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Wed 25th December, 2013

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theepictorkoal commented on Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo ...:

Wouldn't be surprised if it gets ported eventually, but tbh I actually lost interest in Minecraft once they had the adventure update. The mechanics prior were fine by me. Don't get me wrong the current mechanics are fine in their own way but I felt at that point that Minecraft had started on becoming more constricted in RPG like elements and that really bummed me out as I enjoyed playing a game that was free from those kind of elements. As Minecraft continued to update and add new content I played less because I felt that there was too many additions and new mechanics to learn. New mobs and items (not just reskins) were fine, but by this point Minecraft had just become too overloaded with activities for me to enjoy the same level of fun that I had back before the adventure update. I still play the currently version of Minecraft, but very fairly. More often I play the older versions that I still have. I hope that someday there would be an option to return to those original control mechanics while still being able to experience the current features. Maybe then I will return to the Minecraft realm.



theepictorkoal commented on Pokémon Battle Trozei Is Match Three Puzzle A...:

I remember getting the original Pokemon Trozei, but then I also got Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team at the same time. When I discovered that the copy of Pokemon Trozei was able to link with Blue Recue Team to bring my Team Leader into unknown dungeons then I started to use Trozei exclusively for that purpose...