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Wed 6th November, 2013

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savisn commented on Weirdness: April Fools Comes Early As Amazon F...:

Considering Ubisoft isn't even putting the newest Rabbids on WiiU (, I'm thinking they are also not looking to put non-serious efforts as well (save Dance games I guess)



savisn commented on Mii Swordfighter Characters Show Off Their Mov...:

I wonder if they will create an ability to special order an Amiibo for Miis. Being able to store your Mii info through games and have a customized figure would be interesting. I'm sure they could charge $20 and make them in the Nintendo stores or order online fairly easily.



savisn commented on Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is S...:

@gatorboi352 "EDIT: Although it's pretty funny how optional the Gamepad STILL remains. Both of these games are completely enjoyable with Wiimotes."

I actually think that one of their many mistakes was NOT playing up the versatility of the WiiU. I love the gamepad, but for games like Pikmin love that I can play with WiiMotes, and found I like MonsterHunter on the Pro Controller when I'm playing on-tv.

The WiiU is the first console that can hit all my needs - motion/pointer controls when they make sense, off-tv play when I want to play while half watching TV, assymetric gaming (still think they can come up with more ideas here), and just plain old-fashioned "traditional" controls for games that don't need "new" controls. Nothing has to be force fit which was one of the Wii's problems.

Now if developers (including Nintendo who ignored Pro Controller at first) will just embrace flexibility to appeal to those that want motion, don't want motion, off-tv etc. then it will really hit its stride.