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Miiverse Tells the Tale of a Broken Mario Kart 8 Street Date

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh, you naughty retailers...

There have been comments bouncing around online in the past day or so regarding Mario Kart 8 being sold early by some retailers. It brings to mind the early arrival of Pokémon X & Y in October 2013, though that was far more contentious due to the desire of Nintendo and Game Freak that some surprises would remain unspoiled until the global release date. There aren't the same concerns with a kart racer, naturally, though envy is inevitable.

Reports of some Sears stores in the U.S. being rather confused and selling stock as early as 26th May have been doing the rounds, but it seems a host of others are receiving their copies early, likely from online retailers in particular. The Mario Kart 8 Miiverse community, which is quietly live if not displayed on the front page of the service, is positively bursting with fresh posts. The clear signs of those posting from the game are those with stamps and, more obviously, screenshots and videos. Some gamers are clearly already enjoying the pleasures of Mario Kart TV and, evidently, successfully using the in-game YouTube export tool.

You can visit the page for yourself, while we jumped online with our review copy and were placed in a race within a couple of seconds of trying. For the vast majority awaiting copies, envy is the only option.

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Chubblings said:

Well I had exams all week this week, so I'm happy that I'm getting Mario Kart 8 on Friday as opposed to earlier, as that would not be good academically. Nevertheless, the wait is almost over, the hype will be fulfilled.



MJKOP said:

The community is already buzzing on Miiverse, mine was despatched today, (, can't wait



AdanVC said:

That's it. I'm gonna go to the store I preordered the game and if they doesn't have it yet I will RAGE!

Joke. But seriously tough, I want this game so badly and looks like I will really have to wait until friday



Emaan said:

I just noticed this when I was checking Miiverse this morning. Oh well.



Hy8ogen said:

"For the vast majority awaiting copies, envy is the only option" Sears and the other retailers who sold the copies early should have been sued. This is unacceptable. Everyone should have the same opportunity and not this BS. Nintendo please keep your integrity and sues those *****.

JUST KIDDING! 2 days to go!! WOHOOOO



YomeNetSan said:

In France, almost all retailers sold their copies as soon as they got them. I have mine since Monday!
A friend of mine ask a shop yesterday why they didn't wait for the date. He answered that they had the agreement from Nintendo itself because the planning was "light". Maybe the the right reason is called Watch Dogs?



rjejr said:

I'm pretty sure this has happened w/ every game ever released since the dawn of time. Retail is operated by part-timers and teenagers. People complain when they go to a store on release day and the clerk can't find the game b/c it isn't out yet - this happened to me a few weeks ago at Target w/ Kirby Triple Deluxe - and then people complain when the game is put out early. And yes, I do think it's asking to much for all of these people to do their jobs properly, we are talking about maybe 100,000 store clerks w/ a few hiccups - I have a very low opinion of humanity as a whole.

"You can visit the page for yourself,"

So does MK8 have it's own Youtube page where all videos go b/c I didn't see a link for it in, under or above the article. I did click on the Miiverse link but I can't remember my NNID or password.

Kids will be getting this Friday night after "moving up day" b/c all kids need to "graduate" at the end of every year they are in school their entire lives. Guess this gets them ready for union job "step" increases.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I received MKW a day or two early because of Amazon. I didn't get a chance to play it until release in the end. Not too happy about the practice these people will be getting before I get a chance



Porky said:

Thise who are spotted posting on miiverse with Mario Kart 8 screens before release date should be banned lol.



rjejr said:

Found my NNID - I really need to straighten out my desk - and damn this game is so purty even the Miiverse posted Youtube videos look good. That's saying alot.

You know, it's probably best for the rest of us that these "beta testers" give Nitnedo's servers a slow start w/ the vid uploads before the tidal wave on Friday. I'ld be shocked and awed if this all went off w/o a hitch. Something always has to give. Though if we'r elucky the street date breakers will be the "thing" this time.



Jazzer94 said:

Hey I'm happy for anyone who got it early means they have a better chance against me then they would have.



Shambo said:

Got my limited edition today, didn't post anything on Miiverse yet. It would've delayed my next race too much it's fantastic! Gotta go to work now, but after that it's weekend until monday evening!



smikey said:

Ordered mine from the official Nintendo store in uk in march they took money out of my account last week but order still says they aren't even dispatching until Friday 30th!
If they don't post it tomorrow so it gets here Friday I'm not likely to buy from their online store again.

My brother ordered his on Amazon & got it this morning.
to make it worse our postman normally doesn't even deliver until after 2pm.



PeachMelba said:

I had a chance to go pick one up, but decided I could wait it out since I'd much rather have the downloadable version instead.



luke88 said:

God, wish I'd ordered mine online, too jealous. I enjoyed this comment section; was filled with venomous hatred for anyone playing the game early until I read some people's funny comments. Reminded me not to take life too seriously.



AyeHaley said:

Enabling online on launch day would've been better. But who am I kidding, never gonna be a MK pro



Mariru said:

Sometimes I get my games early but I don't go on miiverse to brag about it. -.-



Okumei said:

I'm not even going to get this game and I feel your anger. If this happens with Smash Bros 3ds I'll be pissed lol.



SCAR said:

It doesn't really matter to me. I want the digital version, so I'll have to wait until Thursday night.



bouncer0304 said:

@smikey i contacted Nintendo and a helpful rep said that the despatch date was basically when it should arrive and not when they will be shipping, so basically a mistake. I did suggest to them though to alter this . Still checking but still awaiting dispatch. Like you, if i don't get mine Friday, then they can forget any other orders and i'll be firing off another email asking why it hasn't come when being promised it would. I am getting nervous now though and slightly annoyed since amazon, play and other places have delivered quite a few people's orders now. Was hoping they'd maybe send it early though but as long as it arrives by Friday, then i'm happy. Really enjoying the videos aswell



ACK said:

What generally happens is that the system will tell the employees to pull and stock all the new games and movies on the normal Tuesday. Certain street dated products have their boxes covered in huge stickers with their intended date and something to the effect of "DO NOT STOCK THIS ITEM UNTIL..."; however, since there is very possibly someone who is unfamiliar, or ineffective (or mischievous) with electronics working that area, they may just follow what the computer system advises and rip into those street dated boxes.

A large percentage of the employees at any given big box retailer are very likely to have received substandard training. True, nearly all are over-worked and under-paid, many lack any sort of a work ethic, and some simply couldn't give a damn, or worse. But the fact is that the computer systems themselves are often antiquated and, ultimately, flawed.

So when you combine poorly trained employees, who are also mindlessly shuffled from department to department with little guidance, and an inefficient computer system... This is what you tend to get.



felix330 said:

It's already being sold everywhere in Germany. In online mode, most players are from Germany, Spain, France and Japan, so those seem to be the countries that broke the street date. Haven't seen a single American player yet. I went to two stores today and both already had it. I cancelled my Amazon preorder since they also sold it slightly cheaper.



unrandomsam said:

@ACK A few people playing it slightly early makes no real difference. NIntendo Life spoiling the unlockable characters is much worse. (I didn't think they would do that).



Lalivero said:

Looks like you fell a step back with that whole download takeover plan, @MAB . While you may be able to get games sooner according to the actual release dates, looks like retailers have thrown a certain finger at you and made it the reverse.



ACK said:

@unrandomsam No, not to you or I. But, in the US, penalties for breaking these arbitrary street dares can be pretty severe. How often such penalties are assessed is unknown, but the potential is at least there. (Since there has been so much pre-release info, there's a reasonable chance Nintendo is willing to overlook this one, but they usually establish these dates for a reason.)

Pretty sure I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of NOA's lawyers, anyway.



SetupDisk said:

If all depends how serious a company is. It's quite simple to make a game not able to be processed by a register before a certain date.



kendorage said:

I pre-ordered mine from target. got a free Mario key chain with the card, will get a free $5 gift card when I show up to get the game, and apparently will get a free wii wheel with the game according to this weeks ad. I guess those 3 things might be worth a couple of extra days of waiting if I stick with my preorder.



Einherjar said:

Well, two things:
First: Its rare that a miiverse community pops up before the street date, even if the game is already out in a different terretory (Got DKC early, community went live on the official day), WIth Mario Kart, the community was already up, so it seems they expected it.

Second: A friend of mine works at "Media Markt" (One of germanys biggest electronics stores) and he told me, that most retailers / companys set a shelf embargo untill the official release day. So they are forbidden to put said game on shelf, still doing it will result in a punishment or even a complete ban. Nintendo officially told them that if they dont specifically set such an embargo, they are free to put games on their shelf as soon as they arrive and that they wont mind it. So yes, the street date still has significance but only if said retailer insists on it.

On another note: Similar thing happened to me with Mirror of Fate. I got the game almost a week earlier and wanted to register it for the NES Castlevania promotion (only the first to register it got the game for free).
Nintendo was prepared for an early arrival as well. Trying to register the game, resulted in a warining screen that told me, that im free to register the game, but if i wanted to partake in the promotion, i should wait a couple of days with it.
So, even trying to register it early didnt turn on any flags and i was still able to claim my free Castlevania game when registering the game on release day.

Also, like others said: If Nintendo had a problem with it, online servers wouldnt be up, the community wouldnt be running, MK TV wouldnt be working and / or the game wouldnt boot (online self registration ?) There are plenty of measures to prevent such a thing, nothing was done, and since the evo accident, we know how trigger happy nintendo is.
So i guess we can say that an realy "leak" was expected AND is appreciated.



123akis said:

If retailers keep doing this, Nintendo will NEVER send stock early to those retailers again! then there's a risk of a delivery delay, that is why Nintendo sends them early just in case. But.. Nintendo should of formally told retailers the release is on 30th May and not to sell them early.

I Pre-ordered my limited edition bundle which includes the T-shirt and keyring from the Nintendo UK Online Store, so I won't be receiving mine until Friday but at least I get the T-shirt and keyring, it's the same price, £59.99, that retailers are selling the limited edition bundle WITHOUT the T-shirt and keyring so that's a pretty good deal!



617Sqn said:

I've had my copy since monday morning. My local Game (Northampton) all ways break the street date. It's a bit dodgy, you have to pay in cash, and im sure the manager does not put it through the till, but who cares .... he gets £40 in his pocket, and the gamers get games early, win win.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I'm not really a fan of pre-release retailer mischief, but Amazon Germany just broke the news (quietly) to me that my copy doesn't even arrive on release day, but saturday instead!
This is kinda annoying, but it's not that big of an issue as it was with Pokémon X/Y.



Jayvir said:

I work at Target and this is why we have our cash registers check for street dates when the item is scanned. If the street date hasn't passed then you cannot purchase it. You'll never be able to get a game early unless you manage to steal it. I don't know why more places don't have this system in place.



KodyDawg said:

Dammit!! Why the heck do these idiots even do this?! It's so freaking unfair to the rest of us!!!



Bambeezie said:

I called my sears, they said I could pick it up tomorrow morning oddly. In the US.



Crimson_Ridley said:

I have doubts that Nintendo are going to even get the game to me Friday. I was hoping to get it on my birthday (tomorrow), but they haven't even dispatched it yet! They took the money last Friday, for Christ's sake!

I'll be happy to receive it Friday, but I would have expected it be posted by now.



TromaDogg said:

Mine's been dispatched by Nintendo, should get it tomorrow or Friday. Not really too fussed as long as I get it by the weekend. Would rather have the cool freebies that are coming with it than have just the game by itself a couple of days early.



Captain_Gonru said:

@617Sqn Its pretty simple, really. A street date was set. That is the day that everyone, including Nintendo's own eShop, can start selling it. If someone sells before that date, they gain an unfair competitive edge in the marketplace.



Phaserborn said:

I still think it's unfair certain VIPs get it two weeks early. I want to play this game as much as they probably do!



antipop621 said:

cool that it has stamps. I didn't know this and hope they are fun to collect in-game.



Farmboy74 said:

Just checked my Nintendo Uk store account status: Processing awaiting despatch!! Ahhhhhhh hope it's here for Saturday at the latest. For those who received the game early thanks for the beta test!!



TwilightOniAngel said:

Well this gives the people who suck mario kart to get some skill before the pro's get in online and all jokes aside this happened to gta5 last year where people got the game early unfair but i can wait.



Nik-Davies said:

So while I have to wait longer for mine, as Nintendo won't dispatch it until Friday, some people have already received and are playing it?!



SleepyCrossing said:

Due the massive scale of issues regarding broken release dates on games, it cannot be blamed on a few incompetent retail employees. These aren't isolated incidents and it seems to me to be very deliberate. There is also a domino effect (or there has been with past releases). When one company sees other companies selling, they jump ship and sell too as a means of not losing sales. Breaking release date is bad news as a whole, but I'm not personally outraged by it.

I'll get my copy Friday with my Wii U bundle, can't wait. Besides, those players will soon learn who the real MVP is >



Marshi said:

@smikey Had the same message mate. Ive emailed them and they say it will be dispatched to arrive by the 30th. Mine does say dispatch date 30th though. Id expect an email tomorrow and if by the afternoon I dont have one il be demanding a refund. Anyone had late deliveries on the nintendo uk store?



Marshi said:

@bouncer0304 In the exact same situation. Can you please reply with any update on this? Mine says awaiting dispatch. Im hoping tomorrow that will change to "dispatched". If not then I wont get it friday and im sure nintendo uk store will be getting at least 3 stern emails about lacklustre customer service! At the very least that dispatch date notice needs to change to "expected arrival". Ah nintendo,never has a company excited and annoyed me in such equel mesure!



Hikingguy said:

a year from now no one will care if someone got the game 4 days early. It will just be a funny story you tell how you "found" it before it was suppose to be sold.
I suppose if Nintendo wants to be jerks they could not give the free game to all those who got it early.

But it does kind of spoil the spirit of any midnight releases planned.
Have fun Mario Karting.



KevTastic84 said:

Ordered the MK WiiU bundle. It claimes to be despatch ut estimated delivery date of 31st. So i fell i'll be sitting around waiting in my flat from Friday morning til potentially Saturday evening twiddling my thumbs. Have however planned a MK8 Party for the Saturday night so it better have arrived by then,



ledreppe said:

Ordered from The Nintendo UK online store, and it still says 'awaiting dispatch'. I guess I won't get it until the official launch date.




Well hot hoppin' jimmies! I am so infuriate... Jk, who the heck cares? Let 'em have some fun early. They'll need all the practice then can get to face me!



MadAdam81 said:

If as some suggest that there is no embargo on the street date, I might make an.appearance at my local EB Australia. PS for any Aussies,.Big W are selling for.$58.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@MJKOP : hey I didn't get a chance to tell you before, but Xscape is the best album I've heard in 20 years. Its that damn good!



ultraraichu said:

Good thing it's a racing game and not a online RPG or else they will be a lot of ticked off gamers.



Iggly said:

The Mario Kart 8 community was actually up for quite a long time actually, it was up around late April/early May. Although it was invisible to everybody and only people with the game could post on it. I had the community on my favorite communities and overall it was neat knowing its community existed longer than we thought.



GN004Nadleeh said:

if the game is done then why wait? there has been enough hype. holding games back is stupid in my opinion just like everything releasing same day in november



Kolzig said:

Street date will always be broken by some retailers, and of course the shop workers themselves will play the games earlier than allowed.

Tomorrow is finally the day, wahwahzat!



Henmii said:

"Gawd, I hate it when this happens. Except when this happens to me, then it´s ok"

Lol, to be honest I most of the time buy my games 1 day in advance. And now with that Christian day between it, I feared I had to wait till friday or even longer! Luckily I got it today!

It's very simple: If shops receive their games, they want to sell it! And we gamers want it as soon as we can get them! I don't feel filthy about it: I paid for a legal game in a legal way, just a few days earlier then it was supposed! Yeah, some of my ghosts already are on miiverse too!

On a sidenote: Thursday was cinema-day in Holland. But now many movies premiere on Wednesday, sometimes even earlier! Isn't that the same!



SavoirFaire said:

I am travelling this week so I can't even play til Saturday! It's been a really long time since I was this hyped to play a game. Not sure how well I'll do after a red eye and 3 hours sleep tho...



Marioman64 said:

"in-game YouTube export tool" ... mind blown

btw, I saw some deluxe mario kart wii bundles in the backroom at work today, so shiny



Gravedigga13 said:

haha, check this out! in Romania we already have som1 who sells wii u mario kart 8 bundles, and we've been having him for 1 and 1/2 weeks now on a website. he is a private seller. weird



pokegirl4ever said:

@smikey I'm in the same position, and with Royal mail normally taking 2 days to deliver I am now doubtful on getting it Friday. I've been messaging them about it and they just keep using PR rubbish to cover themselves. If I don't get it tomorrow though I will be really angry as they have stated it will arrive before or on Friday to me.



pokegirl4ever said:

@Marshi You won't be the only one sending a stern email-they have told me that it will be shipped to arrive Friday or before-It's now Thursday and it still says awaiting despatch. They also said the money would be withdrawn once it's being shipped but then they went back and covered themselves on that so I am not happy.



Grumblevolcano said:

I hope those who already have the game haven't registered it with Club Nintendo yet as it seems otherwise the free game offer is void.



koelboel said:

I myself am freaking out. I'm having friends over, what if my online retailer sent it too late? Then what? Think I might go home over lunch just to check, if it's not there I might give my buddy a call telling him to bring his. Long time since the launch of a video game made me neurotic.



smikey said:

They've just emailed me back & said it should arrive Friday (using the word should doesn't fill me with confidence) it still says awaiting dispatch on my order which it's said since last Friday when they took the money out.
To make it worse a friend just told me they pre ordered mario golf from there and didn't get it until the Tuesday despite ordering months in advance.
I'm not even home to sign for it on Saturday if it's late I'll be sticking with grainger games & amazon after this too much hassle.



Marshi said:

@pokegirl4ever Yep,still saying "awaiting dispatch". Im going to email them now and fmand they upgrade my mailing method to the 24hour one. I suggest you and everyone else do the same



smikey said:

just finally received an email from them saying it's been dispatched via Yodel with an estimated delivery date of Monday.

I've checked the tracking number on the Yodel site but it's not showing anything yet if tomorrow it's showing that it will be delivered all is fine if it's stuck in a sorting office miles away and not being delivered until monday I'll buy it in store tomorrow & return the online store one for a full refund as soon as it arrives.

it's not even the point That I really want to play the game I've already played my brothers copy but the fact the official Nintendo store can take a pre order almost 3 months in advance (which is the day they put it up) then dispatch 12 hours before the e-shop launch is a joke especially when they took payment last week. when they told me payment has been taken & item is in warehouse awaiting dispatch where it's presumably sat waiting for a whole week!



bouncer0304 said:

@Marshi finally had an email saying "dispatched" with an estimated date "of on or before 3rd of June" which is poor to me. Those saying "oh people won't remember this next year," the problem is when you're ordering from an official website you expect to at least have them send it before everyone else, especially when customers from play/amazon/shopto have had their copies since Tuesday and Wednesday. It doesn't help that shops are even breaking the launch date yet loyal customers like myself have been let down badly. Seriously doubt i'll pre-order with them again and it seems many other unhappy customers are saying the same and clogging up their timeline on twitter with complaints. I'm just hoping Yodel will be good as they have been in the past with me. If i don't get anything by 5PM tomorrow (that's when they finish delivering up our way), Nintendo had better be ready for mine and loads more angry emails...



Marshi said:

@bouncer0304 No way! Im not waiting till monday. I got an email yesterday saying it would be here for on or before release date. If I dont get mine tomorrow I will be demanding a refund and putting in a massive complaint. Anything you can look into about this Nintendolife?



Marshi said:

@smikey Agreed mate. This just makes me lose faith in nintendo. Even if my copy does come tomorrow. My confidence in them will still be tarnished due to how vague they are in emails. Very very disgruntled customer here nintendo. And before anyone says this is the same with all companies il say to you: what a load of crap! I dont have any issues with grainger games,amazon, shopto,zavvi or any other websites and I usually get the games the day before. Now im not complaining that I dont have mario kart today,but if they cant even guarantee the game by the blinking RELEASE DATE then that is very badly organised



TreesenHauser said:

Gotta wait just one more day... with that said, I'll be hanging out in front of my local Gamestop tomorrow morning, giddy with anticipation.



Marshi said:

@bouncer0304 @smikey Have you guys just had an official email statement from nintendo? It basically says the game will be here either later today or by tomorrow at the latest



bouncer0304 said:

@Marshi no haven't had anything. I'm gathering so many people complained they've had to say something to ease people's worries. My yodel code doesn't work so that's worrying me a little....

EDIT: It now works but says "Waiting. Your parcel is awaiting collection." So basically they have LIED again by saying it's been dispatched! Seriously poor behaviour and will not use them again for pre-order. Game will get my custom from now on. They've never let me down before...



smikey said:


Just had the exact same email from them about half hour ago so not only did they reply to my last message by not answering a single question I asked they sent me the exact same message as everyone else got a miiverse friend that's had the same thing too. & my yodel code still doesn't work so how they think it could arrive later today when it's not even been picked up is beyond me.



bouncer0304 said:

Still no statement for me but the guy has insisted it has been dispatched yet Yodel are still saying it's waiting to be collected! Urgh, they better show up by tomorrow or i'll blue shell the both of them.....



Crimson_Ridley said:

I've received 2 emails from Nintendo today. One when I sent them a pretty angry email about them not dispatching until the last minute, where they said "it should arrive today or tomorrow", and another saying that it has been dispatched with an ETA for tomorrow. However, in the tracking, it says it's awaiting collection.

I don't think I'll be ordering from the official website again, as Amazon, ShopTo and even GAME dispatch days in advance! You know something is wrong when you'd rather order from GAME.



smikey said:


that comment about game did make me laugh but then the nintendo store has been shocking.
Finally got an email reply that wasn't the standard will be there or tomorrow rubbish & the guy assured me 100% that it will be delivered tomorrow on release day.
They also said it had been collected this morning which is in fact a lie they said it wouldn't be scanned until it got to the depot (another lie or misinformation)
I'm self employed I use Yodel a fair bit & they do scan items on pick up & they do show on the tracking number screen when they've been collected.

having said that as long as they are collected before 8pm & have a 24 hour delivery note they should arrive tomorrow.

still with all the hassle & doubts they'd need an amazing special edition for me to buy from there again.

& lastly the customer service guy did at least admit they have to in general use a generic paste and reply message because they had so many messages to reply to of course if they'd posted the game yesterday or before like most companies they wouldn't have this trouble now maybe they'll learn before smash bros ect are released



Starwolf_UK said:

@Einherjar Wait, so Club Nintendo were happy to warn people about missing NES Castlevania while offering no warning about missing the free game with Mario Kart 8. I've found at least 4 people who have registered MK8 early. There was no warning for them and they are all gutted that they may have missed the promotion. I've told them to not let Nintendo get away with it.

@Crimson_Ridley I've heard quite a few peoples Amazon orders are still preparing for dispatch. Amazon are really hit and miss these days. It would be fine if orders didn't sometimes take days to prepare for no reason. I can imagine it being more annoying if you have Amazon prime.



bouncer0304 said:

@smikey i know people have a go at Game but from my experience, they have been great. Only once i was missing a free gift and my local store not only gave me one, but Game themselves delivered another one to me as an apology. I gave the spare to my sister but it was a nice gesture. Apart from that, they've never been late and have always been good if i have a problem. Shopto are also excellent- i ordered Mario Golf from them on launch date and didn't expect it until Monday. I had it Saturday morning despite ordering it at half 1 in the afternoon. There was a computer error which lead to it being ordered twice but one quick phonecall, which was answered in about 3 seconds, everything was sorted out. While the guy has been polite at Nintendo , since bless him it's not his fault, the way it's been handled has been dreadful. I don't think many will use them for pre-order again- i certainly won't! And yes, Yodel are STILL saying it's awaiting collection....



Einherjar said:

@Starwolf_UK "Not to let Nintendo get away with it" In all honesty, its their fault, not nintendos. The flyers as well as all promotional material clearly state a from/till date. If they register it before the stated date, its not Nintendos fault. I would be pissed too, for sure, but they only have to blame themselve.
My registration scratch card is still unscratched and in the box.

About the warning, well, maybe they werent prepared on all fronts for a preemptive launch, as the website is managed by a seperate department.
Also, im from germany, so it may be that Nintendo EU did pay a tad more atention to things like that (depending on where your friends are at of cause)
Also, the Castlevania promo was a limited deal. Only a certain number of people (the first 100 ?) got the deal, while with MK8, everyone is in for it. So, a preemptive release would grant people an unfair advantage over others. Maybe thats why they put the warning there.
I think the chances of them recieving their DL code is still quite high. If not, well, like i said, its not Nintendos fault, as they clearly told everyone the from/till date for the registration / promotion.



bouncer0304 said:

@Marshi good news, just had this:

"You will have recently received your dispatch confirmation detailing delivery of your Mario Kart 8 product on or before the 03/06/2014. We’re sorry for any confusion that this may have caused. However, we are delighted to inform you that your order for Mario Kart 8 has been dispatched on a next day delivery service. We expect delivery of your order to be made tomorrow on the release date 30/05/2014."

They had to say something really, although my Yodel thing is STILL saying awaiting collection. Either it's broken or Nintendo haven't sent it yet. Hoping Yodel will deliver early as they usually do when i've had items in the past from them.



Marshi said:

@bouncer0304 yeah,sorry I had the same email earlier and forgot to say! They musthave had a fair few complaints and decide to send out a faster mail. Its still not restored my confidence in them,i mean they seem to have done a bit of flip flopping,but it does look like we will be getting mario kart tomorrow so...yay!!



smikey said:


As others have recently said just above they are now saying they've all been sent on a next day delivery service. (I know they've told at least 15 different people this including myself)
It appears yodel are still showing all orders as not yet collected which shouldn't be the case.
I can only assume they are 1) picking them up late sorting them fast & geting them out or 2) they picked up so many they didn't scan them & they won't get scanned until they reach the sorting depo sometime tonight.

I know my yodel delivery guy pretty well as I deal with them often so if it is comming tomorrow I should have it by 10am usually before 9am.

I hope you get yours tomorrow too as I hope everyone does it is why we pre order stuff.

& feel free to add me on miiverse if you want friends to race with online (plus I own virtually every other wii u game)



smikey said:

Yodel just sent me a text message saying there was a processing issue & my parcel isn't comming today what a surprise!
Good luck to everyone else on here who bought from the Nintendo store uk Never again



Marshi said:

@smikey How do you get a text message? By the way thanks for adding me,i cant go on miiverse (long story) but can chat here! I was really happy nintendo emailed me with a promise of a 24 hour dispatch...but im worried again now



bouncer0304 said:

@Marshi sorry to hear that. I'd phone Nintendo and demand them to explain why the whole process has been a mess! Infact, i'd demand a full refund aswell since they have broken their promise to you so phone them and give them hell! @smikey nothing yet, still says it's at the service centre :-/ I need to go out but my dad'll be in so there's no excuse! How do you add the text option? Would be handy for future reference!



smikey said:

@bouncer0304 @Marshi

I'm assuming nintendo store gave them my mobile number as I'm fairly sure I added it when I ordered the game.
I guess it's possible yodel have it on their system as I use the service for work a fair bit but it's unlikely they will cross reference a delivery parcel with an address they normally pick up from i'd have thought.

Good luck to both of you genuinely hope they turn up



Marshi said:

@bouncer0304 @smikey I really dont wana annoy you smikey,but I just got an email from yodel saying its on its way. Hope you get that shortly bouncer. Smikey I suggest you do as bouncer said. Ring nintendo and give them hell! All the best guys



Marshi said:

@smikey Dude the reference number is the one yodel emailed me,not the one nintendo have! Mine says its been on its travels to me since 10:08.
Hope that eases some frustration on why the reference wasnt working last night



bouncer0304 said:

@smikey seriously though, give Nintendo a ring and tell them THEY have broken a contract with you as an email is classed as a contract so they now have to compensate you somehow. You could infact demand a full refund and still have the item since they are the ones who broke the contract and not you! My dad's been a union rep for over 20 years so luckily i'm pretty good with stuff like that Go give Nintendo hell, although not the person you speak to so much since it's not their fault.



Marshi said:

@bouncer0304 @smikey He's right smikey you shouldnt just take this kind of service. My mk is reported to have left my local service centre at 10 so should be getting mine shortly,but im still unhappy with how vague everything has been. Im certain if people hadnt complained yesterday we would be waiting till next week to get the game. And when 3rd parties offer a quicker delivery than nintendo themselves,thats pretty shocking



Crimson_Ridley said:

Mine arrived at 10am this morning! I then got a text from them (which also left me wondering why Nintendo feels they can just give out my mobile number) to tell me it had been delivered.

I'm now currently wearing my Bullet Bill shirt, have put my Spiny Blue Shell and Red Shell key ring on my shelf, slotted the case in to my Wii U collection, and have played a few Grand Prix's on the game. It's excellent, and so gorgeous!



Marshi said:

@Crimson_Ridley When did they say they had it with the courior? Mine says its been on its way since 10:08. And it left the service centre which is around 9 miles away. I know the courior will have other deliveries but im just trying to get a bead on when it will get here



Crimson_Ridley said:

If I recall, mine was sent out for delivery from Sheffield at 7am and got to me 3 hours later. I live in Mansfield.

EDIT: Yeah, received at the service centre at 3:33am, out for delivery at 7:27am and delivered at 9:55am.



bouncer0304 said:

You jammy so and sos! Mine's STILL saying it's at the centre and has been since 12:57 am yet earlier it said it was in transit Really not impressed at all with this! Starting to worry now since yodel are bit and miss with other orders...



shan780 said:

Not happy with this at all. Now I'm being told that my game has only just been dispatched today and I will receive it June 8th.
I seriously wonder why I even put up with crap like this sometimes and why I haven't already switched to Microsoft or Sony.



smikey said:

@bouncer0304 @Marshi

I've since phoned Nintendo they can't do anything as of yet because the package isn't classed as not delivered yet even though Yodel have told me it won't be Nintendo store don't accept / or believe that to be the case.
I've even phoned yodel & they've confirmed if i'm lucky it could be tomorrow (saturday) but almost certainty monday.

@Crimson_Ridley got his even though I live less than an hour from sheffield.

The store haven't actually replied to my email this morning even though it was swear word free & pretty calm but they did send me an email an hour ago saying mario kart 8 out now order today they really do have a sense of humour!

In the end it's a pain i've already played my brothers copy so i've experienced the game (for about an hour anyway) & it's not like I have nothing on wii u to play with my disc collection + e-shop & vc I have over 150 games for wii u a fair few i've not even started (donkey kong, lego marvel, lego hobbit, lego movie, splinter cell)

I'm just angry that it's the official Nintendo store & they should have got this right god help them with a limited edition smash bros wii u at xmas probably arrive in January!

I have an annual Nintendo budget of around £2,500 (for games, consoles & other Nintendo related stuff) the Nintendo store has had £59.99 off methis year for a missing Mario kart 8 they'll be lucky to get that to £60 ever the way I feel.

the delay might well be yodel's fault but if Nintendo had posted out early after taking payment a week before eventual late dispatch the 24 hour delay would have been a non issue.

I hope everyone enjoys mario kart this weekend especially those that have few games to play I'll be spending my time playing lego games with the kids or blowing the heads off zombies in frustration on resident evil.

(rant over sorry Nintendo life)

p.s @bouncer0304 if you want some friends for when it finally arrives feel free to add me on miiverse think I found you on there but it doesn't let anyone send friend requests. hope you've got your game now



bouncer0304 said:

@smikey that's bull. Nintendo sent out an email and they GUARANTEED that it would be delivered today, so they and they alone are responsible since they are the ones who have promised it and they have broken their word, hence they have to compensate because they have failed to deliver the goods when they said they would. In times like this. Under the distance selling regulation, "A contract must be carried out within the time limits agreed with the customer, as stated in your terms and conditions." Since they have agreed a time for it to be delivered and it has not turned up you can rightfully say they have failed you. Go give them hell!



shan780 said:

Now I'm being told that I'm only receiving the game on Tuesday at the earliest...



Marshi said:

@smikey Dont apologise mate id be ranting too. The fact your bro's got the game makes no difference. Nintendo should have sent the games earlier and its ONLY because we all complained that nintendo decided to upgrade our delivery method to 24 hours. If not we all would be waiting till tuesday I guarantee it. Wont be buying from them again.



pokegirl4ever said:

@smikey It's funny, I've ended up in a similar position-I got the email last night saying next day delivery but unless it somehow gets to the service center and is shipped to me in the next hour I won't have gotten it today. I went and wrote another email to Nintendo as it is unfair since they said I would get it today and I'm sure they said it to many others. Hopefully we will both get it tomorrow and then I will bring myself to on my Wii U (will add you on miiverse then)



bouncer0304 said:

So, zero contact from Nintendo despite me emailing them and yodel only telling me because i found them on Twitter. At least they had the decency to tell me but honestly, why deliver when most people will be out attending these events. I will be phoning Nintendo first thing tomorrow morning demanding to know why the whole things been a massive mess!



smikey said:

@bouncer0304 @pokegirl4ever

had an email and text message from yodel saying mine left leeds sorting office at 7:38am so i'm finally getting it today.
might have helped if it hadn't been sent to shaw service centre (oldham) in the first place.

Official online store haven't replied to any of my last 4 messages over the last 2 days will be calling them again on monday.

hope you both get your copies today too x



pokegirl4ever said:

@smikey That's good, mine arrived at the service centre about midnight last night however I'm still waiting for it to leave there. However it might have helped if they had sent it to the Poole centre (15 minute drive) instead of Southampton (1 hour drive).
I will be calling them on Monday as well since I still doubt I will even get mine today at this point. Yodel isn't too reliable in my area.



pokegirl4ever said:

@bouncer0304 @smikey Just got a reply from Nintendo giving me a free download code for Mario Kart 8 in addition to the physical copy I'm waiting on. I'm happy but slightly torn on whether to have 2 copies on one console once I get the physical if that makes sense.



smikey said:


That's great they still haven't even bothered emailong me back.
I'd just sell the download code on ebay but I sell games for a living (old ones anyway)

hope it get's there soon



teeps said:

So Yodel finally delivered the parcel at 11:04AM this morning although they didn't think to ring the doorbell! Got a text from them saying it had been delivered to a neighbour even though it was sitting in the front porch. Abysmal service from them. I can't think for the life of me why Nintendo use them as their courier - presumably very cheap. Will just put people off using them in future for pre-orders, certainly me anyway.

Wasn't all bad though as Nintendo did give me a free download code yesterday evening to download a digital copy of the game so I was able to play it last night as it happened anyway. Nice of Nintendo, but shouldn't have to do that in the first place. Hope you other guys having trouble get yours today as well.



smikey said:

Got mine an hour ago they didn't or haven't offered me any download code at all but then they haven't bothered to reply to a single email for 2 days either



teeps said:

The download code was sent to me in an e-mail. They basically just apologised for the delay and did it as a good will gesture. I hadn't sent them any emails prior to that. Hmm strange that not all people affected got this.



pokegirl4ever said:

Playing my digital copy but still waiting on the physical. It is marked as with courier so I should get it but 2 hours left in their working day so :/



bouncer0304 said:

Finally had mine at 1:15PM. Luckily my dad was home so he signed for it. I went to an event today and despite only 15 minutes practice, i won one race and came 2nd in my group. Really proud of that too! Done the mushroom and flower cups and uploaded a few reels on youtube. Just a pity the delivery overshadows an amazing game.

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