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Electronic music is bliss

Male, 30, United States

I love Nintendo, music (especially electronic and psychedelic rock), movies, cats, classic Nickelodeon (Artie the strongest man in the world!!!), and theme parks among things. That's all I can say for now.

Thu 5th July, 2012

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Shpongled_Mario commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

@rjejr Saw that add but I only buy physical copies :p especially since the game case is red instead of blue but I appreciate you trying to help. I may get one of those for VC games and stuff only on the eShop though. Do you know if Dr.Luigi is gonna be made into a physical copy or if it's gonna be download only permanently? If it's permanent I may use it for that.



Shpongled_Mario commented on Satoru Iwata: 'We Have Not Changed Our Strategy':

I don't mind beef so much as long as its at least a little above PS3, the main thing stopping me from getting a Wii U at launch is the fact that they said the black won't be available, which is a huge mistake on their part. People already know its coming so they will hold off, nobody is gonna buy a white one, then return it for a black one, (most people at least), so they will wait like I am. Honestly I think it would be even better if they had a bunch of colors like the N64 and GameCube, I would love a see through orange Wii U or something similar colored. You never go wrong with options, and shiny colors attracts many eyes. Shiny shiny!