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Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is Sold Out At Target And GameStop

Posted by Lewis Childs

New set flies off shelves in lead up to the holiday season

With the recent influx of new Wii U bundles offering pack-in games such as The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, Just Dance 2014 and Skylanders SWAP Force, it’s clear Nintendo is offering a wide variety of options in order to entice potential customers this holiday season.

The plans seems to be working, as the recently released Mario and Luigi Deluxe Set that includes New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U has already sold out at both US retailers Target and GameStop.

Since the Wii U launched last November many people have been hoping for a Mario bundle, so it’s no surprise to see this particular pack shifting some units in North America. Hopefully the new bundles will help improve Wii U hardware sales for Nintendo, after their somewhat disappointing Q2 financial results.

What do you think? Were you hoping to pick up a Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle, or have you got one already? Let us know in the comments section.


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Matts14 said:

I hope this shows an increase in popularity and not just those companies under stocking a product that wasn't selling



driftydrift said:

well its also sold out in the uk too not just this bundle, but wii u party bundle all out, lego city all out, mario bros bundle all out. so geuss ninty onto something, my family cant put my zelda wiiu down theyre in love.



MikeLove said:

How many systems were available? Without that information, there isn't much point in getting excited over this.

Maybe 'sold out' means 15-20,000?



Anclation said:

Kinda sad in a way, I frankly find Nintendo Land much more enjoyable than NSMBU, and it certainly shows off the versatility and potential of the Gamepad way better than Mario...on the other hand, it's good to see the Wii U sales being boosted.



Ecto-1 said:

Glad to hear that Wii U's may finally be moving off the shelves. Keep the bundles coming Nintendo!



nolatron said:

I picked up a Mario Wii U bundle yesterday. I had no interest in the other bundle games, but once this was announced I was all in.

I honestly never considered getting a Wii U until I saw the Zelda HD release and then the upcoming Mario 3D World. The Mario bundle was just what I needed to hop in.

Now I'm looking forward to Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Donkey Kong.



gatorboi352 said:

They were sold out at my Best Buy too. Seems Nintendo may still have a fighting chance with Wii U!

EDIT: Although it's pretty funny how optional the Gamepad STILL remains. Both of these games are completely enjoyable with Wiimotes.



gatorboi352 said:

@Anclation Hate to say it man, but you are in the minority. Like, WAYYYY minority. NintendoLand just did not do what Ninty wanted it to (be the Wii Sports of Wii U) and now they are falling back on their fail safe trusted brands.



driftydrift said:

15 to 20.000 and thats great numbers, its gotta start somwhere more stock well come and well sell there is so much reasons to own one now and well be even more come the next month or so. good news.



WanderingPB said:

@FutureAlphaMale i absolutely agree i would like to know some specific numbers though good news is good news Nintendo should also make some creative commercials showcasing these NEW bundles so people know they are available now!!!



LoveSugoi said:

Tears came to my eyes tbh. Doesn't matter if it's just 15K or 20K, what matters is that stores are actually selling out their stock and will have to order more for the holidays. That's the most encouraging news the Wii U has had in a long time.



bizcuthammer said:

Great news. I hope it continues. Ninty has the best valued console for families this holiday. With stuff like Mario, Wii Party U and Nintendo Land, families can play for hours. Plus Wii Fit U should help get those weight loss New Year's resolutions started. Zelda, Mario 3D World, Batman AO and ACIV are in there too for some of the more experienced gamers in the family. Wii U may not have the greatest hardware, but at $300 and with a much better lineup of games than its new competition, it should be able to hold its own. For a family, especially one with kids 12 and under, there is no better console on the market than Wii U.



NavySpheal said:

Here we go. We've been in this drought waaaaaay too long. Drought of games, no, but of sales. The holiday season with 3D World will hopefully net us a big turnaround. Hopefully.



Jese_1 said:

@Anclation What I've realised is that the Gamepad won't be a selling point for the Wii U. Counter-intuitively, Nintendo needs people to buy the console to realise how awesome a controller it is, rather than convincing people that the Gamepad is awesome enough to buy the console.



marko said:

wow the words wii u and sold out haven't been used at all since launch so the vollume isn't that pertinent at least it creates a state of demand in the consumer mind frame.
NSMBwu is actually a great game and being bundled with the system at 299 is almost an amazing deal so nintendo might be on to something... now they just need to relaunch the system with wii sports hd bundled in with mario before the holidays and maybe they can recapture that massive cassual market.
they have to pull out all the stops now




That's great that they're sold out, but let's wait for actual numbers before we start getting all excited.



BossBattles said:

People didn't "get" Nintendoland because it was way more skill based than Wii Sports when it came out. I really hope they make a part 2.



rjejr said:

I'll join the chorus, good to see it sold out at any quantity. Every person who buys a Wii U will tell somebody they bought 1 and word of mouth can finally start to spread. Sitting on the shelves sells nothing.

And this is a much better deal than last years $349 Nintendo Land bundle. In the US Nintendo Land sells for $30 - that's a fact, you can argue it's worth but thats the price - and NSMBU is $60 and the Luigi levels are $20 DL or $30 disc and the entire bundle is $299, so you are looking at a big savings, even over the $299 NL bundle.

So this may be what's it come to but Nintendo needs to sell Wii U this holiday. Sell the Wii U as an HD Wii w/ HD Mario and Sports Club and Wii Fit U w/ online, let people figure out the Gamepad for themselves as "asynchronous gameplay" was the possibly the worst marketing slogan I've ever heard. Ever.



Burning_Spear said:

This is all hypothetical, but there are 1,900 Target stores in the United States and 4,400 GameStop stores. So that's 6,300 total. If each store had five bundles, we're talking 31,500 sales. If each store had 10, we're talking 63,000. It's probably somewhere around 40,000 sales.



SCAR said:

Good guess. I was going to guess based on store count times 5, too, but I was too lazy to look up the store count online.



Haxonberik said:

This is most likely due to the low stock that they had prepared. It would be a shame if something like that hurts the necessary holiday period for the Wii U.



Huachiman said:

I had been on the fence until the announcement of the Mario bundle. I just ordered mine from Best Buy. I was going to wait until Black Friday but I fear that the Mario bundle will be the first to sell out. Plus the BF deals on Wii U look like they are only for the Skylanders bundle. Can't wait for my Mario bundle to arrive!!!



NintyMan said:

Leave it to Mario to help start the Wii U turnaround. I very much hope we'll see this again with Super Mario 3D World. May the good news keep coming!



AcesHigh said:

I didn't need a Mario bundle. I happily plunked the cash down on day one without it (as most here did, I'm sure). But I did know this is what was needed for market penetration. I called this and the Zelda bundle as soon as Wind Waker was announced. The last system that sold like hotcakes that was bundled with a Mario game was the SNES. Think about it. They should have done this from the start last November. If they had, we'd all be having a very different conversation about the Wii U. The impact would have been huge with a brand new Mario (it's one year old now) and a brand new system. Would have been the SNES all over again. I realize that they wanted to capitalize on add-on sales with Mario. But sales of a title are only as good as the number of sales of the system. And if the system doesn't sell, the title won't sell. Plus, if you crush the installed based of systems, you make it up on licensing fees of 3rd parties and sales of your NEXT flagship IP.

I really don't understand why it took them so long to do this. Especially through such a painful year of bad sales and bad PR. It set them back and they lost a user-base that is now torn between Wii U and the next machines coming out this month. It could have been a slam dunk from last year. They should have pulled the trigger sooner.

But either way, it sounds like the system is finally getting the traction it deserves. Better late than never!



SCAR said:

This sort of decision isn't hard to enact, FYI. They probably thought it would be better for their image if they release a bundle almost one year later vs. 3 months or some other lower amount of months.

I honestly think Nintendo has been "slacking" on purpose this entire time, so I don't really care too much.



QBertFarnsworth said:

@Anclation There were a few games in Nintendoland that were fun, but for the most part, it lost its charm quickly. On the other hand, if Nintendo had set up its Wii U demo units with a Nintendoland Demo (Luigi's Ghost House, Mario Chase, and Balloon Fight) and if it attached some Wii Remotes for asynchronous game play, it would have served its purpose of showing people what the Game Pad can do. Most people "get" the Wii U after playing Nintendoland. The problem is, there is nothing that convinces people they need to get Nintendoland.



AcesHigh said:

That's a great point! But look at it this way, the system hasn't sold out ANYWHERE to this point. And when they sold a total of 300,000 units last quarter, that's a pretty big spike in demand and shows a significant potential spike in interest as well. They can always bundle more games with systems sitting on the shelf to satisfy the demand. A 20% spike in demand over less than a week is a huge success any way you cut it.



AcesHigh said:

@SCAR392 This has everything to do with strategic planning before initial commercialization of the product. What I'm saying is they should have done this from the start. (Besides the Wii - which was anomalous - they didn't even expect that) They haven't had a console that sold through at launch since the SNES. And yes, they CAN offer a bundle within 6 months, especially given the tremendous bad PR they were receiving at the time. They need to start learning from their past.

I certainly wouldn't accuse them of slacking on purpose. There's nothing in my post that suggested that. My question was why it's taken them so long to learn from the past success and start bundling systems with major IP from the start.



Shade_Koopa said:

Hehe, wow so its not just my local gamestop. I saw a poster promoting the sale of the Mario Bundle and in red letters it said "Sold Out" over. Nice to see the Wii U will do great this Holiday season. Sony and Kicrosft better watch. XD



SCAR said:

I know what you're saying, but like I said, image can be more important than money. If they make it look like they're willing to give buyers a deal a year latee, people will take notice, which is apparent from the article.

It's not always a good idea to put more resources than you have to, which is what including a higher profile retail game would have done.

Also, I'm not saying Nintendo "slacking" is necessarily a bad thing. I generally don't worry about this stuff too much. People tend to think Nintendo can't get their head on straight to get Wii U going, but I think they're just hanging around the office doing whatever at a leisurely pace.



kevkeepsplaying said:

I'm sure them being sold out isn't a sign of huge sales, since retailers probably didnt order too many, but this is a good sign regardless.



AcesHigh said:

@SCAR392 I see what you're saying too. Again. My main point was getting the initial release strategy right the first time to hit it out of the park from the start. But, I also don't see a problem with righting the ship as soon as you see the big gash in your hull. They did the same thing with the DS and then started the ambassador program to make early adopters happy. It raised a few eyebrows initially in the industry but was widely accepted as a success.

When managing anything in life, there is a saying, would you rather be happy or be right? In business, it's much the same. Would you rather you r product be successful or would you rather be "right". If Nintendo would have released this bundle 6 months ago, when Luigi U was brand new, the impact would have been even greater with the new title and new consoles 6 months off. I guarantee that Nintendo's investors would be basking in the green and happily ignoring any naysayers on the timing of the new bundle. Put it this way, there wasn't any lower their PR could have gotten. And this would have been seen as an aggressive move to immediately right the ship by their board of directors and shareholders.



Dorkvader said:

I was lucky enough to have gotten one, My Walmart only had two when I got mine. I'm happy that so many people bought it.



FJOJR said:

Nintendo you must follow the simple formula. Launch all new systems with a Mario game.



Burning_Spear said:

@AcesHigh I agree that Wii U would be in a lot better shape if this bundle had been released three months ago, but I think, at that time, Iwata and Co. believed that Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101 would boost sales of the console. We all know how that turned out.



GN004Nadleeh said:

good, this should have been the only launch bundle and price, then nintendo would be in a better position, but then again it is very late and the PS4 and X1 are still going to take a large piece of the pie



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'm not tempted to upgrade my Nintendoland bundle until they do a see-through one with 128GB



AcesHigh said:

@Burning_Spear Yeah. I believe that's what they thought as well. You're right. But I challenge the wisdom. They've been doing this for 30 years. And history has shown that NOTHING rights the ship more immediately that a bundle with a major flagship IP. And Nothing hits the ball out of the park as a NEW flagship IP bundled with the system from the start. They did this with the NES and the SNES and those systems lead the market. Then they stopped this practice and from there they started being #2 or worse in market position for their consoles. They've shown with the DS that bundling a Mario game is sure to ignite sales. Not sure why they didn't learn this sooner and instead gambled that excellent software will ignite sales. Excellent software helps sales (especially future sales), but providing exceptional value at point of purchase is rule number one. And as much as I like Nintendoland, it is not an impulse buy. Mario will ALWAYS be an impulse buy. Shoulda done this sooner if not from the start,



LittleIrves said:

@gatorboi352 I'm with @Anclation on this one. Have had Nintendo Land since launch, and just yesterday did I finally win my 200th trophy (and FINALLY finished F-Zero's extra course). Mario U was great, but haven't touched it in months. Still, whatever gets people onboard the Wii U, I'm all for it. Hopefully once they're in, Nintendo can retroactively push N-Land with its cheaper price and maybe some kind of promotion and people will see the benefits of GamePad-specific play. No other game quite like it.

I'll be crossing my fingers for a Nintendo World sequel...



ColdingLight said:

I've got to ask...How many units were available? 'Sigh'...This is very misleading. This well give people the mindset "Oh hey! Wii U is starting to sell!" Guys...Let's not be blind here...we should know how many units were on the shelves before we make some kind of conclusion. I guess the point I'm getting to is Be weary. When you see a percent and not a number, or when someone tells you something is sold out without knowing how many units were there, be weary. I'm not trying to be a hater, I'm just saying don't be predictable and one dimensional about things.



ScorpionMG said:

@Anclation Nintendoland is fun for about 2 weeks, then it's only fun when friends and families come over. Mario is a huge hit everywhere, Just wait until mario 3d world sells like nuts



cfgk24 said:

Well, Nintendo Sales targets are set high to finish the year on - they must have enough units available to sell enable them to at least reach that target - so it must be very very good news indeed! Remember when Wii sold out in 2006?



Ungravitify said:

@Burning_Spear You do make a very good point. It would make sense for the stock to be more then what you guessed but even If it is the amount that you guessed It's still a good step in the right direction in terms of sales.



Gerbwmu said:

Most of the "Big Box Stores" have inventory systems that automatically restock based on what they are selling. What this means is that what ever they figured they would sell they initial sales might not be as high as I would hope....but it also means they will be rushing to re-order because they don't want to miss sales and I'm sure Nintendo has a decent amount of stock so I'm guessing we will start seeing 100K weeks and between 1-2 million moved by Christmas......



kdognumba1 said:

Wii U's worldwide sales from the week ending in Oct 5th to Oct 26th are at 275,375 (according to vgchartz). 227,874 of that is from EU & NA. That was from a price drop and WWHD bundle, a game that's over 10 years old. Think about that, now imagine sales for bundles of new, exclusive games.



GiSWiG said:

Well, looks like I'll hold out a little longer cause it looks like this set is worth it. I just beat Wind Waker just over a year ago (never had a GameCube) so the Wind Waker HD edition just didn't do it for me. Maybe I'll pick it up in a few years. Just having a blast with my three nephews last week on SMB Wii, I'll go for this combo for sure. Looks like I will have to wait. I've actually been collecting a few Wii games that I've gotten at great prices but haven't played. And I don't know why but I have yet to really play Skyward Sword and I got it when it first came out to get the gold wiimote. Its been two years now.



AdanVC said:

Oh Mario, you little mustachoided hero in games... and in real life! :') Finally some good news for Wii U, this is excellent.



Huachiman said:

I still have Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade in my backlog. But I'm much more a platformer fan so I am excited to try Rayman Legends, NSMBU/NSLU, Mario 3D World and DK Tropical Freeze. Plus, I can now play Wii games on the gamepad (plus a controller - I know), so I think it will be easier for me to get through my backlog since my family doesn't like me hogging the t.v.



Coggit said:

I like how people are getting excited about this, lol. They could of supplied each Target/Gamestop 1 Wii U bundle EACH. That selling out isn't a huge achievement, lol.



WhiteTrashGuy said:


Every store I've been to had at least 5 of each bundle.

I'm just glad that more people are getting a chance to experience this amazing system. I use the gamepad for everything: tv remote, tv guide, web surfing, game playing, video chatting, Netflix, Amazon, even playing Win, Lose, or Draw on the TV with my family. It has been a game changer to our household. I'll get a PS4 next year when KINGDOM HEARTS 3 comes out. This year, I'll keep playing my WiiU.



sinalefa said:

Whether it was 1 or 1 million, news of Wii U selling out will sound good and positive. Unless you are having withdrawal symptoms for not getting your daily prescription of "Wii U is Doomed" articles




They should have done a COD ghosts bundle to, with a free digital copy of the game.

I know it's not the most talked about version, but it would have turned some heads and sold well enough.

Even if nintendo had to take a profit cut, it would have been worth it in the long run and helped convince people that Wii U is serious about all kinds of games.



LoveSugoi said:


That's actually a good point. If Ninty's aiming to sell 5 million this holiday then they have to on some level be preparing enough stock for it. There might be more of these bundles out there then we think there are. Even if there's only a few out there, stores selling out will order more and other stores seeing them getting sold out may be moved them to order more of their own stock. It's a win either way.



savisn said:

@gatorboi352 "EDIT: Although it's pretty funny how optional the Gamepad STILL remains. Both of these games are completely enjoyable with Wiimotes."

I actually think that one of their many mistakes was NOT playing up the versatility of the WiiU. I love the gamepad, but for games like Pikmin love that I can play with WiiMotes, and found I like MonsterHunter on the Pro Controller when I'm playing on-tv.

The WiiU is the first console that can hit all my needs - motion/pointer controls when they make sense, off-tv play when I want to play while half watching TV, assymetric gaming (still think they can come up with more ideas here), and just plain old-fashioned "traditional" controls for games that don't need "new" controls. Nothing has to be force fit which was one of the Wii's problems.

Now if developers (including Nintendo who ignored Pro Controller at first) will just embrace flexibility to appeal to those that want motion, don't want motion, off-tv etc. then it will really hit its stride.



aaronsullivan said:

@Anclation I completely agree. At least Nintendo Land is cheaper now and it clearly doesn't get people to buy the system alone, so it's probably all for the best.

The sad part for me is our family LOVES Nintendo Land and I had dreams of add-ons, DLC, a sequel and tie-ins to upcoming games with the less popular franchises getting recognition and advertising so it would be worth making full on retail versions as a sort of upsell. Yeah... dreams.



DerpSandwich said:

Just saw some at my Best Buy. But that's not surprising, as pretty much no one in this town cares about Nintendo, apparently. I think I was one of the very few people who nabbed a Wii U at launch. No one else cared.



jjmesa16 said:

@Anclation I agree that Nintendoland is a great game but I'm not quite ready to say it's better than NSMBU. The thing about Nintendoland is it is a unique, fun way to show off what the gamepad can do however its is fun to play with more people. NSMBU is great to play alone or with others but doesn't quite show off the great aspects of the gamepad. They are both great games but I'm not ready to say that one is better than the other.

@aaronsullivan I really wish that there would have been DLC for Ninendoland too. It would have made Nintendoland a much better game.



Emaan said:

This is good news I guess.

Do we know yet if they're bringing out a Super Mario 3D World bundle?



KnightRider666 said:

I grabbed one from Walmart 2 days ago just after they got them in(they only had 2 delivered in their shipment, to answer some people's question). Glad I did, I KNEW it was going to be a hot commodity.



Mommar said:

I'm wondering how many people have bought this Mario bundle and won't realize the brand new Mario game due out is completely different and will assume they already own it and won't buy it.



WebHead said:

Good to hear. These bundles are great. I guess it shows that Nintendo land isn't quite the Wii Sports redux Nintendo wanted it to be.



jcram989 said:

Hardware sales October 28 – November 3 (Just in Japan alone)
Last week’s sales are in parentheses
3DS XL – 58,627 (69,001)
Wii U – 38,802 (2,598)
3DS – 29,749 (40,507)
Hopefully NA gets numbers like these for the Wii U!



jcram989 said:

@Jazzer94 Hardware sales October 28 – November 3 (Just in Japan alone)
Last week’s sales are in parentheses
Wii U – 38,802 (2,598)



Turbo857 said:


"The last system that sold like hotcakes that was bundled with a Mario game was the SNES. Think about it. They should have done this from the start last November."

You mean bundling a Mario AND launching the Deluxe edition at $299.99. The Wii U deluxe edition was the highest priced console debut in Nintendo's history. In the future, Nintendo should really avoid launching consoles over $299 and without a reliable IP (namely Mario) bundled with it.



AcesHigh said:

@Turbo857 Inflation my friend. You can't compare the pricing of a 23 year old system to one launched last year. Games also sold for $39.99 to $49.99 back then too.

At the end of the day, even at $349.99 last year, it's still $50 cheaper than PS4. I'll go back to my original point. Value at point of sale. PS4 will have superior specifications. And people will flock to buy every $399 system on the shelves come the 18th. Nintendo needed a better value at point of sale for what it lacked in muscle compared to what their competitors will have in the next year. People would have bought $349 with Super Mario U packed-in in droves on launch day. You and I, being early adopters, would buy it with Nintendoland because we understand the system and the potential for future games. But little Joey's mom cruising the shelves at TRU looking for an Xmas, Easter or birthday present doesn't know Nintendo land. And they don't want to pay $350 for something they don't know about and another $50 for something they do. But paying $350 for a new system for a brand they they DO know very well already packed in is an easy sell. that's my point.



AcesHigh said:

@Turbo857 BTW, if Nintendo abides by a rule to never launch a system over $299.99 (inflation aside), then they will forever be catching up to their competitors in terms of technology and muscle. That's what has been holding the last 2 Nintendo consoles back. They will never be considered "Next Gen". A label that no doubt deterred lot's of gamers and parents from buying last year. Which means... they will continue to need to rely on the strength of their original 1st party IPs... which they need to bundle at launch to provide that value at point of sale I mentioned to avoid what happened last year. When people buy, they buy an experience. The experience they have when they open a box bundled with a well known seller is much different than opening a box with something they've never heard of before. People will pay for a great experience. Nintendoland simply didn't provide that experience to the mass market last year. It's really that simple.



Turbo857 said:


And those are very good points: Inflation and value at point of sale. But if little Joey's mom would've paid $350 for a deluxe + Mario U bundle, she could've done that by buying the Basic set and Mario U for the same price last November. The Wii U did have a successful launch regardless but post-launch momentum suffered terribly and I believe the high price point was a significant factor (especially compared to the consoles on the market at the time).

And you hit my point exactly regarding my 299.99 launch price suggestion: Don't you think Nintendo will always compete this way (hardware wise) when launching consoles? I don't think they'll ever put the kind of money into developing their hardware as Sony and Microsoft. They don't prioritize graphics like that. I think they'll always spend less, focus on innovation and creating unique experiences.... and that's the way they should compete imo. I just think that if that's gonna be their strategy, try to keep the price point attractive and affordable for the masses

And you're right about Nintendoland: Using an unknown IP to sell an innovative idea that's not easily grasped until you at least experience it firsthand is not the best way to launch a new console.



MasterBlue said:

The Wii U is definitely making a comeback with this year's holiday season. All Nintendo had to do was release some games that people actually wanted to play and were relevant. Keep up the good work Nintendo! Can't wait to see what you give us next year!



AcesHigh said:

Honestly, I'm not sure if they will ever compete on the technology front again either. It sure doesn't seem likely but I wish they would. And I really do blame the media and guys like Pachter for making a bigger deal about it not being "Next Gen" and not "understanding" the Wii U prior to launch. The media was really vocal about Wii U not being next gen. And the word was out there prior to launch. And it was definitely not a positive message. I believe it was terribly unfair. The system is pretty damn easy to get in terms of concept. But people sometimes don't think for themselves. And the image of it not being Next Gen influences mainstream buyers greatly. Who wants to buy old gen?!

But that's really my point. They need to compensate for the lack of being on the forefront of tech with the strength of their brands. Who cares what the media is saying if you, as a parent or non-innovator (early adopter) KNOW how fun Mario is. That trumps what they hear in the media alone. So THAT is your value proposition. And the way you sell that is to PACK IT IN with the console. I don't believe the mass market will buy a console on the concept of, "Well these are all the great games you can buy with it" alone. One of them NEEDS to be included. Next Gen systems have power packed in every box. That's their value proposition. Nintendo's consoles must be packed with their value statement - their flagship games. And they need to be good. That's THEIR value proposition. If they do that, I truly believe that the question is no longer a +/- $50 in price. It has to do with the excitement of getting a new system with an awesome new game packed in. People will pay $350. And remember, I'm speaking of $350 at launch - not now. I do agree that one year later a $50 price cut is normal.

Gotta also remember that companies need to recoup expenses on initial launch. And there also needs to be room for price reduction. It's a mental thing with buyer behavior. No matter WHAT you set the initial price offering at, people will always expect price-cuts as the product lifecycle progresses. So setting the price at $299 immediately sets future revenue back for price cuts that are inevitable. You just lost at least one generation of price-cuts. I really think the $350 for a great console like the Wii U packed with Mario U is a great value for the mass market. Bundling the right software is the difference between success and failure.



JaxonH said:

Already own a Wii U and physical copies of both these games, however, as a collector I want that disc that contains both games. Looks like I'll have to resort to eBay, but only if it comes in a case.



Mahe said:

Having New SMB U and New Super Luigi U bundled with the console is great value. Now those are games people want to play, unlike Nintendoland.



sinalefa said:


Does anyone see a cat in that box? Or even a Princess in a pink dress? The other Mario has the cat in the box, that is all that matters



Minotaurgamer said:

@Anclation Nintendoland is a bunch of quirky minigames for children. Unlike Wii sposrts which were 5 sports games in one, NL was more childish and forgettable.

NSMBU is damn Mario, wich everybody enjoys more. They should have done this in the first place. heck, is the only game that in the first year of the Wii U that has sold along the consoleç1 I find sad how nobody, even "nintendo fans" sees how classic 2D Mario it's still enjoyed by everybody through ages.



Minotaurgamer said:

@AcesHigh "The last system that sold like hotcakes that was bundled with a Mario game was the SNES"

Oh so the HUGE sales explosion the wii had in 2009 doesn't count?

Jesus why the contempt you fanboys have for the wii? You are amazing..



AcesHigh said:

Go ahead and read my original post again and you'll see I mentioned that I felt the Wii was anomalous. No one was really prepared for its success as Nintendo themselves will be the first to say that it was initially targeted at a new type of gamer. Social groups of casual gamers. Thus the name Wii (we). And the target for Wii U was the traditional gamer - same market as their traditional consoles. Now, if you want to argue that the Wii target market of retirement home and casual gamers is the core market that Nintendo is focusing on now, that's another discussion altogether.

Let's not resort to describing other users in flaming ways -Lz

BTW, calling out a Nintendo "fanboy" out for hating on the Wii... is pretty much the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I love my Wii as much as anyone else. There's nothing more humorous that a fanboy accusing someone else trying to take an objective look at the playing field as being a fanboy. Let try and use other words. Fanboy is pretty much played out.



donkeykong64 said:

Perhaps nintendo wasnt crazy when they made their wii u sales predictions. Heres to hoping for a comeback. 3ds style



Kolzig said:

Come on Nintendo of Europe, take a hint from the US pre-order success and promote this set everywhere in Europe.

Same for Bergsala in Nordic and Baltic Countries.

I hope Nintendo has a lot of the Wii U Premium Mario & Luigi sets in it's warehouses, this one will sell.



MarioFan84 said:

I Picked This Up On Day One. As Soon As I Found Out This Bundle Was Coming To North America, I Jumped Right On It. I Swaped My Wind Waker HD Bundle For This. Had GameStop Mail The Bundle To My Apartment & Picked Up The Mario & Luigi WiiMotes On The Same Day.



MikeLove said:


Negative? No. Its called being realistic. Do you know how many units were sold? No, you don't. So why get overly excited over it? All I stated was that we don't know how many units were even sold. Sorry for not jumping up with excitement!

Also, you may notice several other people agreed with my sentiments, and many other posters echoed it.



Platypus101 said:

@rjejr preach on brother! I agree, absolutely the worst slogan... Ever. My wife had been playing the "asynchronus" titles for like, six months when she saw the term "asynchronus gameplay" while trying to pimp the Wii U.... She texts "WTF is auspicious gameplay?" (autocorrect, gotta love it). Not even smartphones like the term...



rjejr said:

@Platypus101 - "auspicious"

I think auspicious is better than asynchronous. People may not know exactly what auspicious means, but when they hear it it usually isn't good. Which is funny b/c the word itself is positive, but people always use it negatively.

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