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Male, Greece

Sat 26th Apr 2014

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Hideto-GR commented on Nintendo Serves Up Over Four Minutes of Awesom...:

When I initially saw it at E3 I thought it would be more of a typical spin off (Tecmo Koei and all..).
I have to admit, the more they share with us, the more I like it! The way they seem to have blended key elements of the franchise, shows that this game will be a (more than) decent stand alone title!!

September 19th, right?



Hideto-GR commented on Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo ...:

Though I agree it is an evergreen title, 2015 might be a bit late.
As mentioned by others, it is already out there on all these formats, how many people (owning a Wii U) will be interested then? And on top, the console does not have the momentum..
If it could come out within 2014 (long shot, I know), it could have some potential.

Having said that, I believe the console would be great for such a game. Second screen wtih touch control would work great, provided that the port is not sloppy.