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Wed 25th December, 2013

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FarsanBaloo commented on Mobot Studios Is Bringing iOS Hit Gears To Wii...:

The reason is probably more that iOS has a lot of "shovelware" that competes with " good" indie games. To sell a good game at "full" prize there you need a lot of hype.
On Wii U everyone is starved for games at all so it is easier to charge more.

The conclusion for me is that if I wait a month or two I can buy the game for half the starting prize.



FarsanBaloo commented on Weirdness: The Makers Of TV Show Resurrection ...:

@Raylax So you are left handed? Interesting, cause I have often ponderd if it makes any difference what side controllers are. Is it your understanding that it does not matter much.
After all we do not use our most flexible and fast fingers to push buttons, we use the big slow ol' thumb to do the precission work.



FarsanBaloo commented on Nintendo of America Launches eShop Indie Website:

Nintendo! How about making it possible to watch game-clips on the Wii U gamepad, remember that you have a perfectly good web browser in your new console. "You need to have Adobe Flash player to view this content". Did the marketing people really forget that Wii U does not support Flash?
The same goes for the 3DS, Why can I not see promotion for 3D games in 3D?



FarsanBaloo commented on Weirdness: These iPhone Mock-Ups Suggest That ...:

Nintendo are the masters of mini- and micro-games. Why not put all of Mario Party, Wii Party, Wario Ware, Nintendoland, Brain Age, Nintendogs, Chibi-robo, Game & Watch and Elite Beat Agents on mobiles. That would be easy money and would not compromise any vital franchises.



FarsanBaloo commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

An "attach ratio" of ten games during a consoles lifetime is generally considerd as good. With only one and a half year on the market Wii U has allready enough critically acclaimed first and second party games to let everyone achieve this ratio. And still the biggest first party games are still to come. It may not be sufficient for boys between 15 and 30 and that is what all these dicussions are all about.