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Fri 11th October, 2013

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Neogaard commented on Disney Infinity 3.0 Goes Big With Star Wars Co...:

I know Sumo Digital is handling the racing parts of this game and I got alot of trust in those guys, clever to hire them to handle that part,mjust hope the other studios are as wisely chosen for whatever they are chosen for, could be a really fun game which isn't something I'd though i'd ever say:)
Lego Dimensions looks good though, gonna be hard to keep saying no to everything toys-to-life as I have up til now;)



Neogaard commented on Review: Life Force (Wii Virtual Console / NES):

Ah good times, got this cheap from somewhere round 89-90, beat it without losing a single life(yea it's one of my top performances and best hardcore gaming-memory), even managed to survive the very last part where everything speeds up more and more and you have to hit the tunnels perfectly at blazing speed, good times indeed!



Neogaard commented on Video: Meet The New Kings of Kong Documentary ...:

Hell yes love videos like this, so much more than the sum of it's parts, beauty!
Anybody else went through the vids on SSB-fighters? Dunno if that was posted on here, anyone else got more in the same vein as this? Would be much appreciated from the cold cold north of Europe.



Neogaard commented on Parent Trap: Super Mario 3D World Is Another F...:

Maybe it's just having the flu badly, maybe it's my poor understanding of this English you speak so much of and it being my third language at best that makes me ask this: Parent Trap? Yepp check know that one. Parent trap appearing in this article in any way? Must be far beyond hidden from my grasp of things. Anyone else ?



Neogaard commented on Zelda: Wind Waker HD Release Triggers 685% Inc...:

Regardless what the true number of sold units is, they'll land on their feet yet again in the long rung. Pretty cool that out of the 13 bestselling systems of all time, Nintendo count for 8 of them

Edit: maybe someone posted this already but nm "That would put last weeks sale at 8,685 units." Not really close to good but heading the right way at least