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GiSWiG commented on Early NX Reveal Was To "Reinforce Commitment" ...:

The Wii U is dead but not enough to just toss it out. There is and will be plenty of fun to have with it.

The NX already has Square Enix on-board and that is huge! Final Fantasy might be coming back to Nintendo where the started. And we got Dragon Quest games coming too.

I'm both excited and leery. A game that will be coming out for both the 3DS and NX makes me wonder how weak the NX could be. The New 3DS can push Xenoblade Chronicles, which proves it is powerful but it is still using scaled down Wii graphics which would not take much power to accomplish.

What does give me some excitement is that Final Fantasy XIV might be ported. This means that finally, Nintendo might have something that companies will want to port to. Companies don't want to port to the Wii U because of all the work involved to take games coded for x86 and code them for IBM's Power architecture. They also don't want to take their beautiful graphics and scale them down by reducing detail and removing objects (imagine Skyrim with no plant life). If Square Enix is willing to port to the NX, then that should give you some idea of what its capabilities could be. They could match or exceed the PS4 and XBONE. The one thing I do not see that the NX will be capable of is 4k but that makes no sense for any console to do.



GiSWiG commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

I do have an N64 and although the Banjo titles are moderately priced at around $30, Conker's Bad Fur Day goes for and average of $90 and that's for cart only, maybe with some scuffing of the cart. It is almost worth getting an XBONE if you were already thinking about it and considering getting an N64 for Conker's Bad Fur Day.

I do wonder though...The games belong to Rare, and thus Microsoft. Are they using some N64 emulator or are the games re-coded for a completely different hardware environment?



GiSWiG commented on Nintendo NX Might Be The First Social VR Platf...:

What Nintendo needs to do is to stick with making a new console that will rival that of the PS4 and XBONE, bringing their world of Miis, Amiibos and subscription-less online services. They could actually meet the PS4 and XBONE specs for much cheaper now. They really could produce a $299 system with the specs of the other guys. They should should drop the Wii remotes for something similar but more precise. They should keep the LCD gamepad thing going but allow multiple gamepads AND keep the Wii U gamepad compatabile. If they do really want to keep gaming social, each player having their own gamepad instead of a split screen would be great. PS4 and XBONE players have to have their own system, their own TV, their own copy of their game and probably their own house/appartment. They need to get back in the game with a stable position first, then see about adding in VR as an add-on to the NX or part of the next system.



GiSWiG commented on Industry Analysts Speculate On Nintendo's Futu...:

Nintendo should do its best to bring in 3rd party games with the NX but Nintendo should not be a third party to other consoles. The ecosystem Nintendo has built is unique vs. all the other consoles and PC. To try and keep that Mii based ecosystem outside a Nintendo console would be impossible. For a lot of Nintendo games, and a few third party games, you play as you as your Mii. I think that is one of the coolest things the Wii started and the Wii U continued with, along with some enhancements.



GiSWiG commented on Splatoon Amiibo Scheduled to be Restocked in J...:


So its the first rare Amiibo I've been able to get that I wanted. It was the last triple pack at Gamestop. I REALLY wanted Shulk but sadly, I never will (under $40 anyway).

Ok Nintendo, everyone should be able to get the green squid so restock them already. 1 million copies of Splatoon basically guarantees you'll get your money for restocking those Amiibos. (While you're at it, another run of Shulks please?)



GiSWiG commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Gosh darn it Nintendo. I'll pay $400 for an NX if it can run the same games that the other systems can. $60 for a controller is a bit much SONY!

If the NX uses newer hardware than the PS4 but spec wise has lower speed doesn't mean anything. My 9800 GTX video card that takes two power plugs is on par with some newer cards that take one to no power plugs with less aggressive cooling. Newer generation CPUs running at lower speeds that the last generation can be technically faster.

In the end, it is all about the games. If the NX is another "behind the times" system, it will be a secondary console and I'll buy its first after a price drop. My $400 will go for a PS4.



GiSWiG commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:

Emulators use hacks to get games to run as they would on the console they are emulating and it shows. The few emulators that try to make a true hardware equivalent take a lot of PC Power, even recommending users have Intel only PC with i5 or i7. Sound has been particularly hard to get right. There has also never been a reliable N64 emulator. Yes, some of the simpler games run but most don't work as they should. And to top it off, some games had special chips in the cartridge to process code that the system could not. That means that every game cannot be emulated like every other game 100%. Yes, Nintendo has the inside scoop on how to emulate these conditions but it still requires coding. If I buy a VC game, I want it to run as it would, 100% on the system it ran on.

And yes, license issues are a factor as well. It is pretty much a done deal that Rare games won't make it to the VC.



GiSWiG commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

It was good that this deal broke apart. Nintendo would have been swallowed up. Think about the general audience that the PS3/PS4 and Wii/WiiU appeal to. It is mostly mature gamers vs. younger gamers. It is obvious that there are more mature gamers than younger gamers so development would have shifted toward your GTA and CoD, etc. vs. Mario, DK, etc. I think Zelda and Metroid would still be around but much darker and probably not as good. Just look at how many kid games series there are for Playstation. Little Big Planet comes to mind but there is not much else. Ppl say that Nintendo is on a downward spiral, but I don't think Nintendo will ever die. My 'die-hard gamer' games are on my PC. Our family games are on the Wii and Wii U and of course I have my share of M rated games for the Wii U as well. And just because people think that Nintendo is mostly for kids, Mario games can get quite challenging. I haven't really used the brake in Mario Kart games until the 200cc came out if MK8. Zelda games have always been great action RPGs and Xenoblade Chronicles are just awesome (keep them coming Nintendo).

Nintendo is not going anywhere even if they don't gain back 3rd party game developers with the NX. They have more well-known exclusives than any other systems and they are showing that they can bring in other appealing exclusives like Bayonetta and Splatoon (for once a FPS where you're not trying to get as many headshots or flying body parts as you can). They might not be on par with Sony and MS but they do take away potential revenue from them and I think Sony and MS are grateful for that. They get to keep their Last of Us and Halo. They don't have the base to appeal to younger and family gaming. With out Nintendo, there would be a vacancy that could be fulfilled by the likes of Google. They could come in with their Android based system and have a powerful console but players can take their games with them on the road with their phones or tablets. That I think it what Nintendo is trying to gear their NX system toward but they have to make a powerfull central console.

There is of course the Steam Machines with an immense library and the ability for players to buy systems of various power and even build their own Steam Machines. Buying or building a Steam Machine that matches the specs of the PS4 or XBone is not that expensive and can be much cheaper a year or two after a console's release. There is also the modability that PC gamers have enjoyed. MS is seeing that and responding with their modability the announced at E3.



GiSWiG commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

I'll be happy to pay $400 for the NX IF it can compete with the PS4 and XBONE. I done have a XBOX 360, XBONE, PS3 or PS4 but if the NX doesn't turn heads, I'm getting the next generation PS4 with 4K. It would be great if the Gamepad and Pro Controllers works on the NX but the Pro Controller does lack analog trigger buttons but don't focus on the Gamepad. Somegames, the Gamepad works great. Other games I wish I wasn't forced to use it and could just use the Pro Controller. Keep eShop and make all the VC and indie games available now forever. Get the AAA publishers on board. Push 1080p at least and with better than 30fps (45+ is good but aim for 60fps). And use an audio codec that most home theaters can decode.

Basically, do what PS4 and XBONE can do but better and still have the same great Nintendo exclusives (wouldn't hurt to come up with a few more new ones).



GiSWiG commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct Confirm...:

Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is over 6GB. This game will be pushing the capacity of the physical media. Makes me think about actually getting it via download but it will take a while but read access might help. To put in into perspective, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is over 11GB. With the price of memory cards being what they are today, maybe consoles should consider using cartridges again? Dual-layer and triple layer Blu-Rays are almost more expensive.



GiSWiG commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

I have two Wiis, one is hacked and my Wii U. I play this game on the Wii U but I don't want my son to ruin a game that could cost me $100 to replace. I copied it to a flash drive on the hacked Wii and it is about 6.5GB. I can only assume that the 3DS will be about the same size if not larger. Moral of my story? Get the biggest memory card you can, no less than 64GB and get a Class10 while you're at it. You can get them on the internet for way less than they cost at a retail store. Be sure to read the reviews thoroughly. Even though I ordered a card that was rated over 4 stars, almost all the reviews in the last year show the cards either DOA or died shortly after getting them. I actually had both happen.



GiSWiG commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

The Wii version averages about $75 for auction sales and $90-$100 for Buy-It-Now sales and that is totally worth it. This game deserves a big screen but I can see that this would still be great on an XL version of a 3DS. I do have a New 3DS XL but I don't see myself getting this game for it. I seriously doubt that there will be a Wii U re-release of this game or even a Virtual Console version like they did with Mario Galaxy. I would still like to check it out if they load it on the Gamestop demo 3DSes.



GiSWiG commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I hope Eiji Aonuma can read this:
Finish Zelda Wii U and then announce when you will release it. Make it great! From the time you finish it to the time you release it, make sure to create enough special bundles we all can enjoy and not just the first five who pre-ordered it. Make it worth keeping and not worth scalping on ebay.



GiSWiG commented on GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Stock on...:

I think people just need to drop the GameCube controller and move on. The GameCube and it's controller are approaching their 14th anniversary. Let it go. There are great games for the GameCube so I'm not saying get rid of your systems (you'll eventually regret it if you do). I can play GC on my two Wii's and a barely used GameCube, 2 hours, if that (got a whole new GameCube system clearanced for $25 at Target when I actually went in to get just a controller).

If you just must have a GC controller for the Wii U, a 3rd party company could step up and make a Wii U contoller in the shape of a GameCube controller. There is obviously demand for it. There is also at least one company that has made a Classic controller in the shape of a GameCube controller. Why not give that a try.

The Wii U Gamepad Pro works just fine but If I come across the adapter in the store, I'll pick one up for $20 or so. If there still going for outrageous prices on ebay, I'll pick up more and sell them there. I'm sure that they will eventually go down in price, just be patient. When the Wii came out, GC controllers sky rocketed, hitting sometimes $100 for the platinum WaveBirds and $50 for used wired controllers. At the time, I was lucky enough to pick up 3 used ones at GameStop that were in great shape for $18 a piece. I was able to pick up two new wired ones too. One is still in the original package. Eventually, the GC controllers went to normal prices and it really didn't take long.



GiSWiG commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

GOOD! (Sorry for you guys having your orders canceled). I'm tired of store exclusives. I have no problem with a special TRU only Lucario pack but I should be able to get Lucario at Gamestop. TRU is an hour away from me but I got two Gamestops within 10 minutes (one from work, one from home.)



GiSWiG commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

Ok, I say this all the time... NINTENDO! MAKE YOUR NEW SYSTEM COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER SYSTEMS' GAMES! If you come out with another, mostly first-party system using a completely different architecture than the other systems, I'm done with you. I want to play the games other systems have. And you better make sure the Wii U Gamepad and Gamepad Pro work with the new system. Updated Wiimotes would be awesome too cause they are great with first person shooters.



GiSWiG commented on Mortal Kombat X Announced, Platform Details Sk...:

Wii U is really starting to suck. Everyone else gets the good stuff. I love Link and Samus and Mario Kart 8 + Pikman 3 freebie was great and SSB will be awesome, but after the first few months of getting Assasins Creed, Batman, CoD, etc. Wii U is not getting much. Look at the upcoming list. The only third party game I see is Xenoblade X.

Nintendo, your next console better crush Sony or Microsoft. If not, then I'll just wait a few years after that and get your next console cheap and any games I wanted from ebay.



GiSWiG commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

I've got Mario Kart 8 on pre-order. I'll be getting it tomorrow. Other than it being a great game to play with my kids, you can get the download codes for Pikman 3, Windwaker HD, Super Mario Bros. U and some other game that a lot of people could care less about it. I'm getting Pikman 3 because I have Mario Bros. U and I just played Windwaker about 2 years ago. It's too soon and I don't see a whole lot of difference. SSB is definately next.



GiSWiG commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Petitions Don't Affect Ninte...:

I do think games like Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora's Tower were experiments. Each was released in Japan +/- 2 years before it came to the US and still months to a year after their European release, in English. Pandora's Tower didn't come to the US just a few days after a year being in Europe and Australia in English. There might be some weight behind the petition theory, but I think Nintendo/Monolith wanted to see how it would sell on the Wii. Lo and behold, a new Xenoblade will be released for the Wii-U in the US. Xenoblade Chronicles might even appear as a digital download. I don't think it was only the petition or the retail sales but the fact that people were selling and BUYING XC on ebay for over $100. It has settled to around $50 but even $50 for a used game means the demand is there. As far as the other two, maybe just a test to see how well JRPG will do in the US.



GiSWiG commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Petitions Don't Affect Ninte...:

@AltDotNerd Do you realize that it can take years to develop a good game? You really want to pay to pre-order something that MAY come out the end of next year or the beginning of the next. And keyword, MAY! And if the project is scrapped halfway through, do you get your money back? No, and you shouldn't. That money went to the development process which cost lots of money. Good developers, graphic artists, musicians, etc. don't come cheap and they won't want to get paid only if the game releases.



GiSWiG commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Nintendo needs to work on advertising with major releases. There are game commercials that have that familiar beep and logo of the PS4 and XBOX but some of those same games are on the Wii-U. How many people realize that Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed is available on the Wii-U? People see these games and immediately think PS and XBOX, and even me. I didn't realize until weeks later that CoD: Ghosts was available for the Wii-U because it seems more of a PS/XBOX thing. The Wii-U is changing that but more advertising needs done.



GiSWiG commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Final Fantasy needs to come to the Wii U. Xenoblade will entice many but more JRPGs need to come out for the Wii U. It wasn't until the end of the Wii that some really great JRPGs came out and some had poor sales because of it. I hope that does not happen with the Wii U.



GiSWiG commented on Rating For NES Remix Issued By Australian Clas...:

If this will be a remix, then original unmodified versions of some of the best NES games would be cool. And to all you who dis Nintendo bringing back old games and focus on new games, they are doing both. I have about 20 Nintendo franchise titles in my collection of Wii games (got kids). If you take a look from a business stance, re-releasing good old games makes sense. Old NES games won't be hard to port to new systems and there is demand for the retro games from the NES, SNES and N64. Look at all the 95%-100% working emulators out there that are still being made/updated for PC, MAC, linux, iOS, Android, XBOX (original), GameCube and even the Wii! (I'm sure there are others) Also, a large population of gamers first PLAYED on the NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, etc. I had my NES at 12yrs old; I'm 37. Castlevania 3 is just as good now as it was then. I just finished the 1st Zelda (look at my avatar). I do still like the new stuff. I'm half-way through Last Story and I'm reserving the next six months for Xenoblade Chronicles. I don't have a Wii-U yet but I might buy the Xenoblade before I get a Wii U.



GiSWiG commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

Yes, this post is quite old but I finally got a darn new looking used copy at GS for $44.99 + tax. I got my usual GS promo email but the 'Recommended for you' section had Xenoblade Chronicles case pic with $49.99 under it. If I clicked on it, it brought me to the GS website and it showed as $69.99. I printed a copy of the email showing it at $49.99, took it to my local GameStop which is ran by a good manager, and because of the printout, they overrode the price to $49.99 and applied my Power Rewards. Before tax, it was $44.99. If you happen to get that same email, just a few days before the date of this post, then give this a try! Also, if you check out ebay, copies are going closer to the $50-$60 range instead of the $80-$100 range with free shipping.



GiSWiG commented on Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is S...:

Well, looks like I'll hold out a little longer cause it looks like this set is worth it. I just beat Wind Waker just over a year ago (never had a GameCube) so the Wind Waker HD edition just didn't do it for me. Maybe I'll pick it up in a few years. Just having a blast with my three nephews last week on SMB Wii, I'll go for this combo for sure. Looks like I will have to wait. I've actually been collecting a few Wii games that I've gotten at great prices but haven't played. And I don't know why but I have yet to really play Skyward Sword and I got it when it first came out to get the gold wiimote. Its been two years now.



GiSWiG commented on Nintendo's $30.2 Million 3DS Patent Infringeme...:

Sometimes there is only one way to do things and both Nintendo and this guy are probably using very similar methods that they could almost be identical. A good explanation can be found by googling 'how 3ds 3d screen works' and look at the crave.cnet one (3rd one down). Basically, you block vertical lines of pixels from being seen by both eyes at the same angle. It comes down to how your eyes give you depth perception but they are doing it on a flat surface. If you think about it, it is the same technology that thoes the 3D stickers use with the ridges (not the foil ones) but Nintendo figured out how to do it with dynamic images (i.e. video). So can manufactures of thoes 3D stickers sue Nintendo?



GiSWiG commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD:

The Windwaker is an awesome game but I wouldn't go HD. It's cell-shaded. It's cartoonie. It uses simple textures. Shadows are solid color, not gradient. To me, it looks like some HD and redesigned textures with crisper lines. Green is green in SD and HD. But one thing that looks great is the widescreen. I played it in 4x3 on the Wii when it first came out. It would have been awesome in widescreen.
Twilight Princess is one I would go HD with. The landscape would be quite lovely.... but maybe it is too soon?
If there is one Zelda that would be worth a revamp is Zelda II. Nintendo owes it to Link for making him look so odd in sidescrolling!