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Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo to Join the Minecraft Party

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The blocky horse hasn't bolted, yet

If Minecraft was a conventional video game, its time in the sun would have passed by now, or we'd currently be playing Minecraft 4 and questioning whether Mojang was going 'a bit EA' with its annual releases. That's far from the reality, however, as this is a game that has ignored convention to establish itself as one of the most important brands in the video game industry. Minecraft is beloved by young gamers in particular, a lucrative demographic, but also has the power to draw in older gamers with a creative spirit — it seems perfect for a Nintendo platform.

Having become a viral hit as an alpha build on PC back in 2009, it was over two years before its formal release on the platform. Yet by the time of its full release it had already become popular, with its sandbox building mechanics and distinctive blocky visuals helping it to go viral on social networks, including YouTube. It rapidly expanded its influence after its full PC release, shifting millions of copies before it began to spread to other platforms — it arrived on Xbox 360 in May 2012 and PS3 in late 2013, those ports developed by 4J Studios and with publishing support from Microsoft and Sony. Just this week, it was confirmed that the title will come to PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita this August. That news leaves Nintendo's system, particularly the Wii U, as missing out alongside such luminaries as the Ouya.

That's the frustration, from a Nintendo perspective, in that this huge hit — which vg24/7 reckons could be approaching 50 million sales — continues to elude a platform for which it seems perfectly suited. The 3DS could perhaps attempt to run the inferior 'pocket' version, yes, but we'd imagine some serious headaches for developers to extract strong performance; yet the Wii U would be an ideal platform.

The enticing prospect of Minecraft on Wii U is also evident in the control possibilities that it opens up — the use of the GamePad and/or Wii Remote could allow for easy play with either the touch screen and physical inputs or pointer controls. Minecraft, as the game's official site states succinctly, is "a game about breaking and placing blocks", and it's not hard to envisage how the unique variety of control options of the Wii U could be utilised, not to mention the fun that could be had by engaging with Miiverse communities.

Another area that could be prominent in a prospective Wii U iteration would be Nintendo-themed skins and designs, with a recently announced Halo pack for the 360 version an example of what could be done — textures, skins and music licensed by the big N could certainly enrich the experience for fans. Not that these official packs are even needed, as the beauty of Minecraft is that players create the world themselves — if blocks can be combined to form a shape, anything's possible.

Is a Wii U version on the cards, potentially as a reveal at E3? It's tough to gauge, though there's certainly doubt and a share of concern. We can't help but feel that, ultimately, its potential fate partially rests with Nintendo in throwing publishing cash on the table, while offering assistance on a technical level for the contracted development team. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft and Sony are listed as publishers for versions on their respective systems, while Mojang brought on the experience of a separate developer to make home console versions happen. That development reality also highlights why a Wii U version isn't a simple affair without backing and support from the big N — while many studios are familiar with the 360 architecture and even the trickier PS3 infrastructure, the Wii U system has its own approach that can bring us sloppy ports from those that don't learn its intricacies. When you consider the fact that the One and PS4 are designed to be accessible, PC-style architectures for developers, those ports are a no-brainer.

Yet resources, support and willpower make a Wii U entry a possibility, in theory. Responding to rumours of a Minecraft entry arriving for Wii U in Summer 2014 that did the rounds in late 2013, Notch shot the stories down by stating he wasn't aware of a Wii U version in development at that point; he would know. In follow up tweets the game's creator emphasized that the teams had "too much work already" and added that he loves Nintendo, as an individual. With the continually evolving nature of the game and the PS4, Vita and Xbox One versions no doubt at some point of development when these comments were made, it's little surprise that there was no good news to share.

If, in a wonderful world where such things happen, a Wii U version were confirmed at E3 for, say, a Holiday release or early 2015, would that be too late? Again, if Minecraft were a normal product and game the answer would be yes, the party's over. Yet the continuing hype and upcoming fresh releases shows that standard video game market logic need not apply, not to mention the continually strong sales of the Xbox 360 disc version at retail. As of April the 360 entry had sold a whopping 12 million copies, and it still hangs around the top 10 in the monthly NPD software charts, mixing it with newer multi-platform releases. In the most recent UK charts this week the relatively new PS3 edition was 3rd, while the veteran Xbox 360 offering was just behind in fourth — they're classed as separate releases in an all-format chart, too. These are outstanding trends.

What began as an indie PC game is, therefore, redefining the term 'evergreen' and continuing to gain traction years after its original release. It can do this simply because the game evolves through constant updates, yes, but also because that state of evolution also exists for players. There are modes and objectives, but the phenomenon of Minecraft can also be attributed to the power it gives players. It's both simple but complex, and feeds the imagination — in its many appearances in mainstream media and television, it's repeatedly praised for its positive role in schools, for example, while its scope for collaborative building is credited with bringing players together in meaningful, uplifting ways. Even if console versions only allow 'friends' to play with each other online as opposed to the more open PC environment, it's not hard to see how experiences like this can be hugely enjoyable.

These are all qualities that would surely sit perfectly on Nintendo hardware. It seems that Minecraft has never been a stronger brand, either, with playgrounds around the world often ringing to the sound of young gamers chatting over their latest adventures or creations. Would it have been better for Nintendo to get into the Minecraft act earlier? Absolutely. Is it too late for Nintendo to work with Mojang to deliver a Wii U edition in the reasonable future? Definitely not.

Do you agree? Do you think it's too late for Minecraft to have an impact on Wii U, or do you even want it to be released on the system? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Do you want to see Minecraft on the Wii U? (469 votes)

Most definitely


I do, but only if it's a high quality version


I'm not sure


Not particularly, but would be open to persuasion if it happens


It doesn't matter, because it's too late now


No way, I don't like Minecraft


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Do you think Minecraft will arrive on Wii U? (445 votes)

Absolutely, it's just a matter of time


I think so, but I'm not 100% confident


I have no idea


I think it's unlikely, but there's hope yet


No chance


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Do you think Minecraft will arrive on 3DS? (454 votes)

Absolutely, it's just a matter of time


I think so, but I'm not 100% confident


I have no idea


I think it's unlikely, but there's hope yet


No chance


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Tsurii said:

The thing with Minecraft on consoles is, that I can't use texture packs and..let's be honest here: vanilla Minecraft looks really damn ugly.

It's fun to play a bit around and it's definitely worth the 15 or 20€ and I'm definitely NOT one of those people, who need 4k textures in every game, but I don't like the look of the original thing at all.



SphericalCrusher said:

We've been back on a MineCraft kick at our house... I would love to see this come to WiiU. We've been playing MineCraft since early early beta.



memoryman3 said:

"The 3DS could perhaps attempt to run the inferior 'pocket' version"

Got some bad news.....

The Pocket version is getting PC world generation in a few WEEKS! and infinite terrain. Plus more features such as CAVES! So the Pocket version is out of reach too I'm afraid.



Evenmoresteven said:

There's literally zero incentive for any third party publisher to bring a game to the Wii U right now. It would take Nintendo paying large amounts of money for it to happen. And really I think they are too focused on their NFC stuff right now to care. My son would love if they did, because we don't have a gaming PC and the Wii U is the only console we own, but I don't see it selling well. Nothing 3rd party has been selling well on Wii U...



Geonjaha said:

Minecraft is a great game, and it would of course boost the Wii U - but lets be honest. Even if you don't normally play PC games, why would you not just buy it on that platform? If you don't have a laptop or PC to play its games then I cant fathom why you decided on buying a Wii U of all things first.



QBertFarnsworth said:

In my home, my children and I each have our own 3DS systems with all of the required games. Between the Virtual Console on my 3DS and Wii U, plus my PS3, I have some of the greatest games of the past 25-30 years available. My daughter spends all of her time playing Minecraft on her iPod Touch. I don't get it, but I think it would be a good thing for the system.



Megumi said:

Already have it on PC, not going to pay for it again...and I rarely even play the game anymore.



unrandomsam said:

@memoryman3 If the Vita can run the full version then any reasonably modern tablet should be able to. (The Vita is very out of date by comparison).



noctowl said:

I think calling it an important brand is a little bit of a stretch. It's just another angry bird.



0utburst said:

Can't Nintendo just make is own version? Not blocky buy maybe oblongy. LoL I made that up. I don't really know about minecraft except some screenshots and that gangnam style video minecraft.



Emblem said:

Notch said he had no plans just a couple months ago, that means it wouldn't be coming until atleast 2016 which is too late for game sales and the Wii U since it'll likely be replaced in 2017/18.



WaxxyOne said:

I'd love to see Minecraft ported to the Wii U because the system badly needs the added support, and it'd be good to show off a game that would actually make good use of the Wii U gamepad instead of just using it for off-screen play.

That said, I'd be unlikely to buy it or any console version of Minecraft, because the PC version will always be way more up to date and infinitely more expansive than the limited console versions.



absuplendous said:

My answer would be "It doesn't matter," but I can't respond because "because it's too late now" is not why I feel it doesn't matter. Polls that use loaded answers like these don't allow pollers to get the full picture.

In any event, I'm indifferent toward Minecraft, so I'm indifferent toward whether or not it will arrive on a Nintendo platform. The kids seem to love it, though, so it'd be a good move for Nintendo and whoever makes Mincecraft, I suppose.



S-Miyahon said:

I hope there will be a Wii U port eventually, but a 3DS one just doesn't make sense.



ManateeBlubber said:

I don't particularly like Minecraft, but I see the appeal and the importance of a Wii U version. I don't think it would push systems, though.



GC-161 said:

A Nintendo themed Minecraft edition would actually drag the Wii U from obscurity in the minds of many mainstream consumers. Throw in some Pokemon theme skins/mods, and you have a winner.

But the people behind the Minecraft IP have been actively avoiding Nintendo.

So instead of waiting for Minecraft to happen on the Wii U, Nintendo should just join forces with Activision and create a Nintendo/Pokemon/Mario/Zelda theme SKYLANDERS edition for both the Wii U and 3DS.

And after that, people won't care about Minecraft. And if they do, that's what their PC's are for.



Dreamz said:

Forget Minecraft, I'd much rather we get Everquest Next Landmark:

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Of course, Everquest is owned by Sony Online Entertainment, so that will never, ever happen. But I can still dream!



Peach64 said:

Never too late. It's not going to sell any consoles at all, because if someone wants to play Minecraft, they're almost certainly going to own something it's already, and if somehow they don't, there are cheaper options than a Wii U. However, the Nintendo crowd, particularly the hardcore few that own a Wii U, are notorious for playing on their Nintendo machine and refusing to try anything else, so maybe a big percentage of those 5-6 million owners won't already have it on something else and would be open to a purchase.

The sales for it are utterly insane. At this point it's pretty much the best selling game of all time if you discount games that got forced in with consoles.



DBPirate said:

While I really don't like Minecraft, it needs to come to the Wii U because...well, it needs games and ones people will buy at that.



GammaGames said:

I would love a port to the Wii U! I wouldn't have to sit at my desk to play, if it had decent off tv play I could play in bed (and hopefully it would work like the other console versions for crafting/inventory management)



The_Ninja said:

Yes. 3DS would actually be perfect but (I'm not trolling) it probaly isn't powerful enough.. Pocket Version could work I guess. However Minecraft would also be perfect on Wii U so I really hope it happens.



SecondServing said:

There is no way the 3DS is getting a Minecraft port. The controls just don't support it.
That's probablt why Vita is getting it, and not the 3DS. But, I think Minecraft would be perfect for Wii U, and I expect it.



SecondServing said:

@noctowl Not really. Minecraft sold Xbox 360s back in 2012. And honestly, it's whole lot better than Angry Birds. It's a better gaming experience.



Shugo said:

@Tsurii897 The console versions actually do have texture packs. They're mostly paid DLC, however, but most of them do look better than the default.

I agree that PC Minecraft is superior for the obvious reasons (more updated, modding, actually infinite worlds), but to be honest PC Minecraft is crap on low-end computers. It used to run great for me back in 'the day', but as it's gotten more and more updates it now chugs at 30fps or below even on my high-end computer (unless I knock the draw distance way, way down). It's not exactly the easiest game for casual gamers with low-end computers to run consistently. The console versions make it much easier for those people, with silky smooth 60fps at all times and very easy-setup multiplayer (not to mention splitscreen is very fun). Each version definitely has its market, so I wouldn't discount the console version's entire existence just because of the PC version.

I think the real version of interest is the Vita version, though. We're finally gonna have a full-feature version in handheld form, and in that form it becomes way more appealing as a time-waster for long trips and waits. I kinda burned out on PC Minecraft, but I know even I'm interested in the Vita version. Cross-play with PS3 version is a very nice bonus, should I ever wanna play a bit at home.



ACK said:

Nothing against Minecraft, but I've come to the conclusion that I fear a generation of Nintendo gamers who grow up to develop nostalgic memories for primarily Skylanders and Minecraft...

I understand that those game will be popular regardless; however, Nintendo has kept generations of gamers linked through shared experiences with their transcendental franchises...



TheLordAndrew said:

I'm not sure the 3DS can run Pocket Edition in the first place....... I was actually playing Minecraft about 1 hour ago....



unrandomsam said:

I was really interested in the space game that was from the same creator but he has stopped doing it now.



memoryman3 said:

@LeviCelJir There is a difference between mod and real code.

Personally I'm getting the Pocket (when the update comes) and PS4 editions. I would triple dip on Wii U for SPLIT SCREEN!



Alucard83 said:

LOL@ releasing on 3DS. that handheld has too low spec to even run that game. just LOL



rjejr said:

Can't beleive NL even published a Minecraft artcile, though it i stimely given all the discussion lately of PS4, Vita iterations,a dn updat e1.06 comes ou tnext Wed on PS3

3DS shouldn't get it, it's a 3 year old system on the way out and needs to be replaced in a year or so w/ a handheld capable of playing at least the PS3/360 version. That should have been a poll question.



Agent721 said:

My little brother had stopped playing his Wii U & 3DS, as all he plays is Minecraft on the PC. The fact that every system BUT Nintendo has this game is a CRIME! Nintendo is losing customers hand over fist due to this one omission. It doesn't matter that some of your think it's stupid...what matters is its a popular game but not available on Nintendo's consoles.



Mochtroid said:

As much as we are all hoping, as much as we are all demanding, regardless how good of a "fit" the game is for the system and the Gamepad, I really don't think Minecraft is coming to the Wii U... EVER.

When you consider all the other platforms the game has surfaced on, it becomes pretty clear that Notch doesn't see the Wii U as any kind of priority for Minecraft. I don't know what it is he has against this system, but if he can go this long without so much as a tiny hint to any kind of release on a Nintendo platform, I think it's safe to assume he has no intention of ever doing it.

I agree that the Wii U is BY FAR the best-suited system for a Minecraft game, but despite that, Notch would rather skip us over, again and again, for platforms he likes whether they are good-fits or not.



Agent721 said:

It's false to think that because it's already out on other systems, it wouldn't swell in the Wii U. Minecraft has already sold over 30 million units prior to being ported to the other consoles. Since it was released on the Xbox/PS consoles, it's racked up another 10 million sales. This thing is an unstoppable juggernaut & Nintendo needs to get on the bandwagon, pronto.



andrea987 said:

I'd buy both, U and 3DS. Using only the top screen for the 3d world and bottom screen for controls, I can't see how the 3DS wouldn't be able to handle it, tbh. Graphically impressive game it ain't.



Agent721 said:

It'll be best selling by unit count, but not gross $$ generated. It's $20....GTA, COD & BF, at $60 a pop, generate more cash flow per sale & GTA V currently sits at 33 million sold. Their "box office" revenue dwarfs Minecraft. However, on gross margins, I wonder if Minecraft is ahead. Either way, it's juggernaut.



BestBuck15 said:

I've a PS3 and I played the demo and thought it c%@p. If your into action, steer well clear.



TruenoGT said:

I think it'd be good for Nintendo in the short term to have it on Wii U, but long term Nintendo needs to try and develop a new game that will appeal to Minecraft crowd to get the NEXT hit. They should learn from the success of Minecraft that a novel game, regardless of whether it's part of a known franchise, can be a mega hit. Pokémon, Wii Sports, even Halo were market defining games and Nintendo needs this type of result long term, not the same game available on a dozen other platforms already.



electrolite77 said:

"ultimately, its potential fate partially rests with Nintendo in throwing publishing cash on the table"

Probably best forget it then.



JebbyDeringer said:

Minecraft is all about imagination and construction. Mojang have strayed from that by adding crap RPG-like game mechanics. Being coded in Java was completely idiotic because it's totally limited what developers they can hire and it completely limits the engine technology.

For some people it sucks but if you like design & architecture even despite the limitations it's the best game in the world. There is SO much more possible that will hopefully materialize in a ground up sequel or from another developer. I still play occasionally but my playtime has greatly decreased since I started 3.5 years ago



Minotaurgamer said:

@Tsurii897 so? the game has been in the top 10 game sales since it was released physically. It means kids love it no matter what.

I think it will arrive but not this year. I don't know what is really blocking its arrival to a nintendo platform. Maybe miyamoto's huge ego and out-of-control influence is a huge intereference ? maybe Mojahng believes the "casual" and "hardcore" bullshit and doesn't cares about it? Maybe it is too late now? I wish I could know.



Mega719 said:

I really hope this does happen, yes it seems late for it to embrace Nintendo platforms but it won't matter if it's the definitive version as the other ports lack all the stuff in the original. Texture pacts would be awesome



TreesenHauser said:

As someone who didn't get on board with Minecraft until the PS3 version, I would love to see MInecraft on Wii U! The GamePad second-screen controls would be perfect for it. Here's to hoping Nintendo put some cash down for a version to happen.

3DS on the other hand... sigh I dunno. I don't see it. But I certainly wouldn't argue it either.



Inkling said:

3DS version of Pocket with added features and download play. BOOM!
Wii U version like the other console versions with added GamePad features.

Both have Nintendo themed Skin Packs...




Meaty-cheeky said:

With some master programing, a 3DS version of Minecraft could be possible. If anyone has played Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS Capcom really pushed that game to the systems graphical limits, Revelations looked like an early Xbox 360 game. I feel that a lot of people undermine what the Nintendo 3DS can achieve because not even Nintendo has push the envelope for the 3DS.



Yorumi said:

I think the problem for minecraft is nintendo's attitude. in response to having a track editor in MK they basically said "players arn't good enough to do that." I just get the feeling that nintendo doesn't think it's players can make really creative things.

@outburst in theory they could make their own version and make it look better. EQN landmark is the same type of engine but has a smoothing feature. That game does suck down an awful lot of resources though. It is using high draw distances and is a beta build right now but it works.



Hideto-GR said:

Though I agree it is an evergreen title, 2015 might be a bit late.
As mentioned by others, it is already out there on all these formats, how many people (owning a Wii U) will be interested then? And on top, the console does not have the momentum..
If it could come out within 2014 (long shot, I know), it could have some potential.

Having said that, I believe the console would be great for such a game. Second screen wtih touch control would work great, provided that the port is not sloppy.



Savino said:

I have it on my PC, on my ps3 and soon on my vita (for free)!

And since I love this game and consider it one of the best of this decade, I would buy it for WiiU with no time... Maybe the wiiu version is more similar to pc on the crafting side!



daveh30 said:

I would love to see it on Wii U, seems like a perfect match for the gamepad. I've gone through cycles with Minecraft since its original release. I played the PC version non stop for months, then stopped playing completely. I started up again when the pocket version was released, but that version sucks, so it didn;t last long. I played the PS3 version long enough to get the Platinum trophy, but haven't touched it in a few months. When the Vita version comes out in august, I'll be back at it. I'll take a pass on the PS4 version, but a wii U port next year would have be back in its addictive clutches..



BinaryFragger said:


It's hard to say how successful it would be on the Wii U. Although the game is available on many platforms, that didn't stop it from rapidly selling over one million copies on the PS3 earlier this year (and that's on an aging console).

It'll be interesting to see how well the PS4 and Vita versions will sell. That may give an idea on how successful a Wii U version can be.



HappyHappyist said:

did you finish Lego City Undercover? Sounds fun, I personally haven't gotten into it yet, but I'm pretty sure you finished it. Oh wait… legos are stupid now...



Rafie said:

@BinaryFragger It's already doing well on PS3. Sold millions on the 360. I'm going to say that it will do good on the PS4, Vita, and XB1. Not as good as their predecessors, but good nonetheless.



FriedSquid said:

@rtr0GMR1: I noticed that a couple of weeks ago you said to someone, "Thanks for sharing your rude comment with us. The internet needs more people like you..."

You might want to take your own advice.



Drobotic said:

It's not like it takes too much power to run on the Wii U in the first place.If they sell boxed copies,I think It will help out with the Wii U selling.



bizcuthammer said:

Minecraft won't sell WiiUs, as its already on everything else, but it would be a great addition to the software library. I'd download it for sure. I've played the 360 version at my brother's and its pretty fun. I think it'd be even better on WiiU using the GamePad.



Mus1cLov3r said:

Touch screen- camera movement, double-tap to jump
Circle pad- movement
L- place block
R- destroy block
A/B/X/Y- open inventories

@Geonjaha I have Pocket Edition an Xbox 360 edition, but not PC..... And if it came to 3DS, I would get it... I would buy the WiiU version too, but I don't have a WiiU.... I don't understand your comment. .-.



ZenTurtle said:

Skin packs suck. Mods are what Minecraft is about. My friend had the mod of mods which not only prettied up the game in general, but added over 600 new block types, all for engineering Minecraft conglomerates. Only for PC though (of course!) which is the most lacking thing about console minecraft- the total lack of modding support!



Sean_Aaron said:

My daughter plays it on iPad and one of my partner's kids does as well whilst the other uses PC. Nevertheless a Wii U version would still be appreciated for the simpler controls and performance. I have zero interest myself, but it would be welcomed in my household.



Lobster said:

I would buy it in a hot second if it came to Wii U... but let's face it, it's never going to come to Wii U.



Andremario said:

Memoryman: Did you design the fraggin 3ds? Then how the heck would you know? Like another person commented's how you use the power..duh!



Savino said:

No, it is not! There's limit to everything!
You cant expect that a nascar car and a regular one runs at same speed and stability because they have e same pilot!



Cyberbotv2 said:

I voted no chance in hell. Nintendo will not and should not be paying to publish the game. Sony and Microsoft paid for most of the third party games published. I don't feel nintendo should go this route unless there is significant profit for them.



Obito_Sigma said:

Who cares about texture packs? I'm looking to play the YOGSCAST Complete Pack or Argarian Skies!



Andremario said:

@savino nintendo has been working with out of date tech for the longest. I'm sure they would be able to do a pocket edition for 3ds or at least one close to it. The gameboy had no color and look how that thing did! Heck even when they came out with the gameboy color most games were good not as advance as other alternatives but they still came out with great ports. I'm sure if allowed they could make a good one out of the 3ds more importantly the Wii U.



maceng said:

This is one of those games that Nintendo just has to make sure, even by spending a lot of money of their own, it comes to the console.

Most of Nintendo Life readers are not aware of what youngsters play: it is called Minecraft. My son and every one of his buddies play it: on the iPad and iPhone, on the PS3 (just recently) on Android tablets and on the Xbox.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Nope, Angry Birds have nothing on Minecraft. If anything its the next Pokemon.

Thats a good point, Notch just might not like Nintendo's attitude, it doesn't even have to be about user-generated content either. The way they've been about other issues like region-locking probably doesn't help.



Teaqq2 said:

If they do, next thing we may see Steve in Smash Bros. It's a longshot, just like Minecraft being released, but would have awesome potential! If they had to add one more thrid party character besides Snake, it would probably Pac-Man.



kereke12 said:

Here's the thing with Minecraft, Nintendo would have to pay lots of money for it too come anddd it Nintendo.... Get it?



maceng said:

Big N may just be a tad cautious about the possibilities of a Minecraft game on a Wii U. You can make lots of cool stuff, but also scary and thay might be problematic for Nintendo.



MegaBeedrill said:

The problem I see with this is who would buy it.. alot of people prefer the PC version for better content and access to everything (mods, custom skins,) while on xbox you have friends you can play with. It's easier to make friends and communicate on an xbox then hunting for them on the wii u without any communication..

Xbox- "Hey guys is there a creeper outside?", "Yep"

Wii U- "Where is everybody? Can you give me the position on your map?" ,"....."

Xbox- "Guys I'm hungry you got food?", "sure"

Wii U- "HELP I'M STARVING! punch", "OW WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM... kills starving friend"

PC+skype/ingame text, Xbox+headset, all works perfectly.. but the wii u would be a more single player experience for players..

Plus.. minecraft this, minecraft that.. I don't hate the game I occasionally play the xbox version (pc crashed computer from lag) but it rules the world/internet already appearing so many times. Give it a break much? People will just buy minecraft for their wii u.. be too occupied.. and ignore nintendo's other products.



WanderingPB said:

I think this would be a great game for the WiiU or 3DS just like GTA 5 would be even though im not interested in both but gamers would have a choice…the greatest thing about SNES/Genesis generation is that aside from exclusives all other games were available to both consoles……

Now people are complaining about console or handheld power…really…when did it stop being about the games? People complain Mario games are too easy then DKC Tropical Freeze releases and those same people complain about difficulty (while i say GOTY)…guess no one will ever be satisfied…as for me Wii U, PS4, 3DS, Vita, PC, XBone…im a happy gamer



CrispyGoomba said:

I've been thinking about buying a Vita just for portable Minecraft (I don't want to play the crappy mobile version). I can't see it coming to 3DS though.



Findonovan95 said:

Back when the Wii U first came out I would have loved for it to come to the console. But I agree that I wouldn't buy it because I have a gaming pc and minecraft which would always outshine it.

By the way; I'm not sure if it's a glitch or something but I looked at the poll results for 3DS and they only added up to 99%.



Alucard83 said:

It's one of THE most boring game ever. Building and bla bla bla for designs etc just doesn't work for me. BORING! I remember playing with a few schoolfriends and they always stayed for hours at one spot doing stupid stuff. Guess some will be pleased with everything.



AlexOlney said:

Because of the U's architecture and game's (relative) simplicity, it could easily be possible to have five players at once on a single console, or dare I say it...

Multiple gamepad support.



theepictorkoal said:

Wouldn't be surprised if it gets ported eventually, but tbh I actually lost interest in Minecraft once they had the adventure update. The mechanics prior were fine by me. Don't get me wrong the current mechanics are fine in their own way but I felt at that point that Minecraft had started on becoming more constricted in RPG like elements and that really bummed me out as I enjoyed playing a game that was free from those kind of elements. As Minecraft continued to update and add new content I played less because I felt that there was too many additions and new mechanics to learn. New mobs and items (not just reskins) were fine, but by this point Minecraft had just become too overloaded with activities for me to enjoy the same level of fun that I had back before the adventure update. I still play the currently version of Minecraft, but very fairly. More often I play the older versions that I still have. I hope that someday there would be an option to return to those original control mechanics while still being able to experience the current features. Maybe then I will return to the Minecraft realm.



Savino said:

@AlexOlney If you gonna port the PS3 version, it would be possible have multiple gamepads!

By the way, @nintendolife should make an article about the use of two gamepads... Are we gonna see this someday?! I really doubt.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I would sell my kids to Notch for a chance at Minecraft on the Wii U and it would be my 4th copy of the game. But not having an XBOX360 any more and not planning on getting a PS4 or XBone for a while it would be my only chance to play minecraft on the couch.



Darknyht said:

It would be nothing but positives for Nintendo to have this on Wii U. I say this as someone that despite loving Lego bricks as a kid, just cannot grok Minecraft.



Skogur said:

I think it's up to Nintendo to approach Mojang, if there ever is to be an Nintendo-port of Minecraft. Since Mojang themselves only worked on the PC/Mac and iOS/Android versions.



Andremario said:

@memeoryman3:why should we even give a hoot a about specs? Maybe you need glasses or whatever the case maybe buy i just made the point and I'm going to make it one more time so you understand....Nintendo has and always will make fun games.If they feel it's appropriate they could do a minecraft on ANY of their systems and you as well as everyone else would have FUN with it. It doesn't matter about the specs they have been working with out of date tech for the longest! You obviously don't care about quality game otherwise you wouldn't be so concerned with processing power...was it a problem before when you had your nintendo wii? I know you had one everyone did(that thing sold like hot cakes) Did it's lack of processing power really get in the way of your fun with NSMB WII? hmm? or any other game you've played on there? I didn't think so. You know why cause you were too busy having fun! Remember that. It's about the fun you have with a game. I'm so tired of everyone debating about how a game looks. It's absurd. Games are about the experience you have with them. Quit being so superficial! Sheesh!



SylveonLover said:

While I haven't really played Minecraft that much (I found it boring), I might buy a Wii U version if it does come out.



Jazzer94 said:

It would work well on Wii U but the chances of it happening imo are decreasing as time goes on at this point.



Andremario said:

@memoryman but you didn't say you didn't have fun with it so i rest my case. Nintendo makes fun games period. Minus the occasional shovelware but the majority outweighs the minority!



Henmii said:

Why do we need Minecraft all of a sudden?! Isn't this a free PC download title that has been out for years?! I can come up with hundreds of titles that are much more worthy to arrive on the Wii u!!



AshFoxX said:

@rtr0GMR1 I agree with you, Minecraft to me has always been a broken mess every time I have tried it. (twice on PC, once on PS3.) However, Lego games rule, but as I have a young daughter, I may be biased. Also used to play lots of beat em ups in the 90's and the Lego games scratch that itch.



rtr0GMR1 said:

All that being said, I do wish the game would come to Wii U as I'm sure it would be a system seller for some and the Wii U could def use that.



Mus1cLov3r said:

@maceng Most of the Nintendo Life readers don't know about Minecraft because they think sticking with Nintendo-only products makes them cool....

Tip: It does not make you look cool, it only makes you look like a fan-boy.



Mus1cLov3r said:

@memoryman3 "Minecraft is far more advanced than NSMBWII"

You are missing his point entirely... He means fun is more important than specs, not that MC and NSMBWii are the same power.swoosh



Windy said:

Gotta love the people saying Minecraft is Lame. It would be a nice shot in the arm for WiiU



Pod said:

Minecraft isn't on either system for one very real reason.

It's a game that relies on CONSTANTLY saving to disk.

Nintendo general policy for all software released on their systems is that they must save to disk as seldomly as at all possible.

Minecraft on Nintendo systems is not as such about visuals or controls, it would run fine on either, but the game would have to be internally reworked altogether to fulfill Nintendo's demands.



Pod said:

Sony and Microsoft are using different memory technology than Nintendo, and do not enforce the same hardware-friendliness-above-all-else - policies as Nintendo does.

Nintendo is using one of the cheapest kind of Flash memory on the market for their devices, which is known to have a limit to how many times it can be rewritten before it is worn out. Minecraft writes to memory all the time, for a variety of reasons. This would have to change for Nintendo to greenlight release of the game on their platforms.



memoryman3 said:

@Pod The console versions have limited worlds to compensate for the flash drives in some models. 4J stated this in an interview.



memoryman3 said:

@Pod Plus the 360 and PS3 and PS4 and XBO and Vita and iOS versions have all new efficient C++ code and manual saving.



BoltedArc said:

Why do ppl care about a game that has been on the market for the longest, if you don't own it on pc you probably own it for 360ps3 , unless you have only owned a wii console! If you believe this game is relevant still thats sad.



BoltedArc said:

@memoryman3 50 million sales says it was relevant at the time it came out then, it isnt Now sorry, the game came out everyone who enjoyed it did, I own a copy on 360, Im not going to buy it again on wiiu or my ps4 or xbone!



memoryman3 said:

@BoltedArc Well you are missing out on larger worlds and draw distances and higher spawn egg mob limits! Plus Minecraft is selling a a constant rate. It's still in the top of the AppStore charts!



BoltedArc said:

Did you see how insignificant everything you mentioned was, draw distance, mob spawn limits, a larger world really! Might I ask are you going to do the same thing that you did in the previous version, I assume yes. Minecraft will still be the same period, it was fun while it lasted but wasting money on a game you already have to get subtle changes, nah I'd rather keep my money I don't think im missing out on anything at all!



BoltedArc said:

Im sorry while its a good game it is not the best, nintendo doesn't need this one, if mojang decides to bring it fine if not who cares. Im not reaching into my pocket to buy what I already own!



Wonky_Kong said:

Minecraft on consoles sucks because there are no dedicated servers, mods or texture packs. plus the controls have always felt loose and ugly since i started using minecraft on PC



Sceptic said:

I'm absolutely certain it would have single-handedly saved the WiiU early on, because it would have demonstrated the value of the gamepad at a time when people still cared. And with a game that was ubiquitous in the media.

At this point though, it won't make much of a direct difference in hardware sales. But with so few games out or even coming, and a mere fraction of those really putting the gamepad to any particular use, Nintendo should consider it a matter of pride to bring a game that would be such a perfect fit to WiiU. It maybe would not sell more hardware, but it would make a very strong case for the gamepad, certainly much more so than anything Nintendo has managed so far (or conceivably will, sadly, unless they have had some genius game designer locked away that they only just let out).



DanteSolablood said:

@Evenmoresteven You really don't need a gaming PC to play Minecraft, I started playing Minecraft on my old laptop with no graphics card & even had enough power left to record videos for my YouTube channel.

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