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Here Are Plenty of Lovely Hyrule Warriors Screenshots at Which to Gawk

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So pretty...

With Hyrule Warriors doing the rounds in the Japanese media and, by extension, getting Wii U gamers in the West a tad excited as well, Tecmo Koei's enjoying additional interest in its latest Warriors collaboration. Teaming up with one of Nintendo's biggest brands can have that effect.

If you're keen to see more, of course, the official website — thanks PvtOttobot and ONM — is packed with early look content. It confirms a special edition retail product for Japan and that — unsurprisingly — there'll be costume DLC packs.

We've shown some of these images in previous articles, so above and below are all of those that haven't made an appearance on the site to date; they're also now lovingly sitting on our game page. These images show Link in an alternative outfit, Impa in action and a closer look at some of the villains and stages.

Feast your eyeballs on these and let us know what you think.


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Hy8ogen said:

My hype level is above 9000. This game is definitely up there with smash bros and X.



Dark-Luigi said:

Ok. That settles it.

I'm official mega hyped now. I need this in my life more than anything after MK8!



sinalefa said:

Hey, what is Ivy doing in my Zelda? Namco, you are only in charge of Smash Bros.

I am liking this game more and more the more I see it.



Pinkman said:

Ive never played dynasty warriors but ninety nine knights on the 360 was great. Looking forwards to this. It looks like there doing a great job.



Chubblings said:

I was excited about this game from Day 1, but the hype is killing me. LIke @Hy8ogen said, this is up there with Smash Bros and X for me, as I'm a huge Zelda AND Dynasty Warriors fan (have bought all Warriors games and DLC's). I'm not sure about the screenshots. If they're real in-game shots, they're gorgeous, and make amazing use of Wii U's hardware. However, they do look doctored/on PC. This is not something that Koei would only do, because loads of other companies do this as well, it's done for marketing purposes (to make people think, wow, that looks good).



uncha1n3d said:

Im not going to get all excited over screenshots because truthfully I have no idea what this game is. If its just a hack and slash like dynasty warriors than it 'could' be cool. Graphically it looks appealing, but id need to see some gameplay before I can decide. Definitely an interesting idea though.



ToniK said:

I don't trust this kind of screenshots... Obviously not gameplay. Also the game has some serious convincing to do until I consider bying it.



Gabjazz said:

This game looks good I'm getting hyped about this. I have never played one of this warriors games so this will be my first entry to the series and it would be a great experience being a Zelda one. I'll preorder this one too.



Stu13 said:

Impa herself could not slash through the wall of hype around me right now. Even with that giant sword.



XCWarrior said:

Bring it on. Hoping for tons of Zelda characters from all the games to play as. Going to be tons of fun playing this with friends.



flashboy said:

I hope it has a multiplayer vs option. really liked The Last Story's and since nintendo wi-fi connection is gone now, I really need my sword/magic brawling dose.



marko said:

Well you have our attention, lets hope its a good game...
Something to scratch that Zelda itch until Zelda U comes out...



Yorumi said:

I'm actually kind of getting excited for this as well. I want to see reviews before I get it but it at least looks good. Would love if we could play as zelda.



daniruy said:

A long long swords, but theose huge and absurd swords does not appeal to me. And I don't see the need for those HUGE boobs in any game - specially Zelda. I believe those are biologically impossible, unless the girl is pregnant...



King47 said:

I'm getting less disinterested I this. I will cautiously observe it. I do dislike, however, the sexualized villain.



Raylax said:

Miss Skimpy Impossibreasts and Impa's ridiculous blade kill off a lot of the appeal for me, but I'm still looking forward to this



aaronsullivan said:

Hopefully encouraging footage will be shown during E3. Either way I have a feeling I'll be waiting for reviews to really be hyped. It's certainly looking better. I didn't know implants existed in Hyrule but apparently the villain did. Impa looks pretty great despite the weirdly specific "breastplate" she is wearing. I do hate that discussion is centering on that, but the game has potential as a fun and silly action game while we wait for real Zelda games.

I think I want Nintendo to do more of this, but avoiding another "Other M" is important from a public perception point of view (the game was pretty good, IMO).



NintyMan said:

This is looking good, but I still need to watch some gameplay, so I'll have to wait for E3 to determine whether this is a game for me.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Lookin' jeee double ya goooooooooooowwwwwwwwwd! (-Strong Bad) seriously can't wait!! Also, my first credit xD



MixMasterMudkip said:

Why are people so upset over boobs. The great fairies were practically naked. Sure, there is a big difference between 64 bit and HD boobs, but they are nonetheless boobs. Really, you should just be happy that it seems like Team Ninja has control over the design of new characters rather then old ones. (This is just judging by Impa not having ridiculously large breasts.) But, when we finally see what Zelda looks like, and she's been Team Ninjaized there is defiantly going to be a problem. Anyway, the game is looking really good.



Goginho said:

People saying these screenshots have been polished up for selling sake...hey, who knows? Maybe the Wii U is substantially powerful, and maybe there's some power that we just don't know about...yet



Yorumi said:

@memoryman3 fall for it? I said I want to see reviews but it's looking good. I wouldn't put it past them but there's no proof these arn't taken directly from the system either. There's nothing about them that's truly impossible. The wiiU has a modern shader core, is capable of doing a full fluid dynamics simulation in real time, so I mean I'd say prove their fake.



aaronsullivan said:

Not sure what "bull" you are talking about. What is so amazing about these images that you think they are doctored? Aliasing is there. Is it the shader that blurs during the blast? That's not a difficult shader for the Wii U to pull off at all. The graphics aren't technically very impressive in the screenshots, it just looks like it is coming together more design-wise than the early video. I'm really only interested in the experience of playing this game and I'm waiting for reviews on that.

I guess your trolling worked, though. Congrats.



Monkeh said:

My oh my, I wasn't that interested in this seeing as I've never been into the Warriors-series, but I'm totally a Zelda fanboy and this does look quite nice!



larry_koopa said:

I think I'll actually enjoy this more than a core 3D Zelda game. I hate puzzles and just want to fight bad guys, so this could get some serious mileage on my Wii U.



Goginho said:

...oh, and that's definitely the Poe Collector (although without legs). I mean, it's gotta be. At least one variant of him (or them?)



DiscoGentleman said:

Loving all the characters designs. Impa looks so awesome. It's like they took all the awesome things about her SS iteration and made it better.
Shea's character design is super cool, too. That MASK/HEADDRESS. Too bad 90% of the people are talking about her boobs. Get over it.
And I like that dude, what's his name again Volga? Volvaga? If not story related, his design is at least a clear homage to Volvagia from OoT.



ThreadShadow said:

Looking good! And looking forward to this game!

I love Links new face, especially the new nose(sharper, not upturned). Yet this Link is the most feminine looking yet. Strange.



memoryman3 said:

@ylitvinenko I actually liked that trailer. 3D Land gameplay with HD graphics and soothing music is my thing!

Plus this isn't Nintendo. This is Tecmo.



KingofSaiyans said:

I don't get the skepticism. I'm more hyped for this game now than when I saw it on the Nintendo direct last year. And the fact that screenshots alone can do that amazes me. Hopefully we get it in the west earlier than Japan since Zelda is more popular here.



SamirMalik said:

@Captain_Toad Its gonna stay the same. Why? Because OmegaForce is more concerned with enemy count than graphics. Thats what's gonna stress the Wii U. Enemy count.



Jaz007 said:

With these I'm even more surprised Nintendo's okay with that villian. This goes above and beyond what's been in Zelda and doesn't really match the family friendly brand for Zelda that's been built. I wish they would change it. I'm really not a big fan.



R_Champ said:


I'm the same way. I had little or no interest in this game besides the Zelda motif (which I figured was an obvious ploy) but the more I see of it the more interested I become.

Impa looks amazing, and I'm surprised how excited I am to finally have her as a playable character.



Jaz007 said:

@Hy8ogen What exactly do I lose here? I don't care what others say. Zelda hand had something that's that graphic. Is it all the poeple who line it here? I'm not the only one, and do you really think the big N cares what people say on this article here? They don't give crud. There's nothing to lose here.



Lunapplebloom said:

@Jaz007 I agree with you there. I know that in past Zelda's there were always some characters that showed off some of their assests, but this is easily the most seen despit the fairies in Ocarina of Time. I'll just chalk it up with the developers trying to squeeze in their mark. Still though, not as bad as others, but yeah, not much of a fan.

All that aside, I am really hyped for this! I was hyped back when we had the first trailer, but now it's gone higher. I know my brothers will get a kick out of multiplayer. This can't come soon enough!



Nintendo_Ninja said:

I will enjoy defeating boobs the witch. Hyped for this game, but the villain looks stupid. I will enjoy her defeat!



Benjamin said:

Ben Kuchera threw a little hissy fit on Twitter about Shia's boobs, including a claim that the developers are shunning every Zelda fan over the age of twelve.

Mr. Kuchera, I don't think you understand that the Zelda series is equal opportunity. Everyone can have large breasts, even the big ladies!



jos said:

wander will these get EU/US rls too

Zelda Musou is getting two special editions in Japan: Premium box and Treasure box. The Premium box will retail for 11,664 yen ($117) and the Treasure box will retail for 14,904 yen ($149). Sadly the Treasure box is exclusive to GAMECITY and
Zelda Musou Premium box contents:

  • Game
  • Official book
  • Triforce table clock
  • Preorder bonus: costume set (3 costumes)
    Zelda Musou Treasure box contents:
  • Game
  • Official book
  • Triforce table clock
  • Preorder bonus: costume set (3 costumes)
  • Force costume set (2 costumes)
  • Link’s scarf
  • Treasure box with sound (I’m guessing everything will be included inside this box)
    Zelda Musous will be out on August 14 in Japan.


May_Nyan said:

I love Impa's new design plus her being playable!

Also, the last image looks a bit like Vaati?



shaneoh said:


Looks awesome. Also to those complaining about Impa's sword, ever played Monster Hunter?



Marshi said:

This is actually looking really really good as time goes on. Thought it would be little more than a filler title but from the fresh screens it could be more epic and zelda like than initially anticipated.



Hy8ogen said:

I can't believe the comments I'm reading here. I mean not too long ago people are like,

People: Nintendos gon fail bro cuz no mature IP bro cuz people grow up and dey juz make kiddy games bro so bro not gonna work bro.

When they finally make a slightly mature game,

People: oh gawd boobs! Evil! No! Why? So obscene! No boobs plox!! Boobs will destory the franchise!!! Nintendo is suppose to be kiddy!! Get rid of all these mature pleaseeeeeeeee!!

Seriously people? Seriously?



TourianTourist said:

@Chubblings We're looking for a Dynasty Warriors expert for a podcast about Hyrule Warriors (European). If you're interested, contact me on Skype (same name as here).



TwilightAngel said:

Looks amazing and i hope more character's are playable in this game like maybe minda's true form maybe? Just a thought and a idea maybe you should take team ninja.But who cares the game will be amazing either way.



MrWu said:

Looks good. Went from not interested to interested in the past couple of days.

Here's to hoping it is as good as we hope it will be.



Senario said:

@Jaz007 Look at the great faries of OoT and majora's mask. Oh and several other characters from the zelda universe.



PrincessPeachy said:

@Nintendo_Ninja What exactly defines a villain?
1: an evil character in a novel, movie, play, or other story, especially one who is the main enemy of the hero
2: contemptible person: any person regarded as evil or otherwise contemptible
I don't see huge breasts listed...



Meaty-cheeky said:

@Nintendo_Ninja There are plenty of women that have large breasts, she could be an awesome villain for what we know, and discrediting her because she has big boobs is completely uncalled for.



Henmii said:


You are talking about doctored screenshots. But the new screenshots DO look a little bit better then the older one! And of course there is a difference between in-game and cutscenes. The screenshot you showed shows Link attacking one of the knights. I guess that's part of a cutscene, though I am not sure!

In the end we might get a game that may not be utter beautiful (it has conflicting artstyle), but nice enough! I have a little bit more hope for the title now!



drumsandperc92 said:

Well, these look great.
A pretty realistic but still stylized Zelda game looks incredible on Wii U.
HOPEFULLY, Nintendo themselves can do even better on Zelda U at E3!!
Just makes me that much more excited, seeing as Nintendo always gets the most out of their systems over 3rd parties.
I really dig Link's alternate outfit, and I really wonder who else will be playable here besides Impa. Hoping for at Zelda, and possibly even an evil character such as Ganon. That'd be a twist.
Also, it's very clear that the main villains are not made by Nintendo though. Sufficed to say we would never see a sexualized Witch in a Zelda game look the way this one does, but that's kind the nature of collaborations though.
And for the record, this is much worse than the Great Fairies of OoT, though I admit that's pretty bad too lol.



odd69 said:

I'll buy this to support Nintendo and the idea of them teaming up with other teams to keep things fresh.




@jaz007 Agreed. But I don't care, it's just a fake vidyagem girl. I think the last screenshot is the best and I hope that is a character. PLS! Just make up new characters (also gorons and all the races should have characters)



rylo151 said:

Damn look at them titties, never thought I'd see such a glorious pair in a nintendo game



nungi said:

Back in the day when Nintendo systems were like outdated compared to revised and updated hardware from other consoles more power doesn't mean a thing seems like there's a lot of youth on the Internet who don't know a thing about N.Consoles are cheaper than and could do do just as good as consoles release years after.Nintendo comes out with a new system and in these days everyone wants to know whats in it.i remember you buy,play and enjoy what u like in variety of what comes out of the minds of people making today's world theres a lot of negative going on about Nintendo like everybody hates Nintendo and want them to be out of the race.but it's not for swift.Good games come out and not the same platformers a racing game or two some first person besides COD and a fighter or two Clay fighters rehash hd, Football 'world cup'and it will all come back now to playing terms



nungi said:

Even with 2 gig of what they say think its capable of the same as X,and ps



Zombie_Barioth said:

Exactly, for all any of us know she could be the most vile, sinister villain since Ganondorf. Her design is awesome too, and better than the male villain I think. Theres nothing distasteful about it either.

Also a think to keep in mind, for those saying this sort of thing would "never happen in a Nintendo-made Zelda, this whole game is Nintendo approved. They're clearly ok with and possibly even gladly welcome it, they could very well make a character like her themselves if they wanted.

As for the male villain, he looks like a berserker. The weapon doesn't fit but he might be the leader of a beserker-themed group.




This game looked good... but then I saw the third pic, Link needs to cut his nasty freaking thumb nail! DISGUSTING!!!!



Monsti said:

That lady with the big boobs looks way sexualised. Doesn't fit in the universe. :/ I like that LoZ isn't like that.



SetupDisk said:

Be quiet! Reality has no place for those complaining about such foolish things! They are right even when they are wrong, your evidence will mean nothing!



noctowl said:

@Monsti that's your perception and problem, not the games. It's just a body. What you do with it is your choice.

@Jaz007 yep. Hack, slashing and murder are so family friendly. Just not a human body, heavens no!



xevious said:

Nah. This seems to represent pretty much everything I don't want in a Zelda-game, so definitely going to skip it.



Monsti said:

@noctowl Sorry, but that's the most ridiculous answer I've ever got here by far. It's not an argument. It's not my choice? How is it my choice??? If I send you a porn link and say "Hey, it's just bodies having sex. If you interpret it that as porn, that's your opinion." It is the games problem how its presenting it characters and it clearly wants to make 12 year old boys horny.
@shaneoh: No comparison. The problem is the whole presentation not just the size. People hee don't seem to get the difference. Maybe because they just see boobs...
Really sad. Expected more from Nintendo Fans.



shaneoh said:

I believe @noctowl is saying that it is your choice to ogle her if you want.

How is there no comparison? That outfit hardly offers any protection whether it is against sword blows or sunstroke. The exotic dancer look is not exactly the most unheard of fetish. Also refer to the pic of the great fairy further up in the comments, that's decent to wear in public. What a lot of people here don't get is the way people overreact to patterns of light and attribute it to being human and having sentience, gender and emotions.



xerneas said:

Beautiful! I hope it'll be fun to play. The scenery and graphics remind me of asian MMO's lol like Tera



Zombie_Barioth said:

Or maybe, just maybe, people here are looking beyond those things? Do you seriously believe boobs are all people see?

No offense to those who have a problem with it, but I find it funny how it seems most of those who complain about these things are paying more attention to the things they object to than the ones they accuse of 'getting off' on it.



Monsti said:

@Zombie_Barioth Yes I do believe that. The way the character model is framed you are meant to see exactly that one element of her. You can make yourself believe that you saw the picture and only after you read the comments realised "Oh yes, they are quite big and quite emphasised", but the developers made sure that that isn't true.
Trust me, I'm usually the last person to complain about these kind of things, but one of LoZs qualities is that it is better than this. It doesn't need it! It's a clichée element of Japanese game art that the series can proudly say it doesn't use...or maybe not anymore.



Pod said:

Everything here is rather a mish-mash.

Link doesn't fit that well with the other characters, the characters don't jive with the enemies, and none of it goes with the texture style of the environment.

I can appreciate a crazy costume complimented by a crazy cleavage, but the whole package here is rather inconsistent looking.



Zombie_Barioth said:

No, you missed my point, I wasn't talking about the intent of the screenshot itself. Your accusing people of only seeing boobs, as if they're too simple-minded or shallow to notice anything else.

Do people notice? Yes, of course they do, but they aren't making a big deal about it either.

It doesn't matter if a game "doesn't need it", that doesn't mean its worse off for having it. Zelda isn't exactly a stranger to busty women, they just aren't quite as flashy. One things for sure, your in the minority on whats 'fit' for a Zelda game here.



Yorumi said:

@Monsti there have been plenty of these types of discussions on this site. It's gotten to the point where in some comment threads people say women are supposed to be objectified. No matter what you say you'll get an army of people claiming you're wrong for believing in a bit of decency and not over sexualizing everything.



Nabecoat said:

Here's hoping Sheik will be the next announced playable character! This game is looking amazing.



hYdeks said:

its not how pretty it is that worries me, its the fact that it basicly Dynasty Warriors with Zelda, and lets face it, Dynasty Warriors is terrible



Linkuini said:

Just wanted to say I agree with all your comments here. Fans get so defensive when this stuff is called out that I myself usually don't have the patience to bring it up.

Guys, even if you don't see any moral problem with character designs that put women's bodies on display, don't you think they're kind of... tedious? When this kind of thing is so prevalent in other games, I think it's reasonable for people to complain when it shows up in a game series where they expect to be (mostly) undisturbed by it.

And who really thinks Shia will be a villain with enough memorable traits to make up for that absurd outfit? I, for one, predict that she will mainly stand around winking at the hero and rambling about darkness.

There's no need to condemn a game in its entirety for a few problematic issues like these, but that doesn't mean that such issues should be exempt from criticism.



Meaty-cheeky said:

read my comments @joe I am not complaining about the female enemy's design, quite the opposite, I said this to you already.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@Zombie_Barioth you are making some great points. @Mosti you are overreacting a little bit, like what a lot of us have been saying there has been busty women in The Legend of Zelda before, but now Nintendo is finally in the HD video game era, with that being said HD Graphics are going to make everything in our games look better. HD boobs is not the only improvement when looking at this games screen shots.



Omarsonic9 said:

"boobs ah zelda is ruined nintendo is ruined "
1.This game isn't in the main timeline.
2.Fairies were almost naked.

Now shut up.



World said:

Since mostly every game features male gaze fodder much worse than this, that's not the kind of thing that would put me off buying the game.

What bothers me is when "fans," like some people in this thread, feel like it is somehow their right to declare they find some fictional woman attractive in the most demeaning way possible.

Team Ninja, Nintendo, and Tecmo-Koei are businesses. They cater to what they think will sell. Fine. Sex sells, and I get that.

But it's these entitled men who get on comment threads and say stuff like, "you can Legend MY Zelda, baby" that puts me way off any game with the least bit of sexuality.

Say what you want about it being fictional and whatnot, it's the mentality that prevails. People have the right to do what they want with a game when they buy it, but to assume that people need to hear those disgusting comments assumes that everyone in the community is like-minded.

THAT'S what makes me personally feel alienated and demeaned, not some company's character design choices.



World said:

(But I think it looks pretty cool for what it is. Still holding out for that Gerudo Campaign though).



Darkness3131 said:

I was already preordering this, but damn those look beautiful. I've been super excited since the beginning.



Crimzonlogic said:

I'm not a fan of dynasty warriors, but this looks pretty sweet. Impa here is pretty much the best thing ever. I'm looking forward to some gameplay trailers.
Shia's armor outfit looks uncomfortable, though. It has pointy bits on the boob area. Looks like she could get boob-stabbed by those if she jumps or moves too fast! Hurts to think about...
I'm kinda okay with her being scantily clad, but why not make the bad GUY a little nekkid as well? I'm joking. Not really. But yeah, mostly joking. (Lol, I sound like a perv!)



Mr_G said:

as amazing and beautiful as this looks can you imagine what nintendo is doing with the new zelda! Thats when our minds will explode



DaemonSword said:

FIRST...has Digital Foundry done a test on these online screenshots? Have they determined if one still shot equals 1 frame per second? Have they determined what the resolution is, and will they be able to prove (using super computers made by aliens) that this game will NOT be in 4K? /sarc



kyuubikid213 said:

Well now...

This game's just landed itself on my radar...

Even if these screens aren't gameplay, I'm sure the game itself will be nice.



Senario said:

@hydeks then why does it have so many installments? I think Dynasty warriors just isn't a western game so western audiences don't think too highly of it. But it is a fun game and highly valued in Japan.

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