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Mario Gamer Since 85.

Male, 31, United States

Been A Gamer All My Life. Nintendo Is My Favorite Company & Mario Is My Favorite Video Game Character Of All Time. Here To Make Friends & Chat With Other Nintendo Fanatics Like Myself.

Wed 30th Oct 2013

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MarioFan84 commented on Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is S...:

I Picked This Up On Day One. As Soon As I Found Out This Bundle Was Coming To North America, I Jumped Right On It. I Swaped My Wind Waker HD Bundle For This. Had GameStop Mail The Bundle To My Apartment & Picked Up The Mario & Luigi WiiMotes On The Same Day.



MarioFan84 commented on Go Green With The Luigi Special Edition 3DS XL...:

I'm Glad Nintendo Made A 3DSXL To Celebrate "The Year Of Luigi". I Just Wished They Would've Made It All Green With His Face On It Or Something. Kinda Like What They Did With The Red DSiXL For The 25th Year Anniversary Of The Original Super Mario Bros. Back In 2010.