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Thu 5th Dec 2013

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uncha1n3d commented on Here Are Plenty of Lovely Hyrule Warriors Scre...:

Im not going to get all excited over screenshots because truthfully I have no idea what this game is. If its just a hack and slash like dynasty warriors than it 'could' be cool. Graphically it looks appealing, but id need to see some gameplay before I can decide. Definitely an interesting idea though.



uncha1n3d commented on Video: Short Film Extols The Virtues Of Button...:

I feel like touchscreens are horrible for most genres of games. Even though phones/tables are fast and they look cool, nothing will beat the convenience of buttons like on a handheld gaming console. Countless times have I see controller peripherals but then the phone loses its portability.



uncha1n3d commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I think the gamepad was an awful idea from the start. Its too large, its got terrible battery life, AND it isnt even in high definition. Im not saying getting rid of it would "help", but it would at least drive down the price of the console and it would have a better focus on controls without the developers having to worry about off-screen support. If they NEED to have an off-screen experience they should have a companion app on a phone, or integrate the 3DS as an off-screen controller



uncha1n3d commented on Interview: Wales Interactive on its Upcoming W...:

Its great the big N still has some third parties to back them, but its like, come on. With the psn app and xbox smart glass you essentially can get that gimmicky second-screen experience from your smartphone. No one wants to look down at their controller while they play a hard core game. I know I dont. I love my wii u but the gamepads got to go. Ive seen few decent implementations such as with zombiu, but most games use it as an alternative to simply pressing the start button and viewing maps, menus and gadgets from the main pause screen. I certainly dont have a problem with it, so why does nintendo?



uncha1n3d commented on SNES Inspired 'Super World Karts GP' Adds Wii ...:

Its funny how ive never questioned the actual "gender" and randomness of the mario kart characters. We got turtles, girls, guys, monkeys and italian plumbers. The characters for this kart game looks pretty weird though. Looks like a bunch of animals broke out of the zoo.Could have had more interesting looking racers.



uncha1n3d commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:

I kinda think the same way when I watch events like this. Any choreographed music in a game-industry award show needs to go away cause its annoying and it makes gamers look like mainstream morons. I personally try to avoid the mainstream and all that pop/rap/party crap...its like....stay out of our games lol



uncha1n3d commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Given I have the trifecta of consoles(Xbox one, PS4, and Wii U), I can unmistakably agree with this article. ZombiU was an awesome Nintendo exclusive, and I felt their launch lineup(although weak) was still stronger than Sony and Microsofts.