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Video: Experience The Acute Embarrassment Of Owning A Physical Copy of Senran Kagura Burst

Posted by Damien McFerran

Thank goodness for the eShop version

Senran Kagura Burst launches this week in Europe, both digitally on the 3DS eShop and in physical form. While North Americans still bristle with anger at the fact that they missed out on a boxed edition when it launched in that region last year, it least it means that they didn't have to endure the shame of actually asking for a copy in their local game store.

Publisher PQube — which yesterday released a trailer that outlined the game's charms in no uncertain terms — has today revealed two more amusing promotional videos, both of which deal with the sticky concept of owning a game which features possibly the most suggestive cover art in Nintendo history.

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At least the digital version allows you to avoid such awkward moments. Phew!

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noctowl said:

Anyone remember Feel the Magic on the original DS? These videos remind me of that. The game content was so mild, but that box art..



Luna-Harmony said:

Why are hey making out it's like porn lol
when he goes to the game shop it's like he is going into a porn store or something get over it grow up. Gta v has hooker and lap dancers.
Go with game shop to rip people off and take money and don't send the game it's happened 3 times to me i never go to shop to.



allav866 said:

@noctowl Feel the Magic was one of my favorites on the DS! I especially liked what happened to the title screen when you changed the game's language to Japanese...



Emblem said:

Lol they are really pushing this game with the marketing, good job. Still not sure if i want to get it, the action looks cool but i hate fan service.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

What the hell? Are those serious advertisements?!

Seriously, Pqube, don't reassure the negative viewpoint with these kinds of signals! This will only cause even more outrage from people who abuse this game to badmouth gaming business!

Please, let's not with the insults — TBD
EDIT: sorry about that, didn't realize what I wrote there...



Damo said:

Shocked that no one has spotted the Sega console cameos at the start of the first video yet...



JimJam707 said:

I like how they can mock themselves with these trailers, tells me that the developers have a good sense of humour!



FullbringIchigo said:

that's ok when it came in the post I told my missus that it was a beat em up with lots of panty and t**y shots and you know what she said

"can I have a go later"



Yomerodes said:

They have a rather good sense of humor, I can definitely go beyond that. I hope all this works for them in the end and the game manages to turn them a profit. As for me, I am not really concerned about it being eshop only in America, it was still worth it without the boxart.



edhe said:

I haven't seen the other ones yet, but that Japanese VO is a bit irritating.



J-Manix98 said:

LOL! There's no way in heck I'd buy this game. BUt there's ust no denying the funniness of the advertisements



unrandomsam said:

@Emblem Is what Double Dragon Neon does fan service ? (Think it is the same sort of thing but just what I find amusing/like).



rjejr said:

Dont even need to watch that 2nd video, crumpled up tissues under the bed says it all. And what I'm assuming is a skin mag.



Weird said:

lol what the xD
awesome spots! xD
i just dont understand why it should be a Embarrassment to buy or have it... i cant wait until my version arrives so i finally can beat my way through the game x)



ultraraichu said:

I love the 2nd advert for the game. The mom doesn't mine leftover food, woman bra, used tissues and questionable magazine when cleaning your room, but she'll kick you out for having a game with that boxart. My mom would only be upset with the leftover food drawing in pests



Daemonite said:

lol that 2nd video. If that's all it takes to get kicked out of the house, i would have been kicked out like 50 times or so...

FYI: just bought the game



Doma said:

@Kaze_Memaryu "What the hell? Are those serious advertisements?!

Come on, man.... No. It's making fun of the people that might take it seriously. (@Pichubby for example)

Funny ads, lame slogan.



AVahne said:

Pwahahaha! I'd actually have no problem buying a physical copy in a store. Anything to avoid spending too much money on the eShop for a single game, since Ninty still doesn't have a damned account system.



antipop621 said:

Amazing commercials (adverts?). They're only enhancing my love for this franchise.

What's the name of the catchy tune always playing in the EU promotional videos?



kyuubikid213 said:

Haha! I'm not sure if I want this game or not. And it's not because of the sex appeal either. I haven't had a beat 'em up in a while and the art style to the game seems pretty great.

Funny ads, though. Absolutely hilarious.



SamirMalik said:

One thing I will say it says the box art is just plain bad. Why couldn't they use the original Japanese box art?



FritzFrapp said:

@rjejr said: Dont even need to watch that 2nd video, crumpled up tissues under the bed says it all. And what I'm assuming is a skin mag.

Well, Damien did say, 'both of which deal with the sticky concept...'



SamirMalik said:

@DarkKirby the original box still has the girls hold their chest up with their crossed arms. I think that is good enough to tell you about the game. The European box however it just goes a bit too far and tells you something that is most likely not even present within the game. I mean look at the box art. It looks like that she is trying to have sex with that scroll! I know that the girls look sexually silly but that box goes into pure p**n territory



GuSolarFlare said:

oh and not to say a mother finding her son is a perv is better than a mother finding out he likes ponies



Klimbatize said:

Haha, Damo loves writing Senran Kagura Burst articles. This is like the 8th one he's done personally.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@GuSilverFlame Careful, we don't want that kind of discussion here, do we? Could escalate into really nasty directions (my mom knows I like MLP, she's just irritated because she doesn't like it).



SheldonRandoms said:

Shame in buying this? @SheldonRandoms would glady buy a pysical copy if it was here in stores. I would glady walk in there, and say "Rev up a copy of Seran Kagura Burst, cause I'm sure hungry for one....." And then they would they would throw me out, thus breaking my leg midair.

Also this game is toooooo big for my SD card, pysical copies for ever and life (And I'll buy this game one day, but not now)



CrazyOtto said:

I never understood why so many Americans were mad over the lack of a retail version of this since Code of Princess had a box in NA while it was digital only in Europe, but Europeans never complained about the lack of a physical release of Code of Princess for their region.



EverythingAmiibo said:

I really hate this style of game and the theme only puts it lower in my opinion. Now, from a completely neutral viewpoint... can anyone else see the over emphasis @Nintendolife is putting on this game? It's had like 10 articles and it isn't even 1st party or an important 3rd party release. Just sayin'



CrazyOtto said:

I actually bought the physical copy of Code of Princess BTW, I just also got Scribblenauts Unlimited at the same time.



vattodev said:

This marketing campaign works SO WELL. Every site loves to say that it is controversial. How often do you see any site talking about a brawler? Even with great combos and action sequence, they don't really get a lot of attention. And here it is. Using it's assets in the weirdest possible way to draw attention.



Ryno said:

I don't understand these type of games but whatever knocks your socks and other clothes off I guess?



tanookisuit said:

Otto why not?

Perhaps there are more people in this country versus over there where people have a stronger personal interest in a physical piece of property to own. I know I will likely never own this game because a $30 download is a slap to the face given everywhere else got a real version of it.



Neogaard said:

@Damo I did spot them!
Also, d**n you for posting this, now I got the line "it's a little bit..." And the melody stuck in my old ragged head on repeat!



CaviarMeths said:

LOL great TV spots. SKB is a game that enjoys making fun of itself, so it's good to see that the marketing is doing the same.



LoveSugoi said:

LOL these are cute. Love how they're pushing this game and I hope it's successful so that the 3DS can see more of these type of niche games overseas.



Zodiak13 said:

I would get this game if it was under $20. And yes, I would prefer a physical copy, cause I always prefer that.



Tomires said:

I find these ads pretty funny. I mean how can owning a game with suggestive themes be considered taboo in todays overly sexualized society?!

Also - boo for nearly no gameplay...



BakaKnight said:

I would love to have the problems of that guy, here in Italy they don't even know the game is coming out, no new game for 3DS released tomorrow -o-;



hosokawasamurai said:

Meanwhile on

Europe - Another round of 3DS Miiverse communities


I feel bad for the moderators of that miiverse community...



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Romeo Nobody made a big deal out of anything. I simply expressed my view (what these comments are for!) and then, completely separately noted the fact that there has been a bit of an (over) emphasis on the game. What's your problem?



EverythingAmiibo said:

@tanookisuit I don't like 'beat em ups' or any 1 on 1 (or 1 on 2+) fighting games. I prefer strategy, action, adventure and puzzle to give you an idea: Monster Hunter and Zelda are my favourite franchises



GuSolarFlare said:

@Kaze_Memaryu lol I actually gave MLP a try today(just not my thing) I'm just saying that the way things are it's normal to expect a young man to like things such as Senran Kagura! XD



Tiberius30 said:

Oh no virtual boobs and panty shots, what will my fragile mind do now...
/end sarcasm

I Live the in US got the Digital Download, it's a pretty fun game.



TheRealThanos said:

@noctowl Ah... Feel the Magic aka Project Rub for all you Europeans. It was an entertaining game indeed, but hardly comparable to the obvious Anime fan service that is Senran Kagura Burst. Feel the Magic and it's successor The Rub Rabbits (actually a prequel) focused more on innocent love-themed mini games, not on fighting girls with over sized breasts...
@FullbringIchigo #10 A woman with a good sense of humor. Lucky devil...
@FluttershyGuy MILF? More like MIRF... As in Mom I'd REFUSE to F***...



WaveBoy said:

These commercials look home made, unimaginative, cheap, and are about as lifeless and depressing as a can of rotten 20 something year old crystal pepsi.



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy I only know about the Donkey Kong Country one but I think the UK one is miles better. (Much better voice). And the UK Zelda one at least shows the game not something totally irrelevant.



Anguspuss said:

classic. still remember when a friend asked me to speak to her 15 year old boy about his reading material under his bed.
Of course i did told him to hide it better



WaveBoy said:


Here's the problem....UK Wii U game commercials do nothing fancy, they're lazy and don't try to do something fun other than show a game play montage, which is still good because at least you get an idea of how awesome the game is.

The problem with US Wii U commercials is that they show BARELY any gameplay footage, but they do however go the extra mile and try and do something to capture your imagination like the "A Link between Worlds' commercial. but they usually only show a mere 5 seconds(if that) of GP footage....

The Atari 2600, NES & SNES commercials were still the cream of the crop back then. Those were in your face AWESOME. They don't make exciting out of this world commercials like that anymore. Everything now for the most part is so calm, passive and bland.

Also, they need to fire that tween sounding announcer for Nintendo Wii U/3DS commercials and hire back this guy.

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Aerona said:

Yeah... pretty sure I'm not the target audience here... but even if I were, I doubt these ads would convince me to buy a copy. Yuck.



Trikeboy said:

I don't get the problem people have with these ads. Its just good ol' British humor.



Marioman64 said:

i'd actually love to go in a store and get a boxed version even though I have the digital copy, just for the lolz o3o



AugustusOxy said:

OH WAH!!!! I bought an amazing action game that had to put big boobs in it so it'd sell in today's horrible market.

Game is amazing, ignore the boobs, grow up children-- its a fun game.

Regardless, I got over this kind of embarrassment when I became an adult. It never bothered me to buy things like this.



mr570 said:

@SavantSupreme @FullbringIchigo @Romeo @Jazzer94 @Weedy

Haha. Good ones guys! My bad for setting myself up so easily. What I was going for, was more along the lines of this seemingly socially inept individual, who lives with a hyper-controlling mom who snoops through his stuff. No indication of a girl in real life being involved with this guy, yet he has a bra under his bed. Kinda odd and reminds me of the bra/panty thieves they have in Japan. I contend he uses the bra to assist his gameplay, if you know what I'm saying.



FullbringIchigo said:

@SamirMalik not really you see in the manga that character keeps her scroll hidden in her boobs (yeah I know it's strange and yes I have the manga it has a little bit of fan service but it's a good manga none the lest)



Doma said:

@Trikeboy The feigned outrage/disgust it's getting from some people is just embarrassing. These ads are actually mocking such behaviour.

@WaveBoy That ad is annoying as hell...



WaveBoy said:

The Super Mario World add?
That commercial is great and the announcer does his job well at hyping you up, unlike the pre-teen laid back dork announcer for NIntendo's latest 3DS/Wii U commercials.



FX102A said:

I actually felt a bit nervous picking this up at the post office this morning even though you couldn't see a thing inside. Wonder if I'll ever have the guys to wear the t-shirt, probably only when me equally open anime boob loving (female I might add) friends decide to visit. Or during a drunken house party.



RetroRich said:

Got this today. May or may not play it. But I bet that in six months time you wont be able to find a physical copy of this anywhere.
Wish I had bought cave story 3ds when that was released, you cant find that anywhere these days and this will be the same.



khululy said:

@AugustusOxy : Ignore...boobs...??? HOW?
2 ecchi 4 me!
I really don't see the fuss about this game. Sure the anime girls look underage but no one goes to a beach and bans young girls from wearing bikinis (although some would) However you interpret this game is up to you. The game in itself is about busty anime babes fighting their asses off (or clothes of their asses) It's silly titlating fun it's not ment to offend or shock but just to make a game with busty ninja girls.
and if you don't like it? don't play it!



JuanitoShet said:

Oooh these are sweeeeiiiiit. 10 years from now, people will find these commercials and think, "This is from 2014! Aaaah, the good old classic days."

Which is what us 90's people (and those older) say about our own days. This reminded me of any humorous game commercial from the 90's. Great stuff.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Funny ads. If only someone playing this had one of those tvs that you can hook your 3ds to and was playing it just as his girlfriend walked in. God would that be funny.



KingMike said:

You can avoid the embarassment of asking for the game at the store, just order online. If somebody is laughing at you for buying the game, at least they're probably like a thousand miles away from you.
I do remember buying Super Princess Peach in a store at launch. I even played it on the bus. Though I can't remember if I stopped at the part with the sub where you have to blow into the microphone to shoot the blocks to proceed. And this was on the original DS, that microphone is not positioned for discreet blowing at all!



dannyx1991 said:

That shouldn't be an excuse for not releasing the physical copy. If I was so embarrassed to go to the store to pick it up myself, I'd just order it online from Amazon, whatsoever.



shinokami said:

@Damo I'm more amazed that a Nintendo commercial not only features Xbox and PS3 games, but also censors Mario for a brief moment



Bender said:

"It's a little bit...... And a little bit...."
What the heck xD weirdest advertising ever, but what the hey, it's funny.



Shambo said:

I remember getting Onechanbara on Wii, and the lady in the store gave me a weird look. Then she looked at my girlfriend, and just went on doing her job. We had lots of fun in co-op after I completed the single player. That was literal, yes.
Preordered this game by mail in another country. Where I live they didn't get the preorder bonus, that's why.



KarateKid1234 said:

Are Nintendo the ones who approve Box Art on their console(s)?
If so, why are you guys at Nintendo so silly? Why? Making a cover with a scroll in a girl' like creating a cover with ice cream on a male's genital and naming it "Tatakai Sekai Blast".



DBMONK said:

Bought my copy day one with pride, its a box with art on it, get over yourselves prudes, as long as the game plays good (and it does) i really dont give a crap whats on the box!



themac2001 said:

@Damo Surprised no one has noticed that in the top image, his mouse mat is a lady and bewbs. Now be mature about this.



Manaphy2007 said:

i still want the physical copy but i guess i can buy an empty case and download the boxart and maybe the manual (if it comes with it)



Dreamz said:

While I have no plans to grab the game myself, I personally found the videos pretty hilarious. I think the marketing for the game is actually pretty genius - overstating its scandalous-ness with some humor thrown in. It shows that they're perfectly aware of the game's nature and aren't ashamed to flaunt it, something I find quite refreshing compared to the puritanical uptightness that permeates American society.

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