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Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle For The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Posted by Orla Madden

Download release comes early on 20th September


Nintendo UK has confirmed an equivalent bundle, though it is dated for 4th October, rather than the advance 20th September date in North America. A limited edition boxed version of the game will also be available which will include a Ganondorf figurine and a double-sided title sheet. The European bundle offering and the limited edition game box + figurine are pictured at the end of this article.

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Just last week we reported that a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD displayed a gorgeous Limited Edition Wii U that was rumoured to be released alongside the game at launch.

It's time to squash those rumours, as Nintendo of America has announced that it will indeed be offering a new limited edition Wii U bundle, and it'll be available to purchase on 20th September for $299.99. The bundle will include a black Deluxe Wii U console; the GamePad itself will feature gold lettering, a Hyrule crest and symbols that are seen throughout game; a download code for the digital version of Hyrule Historia; last but not least, a code that can be used to download The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD from the Wii U eShop upon opening the bundle.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will be available for download on the 20th September, while those wanting to pick up a physical copy will have to wait until 4th October. Boxed copies of the game will be enclosed within gold-foil packaging, and both versions of the game will be available for $49.99. To tempt you just a little bit towards a retail copy, GameStop is bundling a Ganondorf figurine for $54.99.

So, who's tempted?

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Peach64 said:

I love the art of the game and console box so much more than how the game actually looks. I wish they'd just upscaled the game, because Windwaker in 1080p running through Dolphin looks gorgeous. I'm not saying the HD remake looks bad, it's still really pretty, I just think most people that have seen the original upscaled agree it looks nicer than this.



Shambo said:

DOWNLOAD CODE FOR THE GAME? You almost made me buy a second Wii U over just a boxed copy of the game, but this is a major deal breaker. Just the game then.



sinalefa said:

Sounds amazing. Even including the Hyrule Historia book in the package.

And if they keep that trend of putting the downloadable version before the boxed one, I might just have to buy a hard drive.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Ok... Where's the Ambassador program? This is great for sales and all that, but I shelled out $350 for the console without all this stuff. I want something in return.

I'm a little mad right now. By a little, I mean I'm screaming.



scotty30717 said:

I like how this page only has about 7 comments and the 2ds page has about 700 even though they were only posted about 10 minutes apart!



bezerker99 said:

Gamestop had better reduce the stand-alone game to $49.99 or I'm taking my Preorder back and buying elsewhere.



moomoo said:

@SkywardCrowbar You know, I'd disagree with you if games would have come out when they were supposed to. But all of the worthwhile Wii U games that have or will release are coming out at around the same time of the price drop. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Rayman Legends were all supposed to be launch window titles, but they didn't come out until about a month or less to the price drop.

I really hope there's some sort of compensation, because when you promise software in the first 6 months and don't deliver, it's natural for the userbase to be ticked.



Flux_you said:

@moomoo I'm just pissed that there weren't many games to play over the past year. I was excited to finally get back to a Nintendo console and was extremely disappointed. Lesson learned Nintendo. Lesson learned.



james_squared said:

I'm glad I don't need a GamePad with some gold accents on it. Doesn't look that impressive as a special limited edition GamePad. Meh.



Goginho said:

Man, Nintendo is on a roll
I just can't decide. They give as such amazing choices.
hmmm.... I think I'm leaning more towards the retail version, since I'm a kind of collector ..but I would love one of them exclusive Zelda GamePads.
Oh the dilemma.



lividd3ad said:

The European box for the bundle doesn't show Hyrule Historia, but is instead bundled with a 7 day trial for Karaoke Joysound.

So I guess that's confirmed to hit before 4th October~



Wanderhope said:

$50 for the game and a earlier release date for the digital version! Two snippets of good news for me right there.



B3ND3R said:

Woo! I know what I want for my birthday on October 8th... Just hope that they can keep one of those sick bundles with Ganon around for four days!



Miblon said:

Fantastic. I already have a Wii U of my own but I want Wind Waker HD!



Fingeldor said:

looks at original Wii U Deluxe

looks at Wind Waker HD Gold Lettering Zelda Super Bundle

Well, poopiedoodles.



SkywardCrowbar said:

I just called Nintendo, they told me that they have zero plans for an Ambassador Program. The guy I spoke to took my name and phone number as a person requesting one, he told me to tell other people who want one to call or tweet or otherwise make noise about it.



Yorumi said:

I'm so torn on this game, at least it's $50 but it's still just a remake. I just don't know.



moomoo said:

@NorthLightSuplx Rayamn Legends, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101. These were supposed to be launch window games. Instead, they released right before or will release right before the price drop. Those games were the reason I bought a Wii U early, so to have them release so close to a price drop really makes it leave a bad taste in the mouth.



SamIAm69 said:

Well Im going to preorder this next Friday, no duh. But Im also going to preorder the physical copy as well. If I'm paying 300$ for the console, the game, and the hyrule historia book (which I own a copy) I might as well throw out the extra 55$ to get the game I was already going to get. Besides, I could have it as a collectors item I guess (Gold Foil FTW.)



Spoony_Tech said:

Well I still want it but prefer physical with a bundle. Guess I need to go to Gamestop and see if I can pre order this beast!



KingofSaiyans said:

Wait so will the download be available only for people who bought the Zelda edition Wii U or will it just be made available in the eShop on September 20th for anyone who wants to download it?



Ryno said:

Nice move Nintendo. Well, probably going to preorder Wind Waker from Gamestop now.



SuperPeach said:

@SkywardCrowbar dude chill, why are you so upset. It's just $50. The Wii U launched ages ago and if you had common sense you'd realize that the launch price for a system from Nintendo drops fairly quicky and that it takes time for games to be released always especially when they don't announce a firm date for them before the system is out. Just think of that extra $50 you paid as an early access fee.
I see no reason for Nintendo to compensate.



One-Winged-Pit said:

@Alpha2797 Doesn't look like it. I know if they threw in the boxed game of NintendoLand I would preorder this right now but only game is a digital Wind Waker?



ricklongo said:

I won't say that I regret purchasing my Wii U four months ago, since I'm very much a happier person having played through stuff like Lego City Undercover and Pikmin 3. But man. MAN!

It seems a lot of naysayers will be eating crow in a few weeks.



Peach64 said:

For a while now I've been going on about how dumb Nintendo prices are in the UK. Digital copies are nearly twice the price of physical ones for most games. Nintendo just scored another own goal in terms of pricing.

People go nuts that companies like Apple take an American price, like $400, and simply change it to £400. That's nowhere near in line with exchange rates, and even with taxes there's a large mark up. Nintendo has taken it a step further by actually charging a HIGHER number of pounds than dollars. $55 for the Special Edition in the States, that's £35 right now. I know they could never charge £35 because there's all kinds of taxes applied, but they're charging £60 for it. That's nearly $95.

Nothing should cost a higher number of pounds than it does dollars. Wii U will now cost $300 and £250. How do they justify this game's price?



Sensei_Clive said:

Seriously... Why haven't I wait with pre-ordering Wind Waker HD, getting a wii U and buying Hyrule Historia



123akis said:

@Peach64 agreed! its the same with the New super luigi U box edition, in america it is 30 dollers and in the UK is 30 pounds!! (but amazon has recently reduced it to £25) it should be £19.99! Nintendo needs to start putting RRP (also known as MSRP) prices in the UK



2Sang said:

If nintenderland came with it it would be certainly yes, but its a maybe. I want a smash bros special console more



SkywardCrowbar said:

@SuperPeach You are incredibly incorrect. The Wii U has had a ridiculous amount of game delays and an exodus of third party support that was promised when the console was launched. Also, if there's a price drop under a year of launch, then that is bound to create some ill will for people who paid full price for an inferior bundle and THEN had to go through a games drought.

No, it's not as sharp or as quick as the 3DS, but it's still something that is kinda irritating.

I have calmed down some from when I first saw the news on the Nintendo Facebook page, but I still am peeved.



Alpha2797 said:

Aww, that stinks. Looks like I'm not going to get this then. I'll wait for the next bundle with Nintendoland and whatever releases at that time. Maybe a Pokken Fighters bundle with a Pokemon Wii U, Nintendoland, and a Pokken Fighters game? A guy can dream, right?



Hipofrenia said:

Is that Limited Edition with Ganonforf figure coming to US too or is just a NoE exclusive?



ThumperUK said:

Its about time we campaigned Nintendo for another ambassador programme. WiiU owners have been badly let down while Nintendo has neglected the system in favour of a silly 2ds. Now to rub salt in the wounds of loyal customers, a price cut and a decent zelda edition - they could have made the zelda remake for launch day if they had tried,
No wonder third parties have little confidence in the company.



AltDotNerd said:

Does anyone know if the limited edition box set is a Gamestop exclusive, or will it be available elsewhere like Amazon?



NorthLightSuplx said:


You will learn patience my friend. Never purchase anything based on a promise no matter who is making the promise. Hate you feel screwed but it is a valuable lesson to learn early on in life. You are really only out $50. Personally, I have gotten more than $50 worth of entertainment out of the Miiverse community but that is just me.



rjejr said:

@SuperPeach @SkywardCrowbar - "I see no reason for Nintendo to compensate."

How about how they've been going on all year about how there would not be a price drop this year? I'm sure NL has had at least 3 articles recently on the topic quoting Iwata himself. I could find them for you if you'ld like And before you say - "Well what is he supposed to say?" he could have said - "we don't comment on rumours" or "we don't speculate about the future" or "we haven't made any plans yet". But he never hemmed or hawed, he always said flat out they werne't going to cut the price. HE LIED. And that's why it would be a good idea for another Ambassador program. Not b/c they have to, but b/c they already set the precedent. They now have TWO new hardware systems, 3DS and Wii U, that have had price cuts within the first year of launch. What do you think is going to happen w/ their next launch? (I'm not counting 2DS, that's a lower priced remodel.) Nintendo doesn't need to do an Ambassador program, but they should if they want to sell any hardware units next time around. At least w/ the 3DS they didn't spend 6 months saying a price drop wasn't coming.

On a personal note - I bought my Wii U 2 1/2 weeks ago to play Pikmin 3. I paid $349. I did get a $50 GC (spent on food at Target) so I'm happy this didn't drop more than $299. I also got Nintnedo Land which I will probably play more with my kids than Zelda, so I'm ok now. Was a little annoyed at myself for not waiting, I knew the price drop was coming, but I'm ok now. As for an ambassador program, I wasn't impressed with the last 1, so it probably wouldn't interest me at all those old games, but they should do something for the early adopters if they don't want big problems next gen. I feel bad for people who paid $299 for an 8Gb Basic, they deserve something.



AltDotNerd said:

The 3DS got GBA games, so the Wii U ambassadors should get (IMO) these 10 Gamecube games:
-Super Smash Bros Melee
-Super Mario Sunshine
-F-Zero GX
-Star Fox Assault
-Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
-Metroid Prime
-Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance
-Luigi's Mansion
-Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour



Marshi said:

My word I am buying the special edition of the game. It looks amazing!



Jazzer94 said:

I think the gen after 8th gen I'm going to only buy Nintendo's handheld (after a year) and stick with a Sony home console.



Marshi said:

@Jazzer94 Oh im sick of this. Mario u, nintendoland, zombiu, monster hunter, lego city, assassins creed 3, need for speed u, darksiders 2, tekken tag, luigi u, game and wario, disney infinity, splinter cell, wonderful 101, pikmin 3, runner 2, toki tori 2, batman arkham city, rayman legends. How on earth is that no suport?! Im certain ive missed a few too



Jazzer94 said:

@Marshi I had MH tri on Wii so didn't feel the need to double dip and most of the rest are PS3 and Xbox 360 ports. NSMBU, Nintendoland, AC3, TTT2, Pikmin 3 and Runner 2 are great games I'll give you that but there have been long stretches of time between them. This isn't really an impressive list when you consider how the other two are handling there launches. I'd also like to add that Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends have only just been released when they were promised as launch window releases.



Marshi said:

@Jazzer94 its been barron absolutely. But I still stand as launchs go wiiu has done fairly well and has recieved imo unfair criticism.
Dont get me wrong im excited for ps4,but what is coming at launch you think is so much better than what wiiu has?



Jazzer94 said:

@Marshi I'm not hating on Nintendo I'm just trying to highlight that given Nintendo basically stopped supporting the Wii in 2010 they should of prepared for the Wii U launch with more first party support. Knack and DriveClub look really good on PS4 I guess Killzone to a lesser extent (not that into shooters).



Marshi said:

@Jazzer94 I know you're not hating nintendo mate. I hear what you're saying. I even agree somewhat that nintendo didnt plan ahead,but love em or hate em thats nintendo for you. They sometimes have strategies that defy logic. And sometimes you wonder if intelligent business men are behind the current decision being made,or if a bunch of chimps are running the show. But then sometimes, they do something magic. A genius game or idea or peice of hardware that the other 2 big names could only dream of creating(and then copying). Id emplore you to stick with nintendo dude. If you have any love for what they do,leftfeild as they are sometimes I have every confidence they will turn wiiu's fortunes around just like they did with the 3ds. Because I believe with companies like nintendo they are worth the wait



JimLad said:

This is a pretty good deal, but I really think they should have made a Mario 3D World bundle. Wind Waker's a great game, but people still remember it vividly. It really didn't need a re-make imo.



Jazzer94 said:

@Marshi Don't worry I Nintendo have Smash, MK and Zelda as well as Star Fox and F-zero (Still hoping for Wii U versions) so I'll still be getting there console just nowhere near launch time. After the 3DS price drop (Which I waited for and was able to get a 3DS for £115) I wrongly thought Nintendo would avoided using the same terrible business decision with the Wii U.

@Banker-Style Statue seems to be about 2/3 of a Wii U game box in length.



Marshi said:

@Jazzer94 Well I dont blame you for wanting to wait next time.If the NL comments and forums are anything to go by alot of people are waiting for the wiiu price drop before purchasing one



Darkness3131 said:

No... I want this but I want the physical copy of the game not digital.... sigh choices choices.



ricklongo said:

I just realized that, if I can find one of these bundles easily, I should just buy it and not even open the box. This is bound to be a collector's item down the road.



Number_6 said:

I've been on the fence about whether to get a Wii U or wait for the PS4 for a couple of months now, and to be honest I have been favoring the PS4. Now, I'm leaning towards the Wii U. Price cut + good games = better sales. Good move by NOA.



QuickSilver88 said:


I am curiuous about the statement how the other two are handling their launches? I own all systems so am by no means a Nintendo fanboy but $ony and M$ are priced at 399 and 499 with no pack in games you will have to pay 50 for xb gold or psplus to play online, the launch lineups are just like WiiU last year with almost the entire lineup of both systems being games that are also coming out for current gen..Wachtdogs, AC4,Madden, has 2 confirmed exclsuives for launch being forza and a remake of a Snes game Killer Instinct. Sony has two as well Killzone and that other qwuirky game I can't remember. Everything else has been pushed back to launch windows or TBA 2014. I mean really this is how almost all system launches have always been. It take times to make top titles. The place to be at the end of the year is either WiiU or PS3 as both will have lots of exclsuive content and most the meaningful 3rd party titles (ps3 having them all).



JaxonH said:

Why does everyone feel they deserve a handout? Just because Nintendo was NICE enough to give games to 3DS owners doesn't mean they HAD to. It doesn't mean gamers are ENTITLED to free stuff anytime a console drops price. No, if you paid full price like I did you got what you paid for. Nuff said. And you got to enjoy that system for a full YEAR before these people that will be saving a whole whopping 50 bucks. A year's worth of enjoyment is more than worth that $50 savings.

Besides, when 3DS dropped price it was literally a month or 2 after launch. Wii U has been out nearly a full year.



QuickSilver88 said:

Interesting thought......Shooter pay $500 for an xb1, $60 for COD Ghosts, $60 for XBL subscription card so for $620 plus $45 tax = $665 you will have your fix. Or you could get a WiiU pro for 300, get COD $60, pay nothing for online and get Zelda WW as a nice game to play to balance out your homicidal rage all for 360 + $35 tax = $395.....leaving you $270 to pay for your Mountain Dew and Doritos......Good move Nintendo now advertise and it should be a good xmas....



JaxonH said:

But there was never any "promise" made. They had scheduled releases, which got rescheduled. It happens all the time with video games, ESPECIALLY Nintendo. They never said, buy this console now and we PROMISE you game X will be out this exact day. They had no control over Rayman Legends for one, nor did they have control over Wonderful 101. Only game they had control over was Pikmin 3, and they did it because the game needed more work done. They could have still released it on time but then everyone would have complained about an unfinished game releasing.

Cut em some slack. The games are here now, and there's been ALOT of good games in the past 7 or 8 months. I already own 18 Wii U games, and over 30 eShop titles. So no one can tell me there's been nothing out.



QuickSilver88 said:


Jax...I fully agree with U, plus the 3DS was cut from $250 to $169=$80 or 35% while the WiiU is going from $350 to $300=$50 or 15%. Not to mention the 3DS launch lineup was way worse than WiiU and their was no eShop for like 2 or 3 months after launch. I got the ambassador stuff and was grateful especially for the GBA games which were all great games and t hey have yet to release for sale which really made it unique. I think most of the bitchers aren't even WiiU owners as I have enjoyed the system this year playing NSMBU, NFSMW, Legos, ME3, Batman, Trine2, and a handful of free demos. I am a big fan of the price cut and Zelda bundle as I want the system to do well this xmas so it has a better chance for success and gets more games in 2014 and beyond. I think $300 for a pro console with a great game like Zelda WW which was never that popular on GC so to many is a new game is a good deal. I have a feeling that if that is the fall bundle we will see a similar bundle with DKCTF for xmas maybe with a new color!



NorthLightSuplx said:


Thanks! Everybody seems to think if they get on forum and complain enough that the company should drop their plans and bow down to their every whim. They are a business not a charity.



G3ry said:

@SkywardCrowbar COME ON NINTENDO where is the love for the ones that believed in you first... U BETTER get us something AWESOME or ELSE I will only go to the first day events if there is something good for me...I hope U do Nintendo, a free game or two (20 games) wont hurt my wallet!!! I love Nintendo but these things had to be said.



G3ry said:

@JaxonH and TWO copies of LOZ The Wind Waker (Downloadable and THE BOXED Edition with DAT Ganondorf)



Doge said:

I already OWN A WIII U, ah well at least ill try to get the figure on amazon. So then i would have physical wind waker, hyrule histroia , a wii u, and figurine, so i guess i wont get it. but real question is, How much does it cost? 400 or 350? cause man dats alot o stuff



jos said:

I see GAME has decided to screw people over with a 60 pound price tag for the statue,



Wolf_Link said:

oh Nintendo... you just need to stamp a triforce in any of your products to make me empty my wallet.



twistedbee said:

@SkywardCrowbar dude, get over it. This is not the same as the 3ds, so stop complaining. You think just because they did it once you're entitled to something for free every time they lower the price? They didn't have to do the ambassador program to start with so just be grateful they were considerate enough to do it in the first place.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@twistedbee: Exactly. You can't expect a handout every time something like this happens. This is all about a company aggressively looking to up the user base. And a bigger user base may lead to more games, more chill.



idork99 said:

Hmm. I'm still not tempted to get one. I like Windwaker but its not a personal favorite Zelda of mine. And certainly not strong enough of a title to get me to purchase the system. That title is given to Ocarina of Time 3D! If it were not for that title, I would have never purchased a 3DS.



Mariomast3r said:

i think nintendo should give us early adopters of the wiiU a digital code for wind waker for free to makeup for the price drop



Paperluigi said:

Im glad I waited for this, Ive never bought a special edition bundle before, how exciting!



WaxxyOne said:

Poop. I would pay for a bundle with just the gamepad and the game if it didn't mean having to buy another Wii U.



Henmii said:

Let's see: Special gamepad is cool! Digital version of Hyrule historia is pretty cool, and totally unexpected! What's not so cool is that the Windwaker version is just a digital version! And keep in mind that this comes without Nintendoland, so it's not that much of a bargain!

However: Boxed copy of Windwaker WITH a very cool Ganondorf figurine?! VERY INTERESTING!!



dumedum said:

I bought the Wii U with the Zombi U bundle which was amazing value even with the price cut.



Danglybits said:

I really not sure about this.
I think Nintendo could have put more effort in making the design of the gamepad & done something the console (I dont know maybe gold or a bit of decoration)
Then there the cool boxed game with its extras which we don't get and by the sound of it there no Nintendo Land.
What to do what to do.



SullKid said:

I'll never buy another Nintendo console at launch. This is the second time they fool me. I feel dumb and for a reason!



Finntendo said:

In Finland at least one store has been selling Premium (Nintendoland) for 299€ for some weeks aready And ZombiU bundle for 339€.

In a way it saddens me that I don't get this bundle, since I bought Wii U in release day, but oh well. What joy it has brought me during this year! (except more games would have been nice earlier this year..)

...bu tthe figure would have been great..



Trikeboy said:

My Ganondorf Special Edition set has been successfully per ordered. Super excited.



GamerZack87 said:

That thing is just beautiful to behold! It might be the console that pulls me away from my goal of getting a white Wii U Premium Pack!



linkster55 said:

Although this bundle would have been cooler if it was designed and bundled with the realistic HD Zelda in the works, I'm sold on this particular bundle and price. Just finished placing a pre-order down for it. Can't wait! Now all that's left for them to do is create a A link between worlds 3DS XL bundle



crobatman said:

I would have bought this straight away...............IF IT WAS RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nintendo of Australia sucks........



Onion said:

To the people who won't shut up about being "screwed"...

You're obviously either new to the gaming industry/community or are simply complaining for the sake of complaining. Anytime you purchase a console at launch you should already be aware that the system you're buying will eventually drop in price, regardless of anything anyone else says. When a console is released you basically have 2 choices when it comes to purchasing it. Either wait for the system to lower its price, release more games, bundles, etc. or buy it for top price and avoid having to wait. You made the choice to buy it at launch (or near it) and no longer have the right to complain. You got what you paid for. Those who waited now have a chance to buy a nice limited edition version or buy a reduced price version. This has happened with nearly every console ever released. By this point, no one should be surprised when a console drops it's price 6 monthes to a year after release. Stop complaining. Nintendo should not (and probably will not) have to "compensate" you for anything. As someone else (can't be bothered to scroll up for the username) said, if you're not happy, at least be thankful you're only out 50$ and consider it a lesson learned. Enough with the childish feet-stomping tantrums. Think about it. If you buy a pair of shoes at a store and the same pair go on sale 2 weeks later, do you get angry at the store? If so then some of you have a lot of growing up to do. Even if the clerk in the store told you the same pair of shoes WOULD NOT go on sale, as an adult you chose to believe that and then buy the shoes.

As for the bundle itself, I'm definitely interested in it. For those who aren't already aware however, the Wind Waker and Historia are DIGITAL copies so bear that in mind. It does kind of blow that Nintendo couldn't package in the physical copy, but I suppose if they had done that they may have had to up the price by another 50$, so perhaps it's best they kept it digital.



Ireland914 said:

Special Zelda edition, price drop, AND bundled with Windwaker HD: SOLD. So glad I waited for a release like this before buying the Wii U.



Huhspaniel said:

@JaxonH It isn't just 50 dollars worth of savings. This bundle cost less, but is worth more because it comes with Wind Waker, Hyrule Historia, and a fancy gamepad with gold accents.



TheAdrock said:

The Spec Ed w/ Ganon is not currently available through Gamestop. Also, the price indicated in the above article is wrong: not $54, its $59.

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