actual article and it is awesome that a major video game news outlet loves the wii u that much. Go Kotaku!



ricklongo said:

By the end of this generation I fully expect the Wii U to have risen to #2 among my favorite consoles of all time, behind only the SNES. It's a fantastic litle machine, with loads of top notch games already out, and it's by far the smoothest web-browsing experience offered by any console ever, thanks to the gamepad.



BossBattles said:

Don't need some hipster sexism-racism obsessed website to tell me it is OK to enjoy a console I've had and enjoyed since day 1.



Jazzer94 said:

With the work Nintendo has been doing with the Wii U this is definitely deserved praise.



Gold said:

Kotaku has some of the weirdest articles, but thats the colo thing about them.



earthboundlink said:

Good to see good press for the Wii U. It really is an excellent console with a pretty steady stream of good to excellent games. Picking it up now will open up a pretty awesome world of games to the buyer.

And I'm glad to see they're sticking with the gamepad concept (not that I thought they wouldn't). There's still so much potential to be met with the controller.



Nintenjoe64 said:

YES, NO and MAYBE are really the only review scores that products need. Numerical scores just confuse people and make people angry over opinions that aren't there own.



dinosauryoshi said:

Excellent news and well deserved, the Wii U has some truly great games, and I've barely scratched the surface so far. Buying one was one of the best decisions I've made in a while.



IxC said:

Kotaku went seriously downhill after Crecente left.

Can't say they're wrong though. Well, they are a bit. The Wii U has always had enough good games to justify a purchase, but now it has an absolutely fantastic library of games. The best of all the current systems by a ridiculously huge margin.



Minotaurgamer said:

woah woah woah woah....what the hell is wrong with you guys?! why are you so happy and cheerful that a GAME WEBISTE gives a thumbs up to a game system after years of ignoring it based on industry bullpoopsiedoodoocacapoopledoopledoggiedoops?

why are you giving so much importance to this? who the hell are they whose opinions are SO GODLY important?

They are nothing but a bunch of nerds get paid to talk about videogames and prostitute themselves to the industry. They are nobody authority only for the niche geeks and otakus. The rest of the world doesn't give a damn what a game website says about X o Y console.

You guys are really pathetic you know that? You have ZERO dignity if you feel BLESSED because an idiotic, useless, fanboyish webiste says yes to a game console. And also delusional.

No wonder why nobody takes gamers seriously. You are ridiculous.
Watch the profanity — TBD



eaglebob345 said:

So after a year and a half of riding the Nintendo hate train, Kotaku finally decides to say something nice. That's cool and all, but they lost me as a reader when they boarded that train when the other major site were doing it.

Quick unrelated question: Do Nintendo Life, Push Square, and Pure XBox have a name like the _______ trio, or something? I try to recommend them to other people, but I don't know what exactly to call them all together.



Zyph said:

@IxC I can say the same with Polygon though, even if Brian Crecente is over there. That site isn't really much of a Nintendo fan. Most of their articles are [negative] criticisms.



Captain_Toad said:

@minotaurgamer Heh, because after recent events recalling the Digital event, games that are now available and upcoming, Mario kart 8 bundle being successful, WiiU coming out of the red zone now that becoming profitable which'll HOPEFULLY mean better advertising, etc. The good times is coming and the general public is taking notice not just single website hype. All I can say is that, Nintendo better not be taking this for granted. I mean my very own solo debut this year hangs in the balance for mushrooms sake!



eaglebob345 said:

@minotaurgamer Might wanna watch the language there, but I agree. Kotaku didn't try to be unbiased then and now it just sad that they are flip-flopping. I bet their extra biased fanbase isn't going to like that. Kotaku (and others as well) have been, are, and forever will be full of themselves (and a little bribery money). Nothing has changed. No they are trying to ride Nintendo's hype train, the one Nintendo built for themselves and their fans.



eaglebob345 said:

@vamkar I feel the same. I buy what I want when I want it. I will also be getting a PS4 for KH3 and maybe a few others, but it is Wii U on top for me.



Troggy said:

I'd say this would help, but I'm sure that most of the huge fanboys of the Xbox One and PS4 still won't purchase a Wii U despite this. They'll most likely continue to avoid the Wii U either because of EA and their more popular games not being on it, or because of blind fanboy loyalty, despite Sony's worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida owning two Wii U's himself.



IxC said:


I don't just mean into Kotaku's Nintendo coverage though.

Before crescente left there was far less of this "snacktaku" and other non gaming nonsense. And the comments were much better. It's a bit like comparing here to mynintendonews. While crescentre was there and they had the "apply to comment" rule, where you had to make a meaningful first comment or your account was rejected, the site was like nintendolife. Most comments contribute to the discussion and all is well.

After he left, the comment section went to mynintendonews standards quite quickly. Well over 50% trolls, probably closer to 75%. Reading kotaku comments just became pointless.

Although, I've just popped over to kotaku for the first time in, probably over a year, it's changed, most articles have comments in the single digits, many articles have no comments at all. Looks like the site is dying to me.

Edit: I take that last bit back. I was on the (dead-like) UK site. The US site still has plenty of users.



Peach64 said:

Some people will never be happy. You can't criticise a website for being a maybe/no in the past, and a yes now. They felt like it didn't have enough games to justify the price before, but now they feel there is. Makes perfect sense! It's not flip-flopping, it's not making a U-turn. They're not saying they were wrong before.

I'd just a website was pretty biased if they tried to claim the Wii U was worth it for the first 12 months, not a website that says 'wait and see' for 18 months and then says 'Yep, there's some great games now, go for it'.



Tryken said:

I usually go to Kotaku to be made to feel guilty about my race and gender. Seriously, though, their constant political rants made me leave them as a reader. Not that there aren't issues to talk about, but it was getting out of hand. It's really one of the worst websites on the internet.

Anyway, I AM glad, though, for the Wii U! It's a system that's definitely budding. People keep chanting "third party," but that's not what Nintendo has ever been about. I think them recapturing second party was a smart idea. Sell your system by exclusives. The third party stuff will come later.



zool said:

.......and what do we learn from this? Don't rush to be the first to buy a New Nintendo console because you will be starved of games for about two years.



bezerker99 said:

Kotaku makes a good point. The time is now to definitely buy a Wii U. Lots of great games to choose from (now).



Ralek85 said:

@Ryno My reply: I just booted up my brand new WiiU and started WWHD ... there is an option for Y-Inverse for 1st person, there is no option for Y-Inverse for 3rd person. You CANNOT inverse the camera, meanwhile it is 2014. Makes me sick, but love you Nintendo, if it weren't for Splatoon I would return this ... I don't even know what to call it, a loving time machine. Luckily for them it's a remaster, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, it is still inexcusable.
....... Why would you allow for 1st person inversion, but not 3rd person when 95% of the game is friggin 3rd person!? WHY?
Watch the profanity please — TBD



Ralek85 said:

@midnafanboy I'm just ticked, really, really ticked and there are only so many ways to convey emotion with words :-/ It is just beyond disappointing ... not really the best 1st experience with a new console I'm supposed to enjoy. In addition, since they allow for left/right swapping and inversion of 1st person, I also feel mocked, for the lack of a better term - rubbing it in my face that they just don't give a love.



rmeyer said:

Monster hunter 3 ultimate is the reason you should have lived on your Wii U best game in a decade



MrGawain said:

IGN also published the results of their 'who won E3' poll. Nintendo.

Also there's been quite an uproar that more people voting wanting a Wii U more than the other 2 consoles (especially the XB1) on recent Gamefaqs polls, meanwhile on GameTrailers, their GDEX app of social network gaming comments shows the Wii U being twice more commented on than the XB1.

Barring if this means Nintendo will sell any more consoles, maybe there is too many Wii U admirers for these other websites make Nintendo the butt of the joke all the time? Do they really want to scare off their potential visitors?



BoobooMama said:

Kotaku is a wasteland of racism, click bait and hack journalism. Who cares what they think.



jariw said:

@Ralek85 So you want to return a console, because one game on it doesn't provide an option you want? Tell us more!



rjejr said:

So since my bettery is about dead, does the article mention purchasing a Wii U instead of the other systems, or more of a 2nd console choice?



Yoshi said:

@Hernandez But I can't play Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country, and a lot of Wii U games on my 3DS....



Ralek85 said:

@jariw So few words, so many mistakes, I will provide some hints: conjunctive and need. Get it?

Spoiler: "I would return", "an option you [need]" (an option that is as standard as any option possibly could be, that is also why I was so pissed off, it's just ... well let's say I can't remember when I last played a big budged, supposedly high quality title that didn't account for this. It is a huge disappointment, especially considering everyone keeps raving about Ninty being all about quality and details ... also it's such an easy fix for them, that it is almost insulting to be facepalmed like this.)

Wanna hear moar? I can keep venting...



PuppyToucher said:

@Ralek85 I completely agree it was a huge oversight on Nintendo's part to not let the 3rd person camera be inverted. Had to train my brain to be able to play the game since I always play other games inverted



Naoiko said:

I'm super excited to hear praise and promotion for the Wii U. I was really hoping the system wouldn't go out with such a bad rap. Still saving up for one, and still going to get one.



Ralek85 said:

@PuppyToucher The most annoying part is that this is such an easy fix for them, they even accounted for it in 1st person. You are right though, for Zelda it might be workable, since there is little really "aiming" and quick reaction involved ... I might give it a shot. They SHOULD have fixed it with a patch though, I mean that is the least they should have done ... it's 2014 after all, we do poopoodoodoocacapoopiedoopiepoodledoodle like that, can't we?



JaxonH said:


Dang right Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the best video game of all time. People just don't know what they're missing! Granted, the game takes a few hours to get its meat hooks in you- most gamers are impatient and give up on it before even hunting a real monster. They get the wrong impression and think the whole game is gathering mushrooms lol. And actually complain about no life bars and animation frames. It's like, these are the things that makes the game great! They just don't know!



JaxonH said:

Most Nintendo fans are secure enough to play what THEY like against the grain, but, there are quite a few gamers out there that do actually allow the consensus opinion to affect their own (and in many cases, they adopt it verbatim). It's an unfortunate reality, but it is what it is. So it's always good to see the consensus opinion swing in Nintendo's favor, because you can believe it WILL convince people to buy a system. A lot of gamers will only buy consoles that are socially accepted. So, this is good news.



Lvl100Caterpie said:

I sold my Wii U with one game and bought 20 awesome Wii games, Disney Infinity, Skylanders 1 & 2, two Wiis, and I have $50 left over.

The Wii U is Nintendo's Sega Saturn.... just saying....



arnoldlayne83 said:

It s an amazing console with a lot of wonderful games, many of them you won t find anywhere else... My backlog keep being massive, i am enjoying jumping from w101, to a relaxing pikmin session, toonline fun with mario kart and cod, ending with sofa sessions on mario platforms!



Lvl100Caterpie said:

@arnoldlayne83 The Wii U just doesn't have the same appeal as the Wii does or did. I might consider picking up a Wii U when they drop the price to $200 around Christmas time to appeal to the younger audiences.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@MagikarpSplash imho the wiiu actual and future line up is much more adult oriented than wii.... And it miss the tons of shovelware the old one had (i had one wii, got rid of them when wiiu came)



SakuraHaruka said:

Kotaku?, Well, this is good for Nintendo and co, so the Wii U will have a better prospect for the market.



Datasun_7 said:

I love me Wii U, absolutely fantastic console that I prefer at this time to all my other consoles. Can't really understand the hate for it



Kirk said:

If you've got the money then all the consoles are worth getting imo and they have been since day one. If you've got the money. If not then it's a whole other ball game and you need to be a lot more picky.



NintyMan said:

I really enjoy my Wii U and don't understand the hating. Even during the dry months I still found something to enjoy about the console, but since Super Mario 3D World it's been played many more times, and Donkey Kong and especially Mario Kart have helped. It will only get better from here, folks.



k8sMum said:

I don't think I've ever seen so much anger and negativity generated by a positive article.

We are a strange species.



Ralek85 said:

@jariw Nah, why bother you don't even have an argument or anything of the kind I could retort. But no worries, after a game like this even you can't dampen my mood



TruthBeTold said:

I have a theory that there will be random, weird, negative comments on EVERY SINGLE Nintendolife article, no matter the subject or how benign. Someday that theory may be proven wrong, but today is not that day.

Also, @Ralek85 - While a seemingly obvious design choice being left out is reason enough to be frustrated, that has way more to do with the specific game than it does with the console as a whole.



TruthBeTold said:

@minotaurgamer and all-
There has been a lot of negativity surrounding this console. A lot. It is easy, even as a fan, to get to the point where you are hard pressed to believe the console will truly succeed. Gaming outlets largely discredit it. Then Nintendo has a great showing at E3 and sites, large, widely-syndicated sites, that once overlooked and ignored (even sometimes mocked) the WiiU are starting to recognize it as an emerging successful console. If you like the website or not, this is reason to be happy. It's an opportunity to recognize the WiiU's success, something we haven't had the chance to do yet. Why waste it?



Shpongled_Mario said:

@arnoldlayne83 He/she is a kid, I think that's what they meant, when they aim at the younger kids for price. Two of the games he/she bought for their wii were skylanders and disney infinity, so that also makes me feel they are young, and not looking for the adult experience



ShadyKnights said:

Hm... Well okay I guess I'll toss in my dollar on the issue.

Okay, so on a base level, yes, this is awesome news to be happy about. People who purchased their Wii U, knowing what they were getting into have been beating the drum about how awesome the console has already been for some time now. The fact that a large and influential site like Kotaku said nice things about the Wii U is a positive sign that the hate train has been derailed. Even if there have to still be some back handed compliments, at least the overt and loud screaming of untruths now must cease lest their credibility be brought into question.

Now for me, personally, I don't care what Kotaku has to say about my Wii U anymore. After a little over a year and a half of blatant lies, doom and gloom, and arm chair analysts and the like talking about how Nintendo will be going under, how it is an underpowered piece of tech trash, how “overpriced” it is, how the gamepad should be dropped, how Nintendo should “get with it”, how the Wii U should be dropped for a “real console” and so on by nearly everyone who wanted to get attention for the most Nintendo hate, I’ve just written off gaming journalism as garbage not to be taken seriously anyway. The only reason I find positivity in IGN, Kotaku and others getting positive Nintendo news out is because now the average, uninformed gamer are getting something “closer” to an actual honest critique of the system. The reason I say this is, the average person never has had a reason to get a new console within its first couple of years to my 26 year old memory.

Yeah there are fun games occasionally tossed out there in the first year or so to please early adopters and draw buzz to the new console, but the real meat and potatoes for the longevity of a console comes later when a more steady stream of games release, or when you have an understanding of how the stream of games to be released will flow. This generally isn’t something you can just grasp by the first year, though the second generally tends to give you a better idea for how things are going to work from then on. Right now, Nintendo is looking like the Wii U will have a slow, but constant flow of high quality games throughout its years. This E3 also shows that Nintendo, as a company, is also looking to diversify its brand, reach into more genres, reach out to their fans more and include said fans into more of their goings on. Yet for all of that, mainstream gaming media have spent much of their time speaking on how Nintendo “doesn’t listen”, how they have “abandoned the hardcore gamers”, and other such nonsense when the Directs “I” have seen has been more about the company showing how it appreciates our understanding and are trying to deliver to us, early adopters, a more reasonable flow of high quality games when they are READY, and to the people on the fence or who don’t know much about Nintendo, they have been spreading information about what their plan is going forward.

These people have no interest in doing what a journalist are supposed to be doing, informing the general masses. They just like the attention and prestige from gaining said attention. They don’t seem to remember how the PS3 spent nearly half last generation floundering and loosing almost all its exclusives until the price dropped closer to the range of reasonable for the average consumer, or the negative backlash for not all of their consoles being backwards compatible. They don’t seem to like to recall, mention, or discuss how the Wii U having backwards compatibility may actually improve the value of the Wii U considering it’s the only console with that feature intact and not even for a premium price as it was available to regular and deluxe Wii Us. No one wants to talk about how the gamepad legitimately changes the style of play in a positive way out of the box versus the touch pad or Kinect. None of them speak on how versus the XBOne and PS4 allowing gamers to pause their play when TV is in use, the Wii U is all about playing longer TV in use or not.

Yes Nintendo could do with advertising for themselves a little more, but darn it why report that you give gaming news if your “news” is, at best, ridiculous misinformation from a sketchy source or, at worst, deliberate lies from known fallacious sources. The middle ground being stating the features of the Wii U with a particularly negative tone such as “The game pad is neat and innovative, but seriously that battery is unacceptable!” or “Yeah you can add up to a 3TB external hard drive to the Wii U, but 32GB just is not enough memory to start with!" in order to belittle the console in every way. That isn’t spreading news, it’s spreading hate. And now that Nintendo pretty much blew everyone out of the water, suddenly these once serious problems and glaring flaws are now just little things to be ignored because the games are coming and now they don’t want to look like fools for telling people to not get it.

The Wii U was always a good buy. If it doesn’t have the games you want now, unless you’re hoping for a sexy bundle skin with the release of the game you want, then getting it now means you’re not blowing 300+ bucks later on the console and the games you want all at once. The concept that “It doesn’t have what I want now, I’ll get it when it does” is stupid to me when you’re talking about a first or second party game from Nintendo that they announced. You know those games are coming. Plus you get time to get familiar with the console, check out the features, and try a game or two that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried once the steady flow of games you actually know you want to play are out. Who hasn’t wished they picked up a game that they later found to be amazing sooner because they were blinded by what they were comfortable with?

The time for Kotaku to admit the Wii U is a good buy is past because everyone can see that now. Now they’re just verifying what people already know and saving face by the old admit-what-you-said-and-shine-your complaints-in-a-positive-light back step shuffle. Similar to Microsoft talking about how they listen to gamers and will only talk about games this E3 after insulting them all of E3 last year, or Sony saying you can share your games at the end of E3 press conference last year only to later that week say that they were only talking about first party games and third party devs can do what they want.

It’s amusing to see everyone try to jump on the Nintendo band wagon, but I remember things done and said too well to be… happy (?) that these people who were last year talking about how kiddie Nintendo games and gamers are, are now proudly wearing and waving Mario hats this year. That’s like punching my brother in the face then showing up at the family reunion talking about how you two are such good friends. I take moderate offense to that and find every word you say rather suspect. But hey, that’s just me.



k8sMum said:

There have been quite a few positive things said about the Wii u on kotaku, both in articles and comments from the beginning.

You must care quite a bit about Kodak's opinion: why else the wall of text regarding it?



Ralek85 said:

@TruthBeTold No, sorry, but you're wrong for two reasons:
First, the company that made the game, made the system. Therefore one has to assume that the problem of "a seemingly obvious design choice being left out" is endemic. I wil spare you every other aspect of Nintendo's way of running things, that would fall under the purview of such an argument (just think about the account system for example or the "oversight" of that ridiculous standard gamepad battery).
Secondly, and more importantly, it is the Wii U itself that should provide the solution. We are not in the age of the gamecube anymore, where such an oversight could hardly be addressed after the fact. That is not now, that is not 2014, that is not the Wii U. Nintendo should have caugt this during QA, at the very least they need to address via a patch/fix/softwareupdate, call it whatever you may, now that it's existence has become obvious. Considering how easy a fix it would be (they already did it for first person after all, as well as left/right for 3rd person as well), I think it is more than just a triffle offensive, that they bothered to do diddly squat about it.
A Sony Studios or Microsoft Studios game with such an oversight, would have seen an update on or close to release day. With the arrival of the WiiU, the NNID as well as the e-shop I expect Nintendo to be able to match this basic service of addressing issues that were not addressed during development. Is that too much to ask? I think not. Is it a minor issue, not worth the bother? Not for a player reliant on that simple, basic and standard controls option.
I'm not amused and neither should you be.



JusticeColde said:

@Peach64 You obviously don't know why we're really complaining about Kotaku.

But anyway, Kotaku has a very swayable fanbase and other people still do consider Kotaku's non-social/political articles and opinions to be worth hearing.



TruthBeTold said:

@Ralek85 I get it, but to say Sony and Microsoft would have fixed it can't be proven true or not. The development department is different than the console designers and managers. Nintendo has had some weird set in their way stuff, but it's not quite as simple as that.



Iggly said:

Someone saying yes to the Wii U is something positive right? I personally don't know about Kotaku, though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to know based on the comments on this article.



eaglebob345 said:

@Iggly You don't wanna know. I wish I didn't know...

Positivity is good, but coming from Kotaku, Gamespot, or IGN seems more like an insult to the people who actually follow Nintendo news. We know about their biases and vitriol. I can understand if someone does not follow the news, but people trying to deny it happened or trying to play it off as nothing are being delusional. Negative publicity can have a bad effect on companies and products.
Like I said in my earlier comment: Nintendo built their own hype train and these guys are trying to hop aboard (because their Nintendoom train ran out of has).



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Hernandez The thing i hope you don't think im some kind of nintendo fanboy, who defends everything nintendo does just because my name is midnafanboy. I assure you im not old sport.



rjejr said:

@Hernandez @brewsky - Thanks. Though I think it's funny you 2 gave almost opposite answers. Though either way it is better than the Wii U not being worth buying.



ShadyKnights said:

Well the majority of what my wall of text is about is gaming journalism in general rather than Kotaku. I've heard and read the statements I speak of from many sources and have stated as such.

The other part of my statement comes from my personal feelings on them or anyone suddenly having a a divine revelation of the quality of the Wii U, not just Kotaku.

So it's not really Kotaku's attitude specifically I speak about, so much as gaming journalists' attitude in general and how they pollute the minds of the uninformed for their own gain. I've never really liked that about any person or company who has done as much.



motang said:

Oh heck yeah! I just got mine not too long ago and am love it! Love the off TV play since there is only one TV in the house and my wife watches her shows.



yuwarite said:

Why should I celebrate Kotaku's opinions of anything? They're a joke, and most hardcore gamers have no respect for them.



Trikeboy said:

This is something nearly all early adopters knew. It was the same with the 3DS. A slow start but it will eventually find it's legs and start sprinting.



Shambo said:

I have my Wii U since day one, and never regretted it. Nor did I ever doubt Nintendo's strength coming in the form of Quality first party games, and a system original and inviting enough for more daring developers and publishers to bring more experimental games on. Rarely do I ever look forward to the next big multiplatform games, but of course more options are always welcome. The only reason I still turn on my PS3 is for the bluray player, and some late games that couldn't convince me to get a PS4.



ToniK said:

I've actually never visited their site. I did after reading this and will never do it again. The comment section was HOSTILE. Nintendo Life may not be Miiverse either but at least most people here are sensible and the overall atmosphere is friendly and mostly constructive even when dealing with serious subjects. I'm happy here.



argol228 said:

it;s like I have been saying. this generation all you need is a PC and a WiiU. ok, sure you might miss out on some exclusives, but in terms of multi-plat and for those that care about Graphics. PC is better than the ps4/xbone



WanderingPB said:

@ShadyKnights Wonderfully said my friend…i agree 101% i was going to put my two cents in but you've said it all.

Positive Wii U articles are always welcomed but all that biased negative hate is not forgotten and have educated more about how some gamers forgot that games are about having fun playing not nonsensical rhetoric…I personally think the Wii U was a great day 1 purchase for me but once Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 came out that's when the Wii U was shinning!



3DS_excel said:

I hate these kind of articles. It sounds as if praise must be sought to justify liking something.

On saying that I hope it helps improve sales as it keeps Nintendo in business and might get more developers on board to bring more great games to the console.



JimLad said:

Like I always say, Nintendo games sell Nintendo systems.
They don't need gimmicks, or horse power, or even third parties.

Next time I hope they just make a standard video games console, and release the peripherals seperate, instead of trying to force them on us.



Ralek85 said:

@TruthBeTold Sure, it can't be proven. On the other hand, since we are only interested in the outcome, in that case games that allow for y-inversion, the pertinent point should be if it can be disproved? Right off the top of my head, I can't disprove it, which is good I'd say.
I wasn't trying to imply that the individuals working on both fronts were identicial, just that they probably worked together on occasion as well certainly within the same framework, the same company-culture/structure etc., under the same leadership. That was what I meant by endemic and again, if you look at the outcome, it hardly matters, there are definitely parallels when it comes to oddities on either side, which combine at times into a greater mystery Although I wouldn't say that this is exclusive as a general problem to Nintendo, it seems just more pronounced these days with them, esp. considering how succesful M$ managed to pull a 180. ^^



MysticX said:

@3DS_excel I'm pretty sure the jubilation in this article is more about your second paragraph than your first, of course you don't need justification to buy the WiiU, but developers want justification before they develop for it (Ok, Nintendo can pull the WiiU-cart by themselves, but some help from third parties is never a bad thing), and a positive article on a popular website is a good start for that...



theBluntKnight said:

well it's nice that Kotaku have something nice to say about the wiiU for a change. It just makes me glad that I didn't let them do all the thinking for me when I was tossing up whether to buy a wiiU. I went and bought one back when super mario 3D world came out and everyone was saying "nintendo is doomed" "wiiU is the next dreamcast" "Nintendo will go 3rd party, can't wait to play zelda on my xbox/playstation hahaha". Suffice to say I am very happy with my wiiU and I have around 10 games already for it.At this point in time I have no desire to get any of the competing consoles and I can't see that changing anytime soon, even though I could easily afford them.



Achoo said:

With them being so 'influential', maybe I should be visiting their site everyday rather than this one then?



somari said:

good news you could say, but i don't know how it will effect the sales of the console.



yuwarite said:

@conditionals You're part of the web generation who think non-games like Gone Home deserve GOTY, and games like Dragon's Dogma are bad, I guess...



Will-75 said:

The Wii U is my favorite home console to date love the GamePad as the browser is awesome for online so much better than my PS4s not to mention the great lineup of titles coming on top of whats already out ., AWESOME SYSTEM Nintendo .



Ren said:

jeeziz people. No gaming website is "great journalism". and it's really sad and sick how many people still embody the stereotype of gross sheltered gamer who is so threatened by every mention of racism and sexism. Rampant sexist, racist, corny storytelling is still practically what defines video games, and anyone who wants to change that or at least talk about it doesn't deserve to be shat all over. Nice to be reminded of the age and maturity of people on here though.
I don't love Kotaku either but it's not that bad, they just don't always pander to 11 year old boys.



Action51 said:

@ShadyKnights - I agree mostly with what you said in your long wall of text (I actually read the whole thing) but I think it's not really hate that drives these people, it's laziness and peer pressure.

I also think internet and gaming culture has just and is still undergoing a major shift in culture.

I want you all to think about this: I remember a few years ago that making an intelligent post with correctly spelled words and proper punctuation a few years ago would garner ridicule and be dismissed.

Today I had someone go grammar Nazi on me for misspelling a word in a post on a gaming site.

It made me stop for a moment and ponder the ramifications. Maybe it had something to do with phones allowing you to actually type on a virtual keyboard rather then txt-ing with thumbs, or maybe the culture is just taking a turn for the slightly less dumbed down.

I also have noticed that many more gamers are getting tired of the samey-samey grey/brown shooters and annual franchises. While those kind of games are still king and will be around for a while, it's nice to see a shift toward greater variety and appreciation for more imaginative fare.

Well that's my meandering rant, as Keanu Reeves once said: "Be excellent to each other!"



3DS_excel said:

@MysticX I wonder if it will make a difference though. I suppose there will be no real way to prove if there has been a Kotaku effect or not.



akaDv8R said:

@Ralek85 Seriously, you are complaining about the FIRST game you have played on your Wii U. At least there are games to buy, unlike for XB1 and PS4 (drought). Out of all the reviews, comments and such, you are the ONLY person who rants on about it being 2014 and that Nintendo dared to release Wind Waker HD Remake without that option you are obsessed with. For God`s sake, take your Wii U back, get an XB1 or PS4, and in 2015 you will have some games to play, but I can guarantee, some of them won`t have the option you are looking for. Seriously, you are the definition of a PE-IS.

Also, you mention MS pulling off a 180. Those reasons they had in the beginning are still there you know. EA, Activision, Codemasters and a lot of other Devs are still saying they want DRM re-instated. MS are simply waiting until they have shifted enough consoles, and you can rest assured, they will start to implement those policies one by one. Codemasters already have the new style XB1 dev kit..... which has NO physical drive!!!!!!! At least Nintendo are sticking by the Gamepad, despite all the negative and biased (payed offed) reviews. After only a couple of moths of not so good sales, MS dropped Kinect 2.0 like a lead balloon. This, after going on about Kinect 2.0 being the next big thing in the console wars lol. And now they have the cheek and nerve to ask £175 for Kinect 2.0... well, I guess they have got to try and get back some money. At its original price, MS were not going to make a profit on the XB1 for around two years, now, it has extended to almost 4 years.



Ralek85 said:

@akaDv8R Well, let's take this one insinuation, personal insult and "argument" (I assume that's what it was supposed to be) at a time, shall we?
"Seriously, you are complaining about the FIRST game you have played on your Wii U." How is the situation improved by that having been my first game, also you make it sound as if it were any odd game, not one of Nintendo's flagship series.

"At least there are games to buy, unlike for XB1 and PS4 (drought)" Care to back this up? Also why would you insinuate there should be equal or similar quantities of games available for either of those systems than for the WiiU. You do realize that forgoing the age of a system in such an assessment is foolish as well as intentionally misleading?

"Out of all the reviews, comments and such, you are the ONLY person who rants on about it being 2014" Two points here, this statement is counterfactual, I am most certainly not the only person, feeling the need to point out that Nintendo is still showing some rather anachronistic behaviour. Assuming your statement were true, you seem to argue, that I must be wrong, since I am not representative of the vast majority (as far as you are concerned) of opinions. I spare you the argument while this is not a good point, you might want to consult a book on the history of science sometimes for example though, just for the fun of it ^^

"Nintendo dared to release Wind Waker HD Remake without that option you are obsessed with" So you are saying the need to have access to proper controls to enjoy ones purchase, is an obsession as well as implying this is somehow just me? Please check the Nintendo tech forums on this matter, if you really feel this way.
I'm baffled by your lack of consideration, you don't need this option to enjoy the game, therefore it is inappropriate for anyone else to demand it's inclusion for his own sake. How very considerate and mature of you, after all why would anything in the world happen without having any personal benefit on your part, right?

"For God`s sake, take your Wii U back, get an XB1 or PS4, and in 2015 you will have some games to play" Just for your information, I didn't take my WiiU back, since I enjoy Mario Kart 8 a great deal, though I was saddened by the missing voice chat during races (this I was aware about beforehand, since there has been several discussions on this before, most recently yesterday in a Kotaku article, just an example though, so much for me being the only person on the planet, consindering Nintendo somewhat "stuck" btw)
I have a PS4 and a X1. I'm not a Nintendo fanboy, nor a PS4 or X1 fanboy. Again, I'm not sure how this is of any relevance, but for the sake of full disclosure... there are games to play, I'm not going to list them, since if you cared, you would have checked already, since you didn't to that, any further effort on my part would be wasted. I don't assume you have those systems, you just felt like belittling them because ... I cannot fathom.

"but I can guarantee, some of them won`t have the option you are looking for" You care to back this up by anything for a change, anything at all? I'd just love to hear that, I doubt I will come accross a Sony Studios or Microsoft Studios game any time soon, that doesn't allow for 3rd person inversion. This is purely based on anecdotal evidence of personal experience over the last decade though, what's that? Yours is based on pure guesswork? You don't say...

"Seriously, you are the definition of a PE-IS." Since this is were you decided to go with a personal insult (since I'm male I'm more offended by your intention than by our lack of imagination when it comes to screwing with people), I will leave it at that. If you care to elaborate on any of your counterfactuals or insinuations, please do so (as long as you're able to resist the burning desire to revile me). Thanks a bunch.

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